Promotional Travel Bags & Suitcases with Your Logo

Promotional travel bags and suitcases are practical business gifts that can be used to build brand loyalty and increase your reach. Providing personalised suitcases to employees, customers and clients helps your branding reach new audiences. Airports and travel destinations are busy, and every time people use your branded luggage, your logo and branding will be seen by thousands of people. Promotional travel bags and suitcases can also be used for incentives, competition prizes or for gifting those close to the business – this will increase customer retention and brand loyalty. When you use branded luggage and personalised suitcases as an advertising medium, your logo will be seen all over the world, helping you grow an international customer base. In our online shop you’ll find a wide selection of custom suitcases, promotional travel bags and personalised luggage, which you can have printed with your logo. We have a range of suitcase personalisation options available, for more information get in touch with our specialist team here at Adler Business Gifts.

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Individually customisable range of promotional suitcase, trolley and travel bag items

In our online shop you’ll find travel bags, trolleys and suitcases printed with your logo. At ADLER you can choose your promotional items from a wide range of attractive luggage. In addition to suitcases, which you can have printed with a logo, we also offer sports bags and hand luggage, as well as corre-sponding suitcase accessories. Our wide range offers promotional backpacks, as well as luggage that is suitable for all kinds of occasions.
After you have decided to print your logo on a suitcase, you’ll need to choose the right suitcase for your target group. Briefcases and pilot cases are popular pieces of luggage for short business trips. Hand luggage or a trolley are usually used on shorter holiday trips. Large hard shell suitcases are suita-ble companions for longer trips. Suitcases with wheels are especially practical, for example when the recipient is in a hurry and needs to reach their plane quickly. Instead of carrying heavy baggage, the luggage can be rolled.
Once you have selected the appropriate promotional items, you can specify the desired colours and motifs for the travel bags, trolleys and suitcases during the ordering process. You then upload your unique advertising imprint and decide how many of the promotional items you wish to order. The more you have printed with a logo or other motif, the lower the price. This is especially practical if you wish to give suitcases with logo to several employees, for example as advertising for a tourism company.

Practical suitcase as a promotional gift: The Patterned Trolley Boardcase

The patterned trolley boardcase is the perfect companion for holidays. Thanks to the wheels, it is very practical. The trolley is equipped with a zipper on both sides so that the suitcase can be opened easily. In addition, the divider inside and the packing strap keep things tidy. Thanks to its dimensions of 55.0 cm x 35.0 cm x 20.0 cm, it can often be used as hand luggage. Also the high-quality interior and the easy handling make this trolley the perfect promotional gift.
Before you add your logo or advertising message to the patterned trolley, you have to choose from 5 different colours. The next step is to provide the patterned suitcase with a logo, motif or slogan of your choice. No matter which colour and which print you choose - the custom printed bag will attract atten-tion throughout its travel and thus, attract new customers.

High-quality suitcase with logo: Aluminium Briefcase

The aluminium briefcase is especially recommended as a promotional gift for employees and business partners. It is perfect for taking documents and papers to important appointments or business trips. This briefcase is equipped with combination locks so offers secure storage for valuables and sensitive documents. It can not only be used as hand luggage on the plane, but also when travelling by train or car. The robust design ensures that the contents of the case are well protected.
If you want to print the suitcase with your logo or brand, you can attach your advertising message to your order during the order process: You can choose to have the print on the various functional parts of the briefcase or select a central imprint on the front. This allows you to achieve your desired advertising effect.

Inexpensive travel bag as a promotional gift: The JORDAN Sports Bag

A travel bag works great as a promotional item. The JORDAN sports bag can be used in many ways. On the one hand, it can be used as a sports bag, printed with the logo of your respective club. On the other hand, you can use it as an inexpensive travel bag. The variety of possible uses makes the sports bag an interesting advertising medium for companies. With reinforced handles and an adjustable shoulder strap, the JORDAN sports bag is perfectly suited for travel. In addition, the bag has a reinforced bottom, which provides this soft bag with more stability.
The travel bag can be individually printed for use as an advertising medium. The colourful sports bag can be enhanced with a logo or slogan to achieve the perfect advertising effect for your company.

