Printed Carrier Bags & Tote Bags with Your Logo

Printed tote bags and carriers can be regularly used for work, shopping or travel – making them the perfect promotional item. Our personalised tote bags make a great business gift, and every time you design a tote bag and give it to a customer, client or business partner, you’ll be growing your business and helping your branding reach a new audience. Business gifts can be used as an incentive, as competition prizes or to increase retention and loyalty amongst customers. Your employees, customers and clients will get regular use out of their printed carrier bag, and each time they take it to the shops or on holiday, your branding and logo will be seen by a new audience. This helps businesses attract new customers and clients, while building a positive brand image. Printed tote bags and carrier bags are a practical gift and a cost-effective marketing strategy, but they also come in a range of high-quality designs and colours to ensure you find one you like.

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Cotton Tote

Discover Our Huge Range of Carrier Bags

In the ADLER range you will find promotional bags in various designs, which you can have printed with your company logo. If an important trade fair is approaching for your company, trade fair bags are particularly useful as promotional items. Our range of promotional carrier bags knows no limits. We offer shoulder bags, cooler bags, paper bags, cotton bags, shopping bags and many other carrier bags with logos!

Fabric Bags Made of Cotton, Jute Bags & Co.

Carrier bags made of fabric are popular promotional gifts. Fabric bags, made of cotton or non-woven fabric, are considered an environmentally conscious alternative to conventional plastic bags. Furthermore, fabric bags are much more durable than plastic bags. With a carrier bag from ADLER Business Gifts you have a faithful companion at your side and don’t have to constantly buy new plastic bags. In addition, the attractive cotton jute bags can also be used as a fashion accessory to complete your outfit. Therefore, we recommend fabric carrier bags as an advertising medium for people with a high level of environmental and fashion awareness.

Shopping Bags & Baskets

If high-quality is your main requirement in a promotional item then a shopping basket style carrier bag with advertising message is an excellent choice. The HALFAR BASKET Shopper is personalised with high-quality embroidery and ensures long-term advertising success. Shopping bags make a great promotional gift instead of a classic giveaway. They are inexpensive, yet practical and evoke positive associations with your company with every purchase the recipient makes. This carrier bag with logo is also a sustainable promotional gift. When you use your own shopping basket or bag, you don’t bring disposable plastic bags home with you after a big shopping trip.

Carrier Bags Made of Paper

Paper carrier bags are a cheaper option than fabric when it comes to printing carrier bags. We recommend that you enclose additional promotional gifts in printed paper bags, such as a promotional pen, a notebook with logo and information material about your company. That way you can fully exploit the potential of paper carrier bags, especially in combination with other promotional items.

Beach Bags

Carrier bags with logos are often used in every-day situations when their recipients are performing routine tasks and are not particularly receptive to advertising messages. Customers are more open to advertising when they are in a good mood. Where could there be a better atmosphere on a hot summer day than during a trip to the beach? And what does everyone need for a trip to the pool or beach? A beach bag! With a high-quality beach bag with cord straps, printed in your unique colours and with your company logo, you can be sure your customers will remember you positively when they receive this great advertising medium.

Special Carrier Bags

If you want to stand out from the crowd with special and unique promotional bag designs, we guarantee you will find what you are looking for at ADLER Business Gifts. The carrier bag in strawberry design is very popular. Thanks to its funny shape, it’s a real eye-catcher. For companies whose target group includes parents, we have cotton bags in our range that are great for painting on. With bags like these, you can win over both parents and their children. And for gourmets who want to enjoy an iced drink on the go, printed cooler bags make excellent promotional gifts.

Unique Carrier Bags with Your Logo

Printing carrier bags and using them as promotional items is a common and simple advertising measure. The bags are a practical way of packaging further advertising and information materials at professional events. And afterwards the carrier bags will continue to be used. The bags can also be given away on a day to day basis and thus, help increase your company’s visibility. To achieve the desired advertising effect, it is important that you use unique, high-quality carrier bags with your logo. At ADLER Business Gifts you can order promotional bags tailored entirely to your wishes. There are usually two personalisation options for carrier bags with logos: printing and embroidery. Embroidery is usually a slightly more expensive and higher-quality alternative to printing. If you are unsure about the right design or colour for your promotional bag, our design experts can help.

You need assistance with the personalisation of your carrier bags with logo? Our experts are available to you from Monday - Friday 8:30 - 17:00.

Why Carrier Bags with Logos Are Especially Popular Promotional Gifts

Carrier bags can be used in many ways. Not all bags are the same. For example, a beach bag can work well as a stand-alone promotional gift and evoke positive associations with your company during holiday or leisure time. Smaller shopping bags, paper carrier bags or fabric bags are relatively inexpensive and can be part of a gift set or be used as trade fair bags to pass out further advertising material. Furthermore, there is a suitable carrier bag that can be used as a promotional item for every target group. Fabric or paper carrier bags are suitable for the environmentally conscious, cool themed jute bags for pupils and students, or shopping baskets and bags for the older generations. However, what all these bags have in common is that they offer a large advertising space that will help make your company more visible to the public.

Our Conclusion: Carrier Bags with Promotional Imprints Are Always the Perfect Choice

Carrier bags with logos not only help new and existing customers to better identify with your company, but also strengthen the business relationship between employees and business partners. In our online shop you can order carrier bags with your logo at a reasonable price and have them printed individually at your request. The more bags you order, the less each promotional item costs per unit, depending on the quantity. Choose the promotional bag that best suits your target group from a variety of high-quality designs and styles. Whether paper carrier bag, fabric bag, shopping bag or any other kind of bag, our team is available to help you if you have further questions.

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