The right hand luggage for every trip: 5-Piece Luggage Set

With the 5-piece luggage set as a promotional gift, the recipient is flexible and can always choose the right luggage for their upcoming trip. The set includes a travel bag and a foldable suitcase, suitable as hand luggage for short trips, but also for longer holidays. The backpack and the carrying bag with logo can be used regularly in everyday life or taken along on the next business trip. The hip bag offers space for small items. One of the bags can also be used as a promotional laptop bag. All of the luggage in-cluded in the set are ideal for use as promotional items.

Travel bags and suitcases with logo for effective advertising

In our online shop you can have travel bags and suitcases printed. The large advertising area offers numerous possibilities for design. Furthermore, you can personalise the suitcases used as promotional items in order to draw attention to your company and your brand. If you choose to have a bag or a suitcase printed with your logo as a promotional item your brand will always be seen when your suit-case is in use. The considerable advertising effect of the suitcases ensures that more people will show interest in your company, products and services. For this reason, it is a great way to acquire new cus-tomers. By travelling, your logo is spread effectively. However, even if you choose a trolley or sports bag as a promotional gift and they are only used locally, you can still benefit from them, because the bags will stand out and thus, put your company in the spotlight. By printing travel bags and suitcases and using them as promotional items, you create an attractive companion for sports and travel, which people will use frequently and which will increase brand-awareness for your company for a long time to come.

Top-quality travel bags and suitcases with logo for use on holiday

After stressful days working, people look forward to a holiday where they can relax. It's practical to use bags that not only provide the best protection for your belongings, but are also beautifully designed and increase your travel anticipation.
If you add your logo or your advertising slogan to promotional items, such as travel bags and suitcases, their recipients will associate their positive “holiday” feelings immediately with your company, products and services. If you wish to use the suitcase as a promotional item, you can, of course, customise the luggage. This will improve your chances of increasing sales and at the same time strengthen your brand. That is why promotional items such as trolleys and other types of suitcases aren’t just a good idea for the tourism industry.

Suitcases and travel bags as promotional gifts for business trips

In addition to suitcases for private travel, you can also have travel bags printed as promotional gifts to target business customers. Practical hand luggage is essential on business trips at home and abroad, especially when it comes to keeping essential documents within easy reach. With a promotional print on a suitcase you can increase the awareness of your logo and ensure that travellers automatically share your advertising message with other potential customers. Often customers come into contact with people on business trips who might be interested in your products and services and who are intro-duced to your company thanks to the suitcase with your logo. Therefore, it is worthwhile to print brief-cases or suitcases with your logo and give them to your business partners or employees as a gift to help them successfully manage their business trip. By giving a gift, you not only bring joy to the recipient, but can also achieve a lasting advertising effect.

Why travel bags and suitcases are the perfect promotional gifts

  • Promotional gifts in the form of suitcases and travel or sports bags connect the recipients’ pos-itive experiences with your company.
  • The print can be personalised so that the promotional item can be tailored to your target group.
  • Every trip with a suitcase carrying your logo increases awareness for your company.
  • You can win new customers with the long-lasting advertising effect.

Do you need help designing a suitcase with your logo as an advertising medium? No problem, contact our experts from Monday - Friday between 8:30 - 17:00!

Your reliable partner for promotional items, suitcases and travel bags: ADLER Business Gifts

If you use your travel bags and suitcases as advertising material and have them printed, you will appeal to a large number of people and thanks to the unique advertising imprint you can ensure that your tar-get group feels like they are being addressed directly. Whenever the recipient travels with the suitcase, your logo is seen. Through travel, your advertising message is spread automatically - maybe even all over the world.
ADLER Business Gifts is an expert in the field of promotional gifts in the form of trolley bags, suitcases, travel bags and much more. We can assist you in printing the luggage so that you can use them as ef-fective promotional items. Reliability and quality are very important to us. You can have your logo printed on your advertising material by selecting the desired suitcases and bags in our online shop and uploading your logo or desired motif. We will send you a galley proof before production and comple-tion of the promotional items, so you have full control when designing your promotional gifts.