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Promotional Bags Printed with Your Company Logo

Promotional bags are a cost-effective way of getting your brand in front of new customers and prospective clients. Our printed bags make the perfect business gift for customers, clients and your own employees, and giving these out with help promote loyalty to your brand and increase retention and motivation. While you enjoy these benefits, those who have been gifted a bag with your logo will be advertising your brand every time they use it. Our printed bags are practical and can be used for work, travel or activities, and personalising them with your logo will mean your branding will be on show to any passing people, with your reach as a brand going as far as the bag goes. Our branded bags make no sacrifices on quality or usability and are suitable for any age group with a range of designs available. Promotional bags with your logo are also affordable, making them a great business gift to distribute at events or shows. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our promotional bags and the customisation options available.

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Bags: Promotional Gifts with a Long-Term Advertising Effect

Whether prospective customers, long-standing customers, business partners or employees: Promotional bags are a great advertising medium for reaching a large target group and offer many advantages. Among them is, of course, the possibility of having your logo prominently displayed on the bag. Regardless of which bag model you choose from our extensive range, promotional bags provide you with a large space for displaying your logo in an eye-catching way and thus, increase your advertising success. Bags are particularly effective as promotional items because they are used daily for different occasions. When promotional gifts are used regularly as shopping bags, every purchase with a bag with your logo on it means effective advertising for your company. Due to the availability of different models made of different materials, they are suitable for a broad target group and are therefore, suitable as high-quality promotional gifts for companies in all sectors.

Choose promotional items from our range of bags and benefit from:

  • Promotional items with a wide reach
  • Attractive and unique promotional bags made of high-quality material
  • Gifts that are perfect for a diverse target group & different occasions

Bags, Sacks, Backpacks, Suitcases - Which Promotional Gift Will You Choose?

You will find many different models in our extensive range of promotional items and bags so that you can choose the promotional bag that suits your target group perfectly. If you are looking for high-quality giveaways for trade fairs, you will find a wide range of carrying bags with long or short handles, jute bags or cotton bags for this purpose, which can be individually printed with a motif, an advertising message or your company logo. However, bags as promotional items do not always have to be cotton bags. Backpacks made of fabric or another material are also suitable for personalisation as high-quality, practical promotional items. No matter which model you choose, at ADLER Business Gifts you will find bags made of different materials in different price ranges, so that you are guaranteed to find the right personalised promotional bags for your company.

How to Find the Right Promotional Gift: Bags for 100% Advertising Success

You’ve decided to have promotional bags printed with your advertising message and use the advantages of bags as promotional items for your company? In order to achieve the desired advertising success, you should ask yourself beforehand which target group you would like to reach with your promotional gifts and what occasion the promotional bags are intended for. If, for example, you plan to distribute the bags to visitors at a trade fair, fabric bags or jute bags are best suited because they are particularly handy and of high-quality. If you would like to personalise promotional bags for long-standing customers or employees, it may be better to select a larger bag, such as a backpack or a laptop bag, and add a personal message. Depending on whether you want to personalise the promotional bags with your logo or with both a motif and an advertising message, a model with the appropriate size must be selected.

Personalise Promotional Bags for Use as Giveaways and Attract New Customers

Printed fabric bags are particularly suitable as give-aways at trade fairs, company events or for promotion campaigns. The handy fabric bags are popular as shopping bags or as carrying bags in everyday life. Since a large quantity of promotional bags is required for trade fairs or other promotional events, it is important to order larger quantities at a good price-performance ratio. At ADLER Business Gifts you will find a wide range of promotional items including cotton bags for this purpose, which are both inexpensive and of high quality. Both cotton bags and bags made of other fabrics are suitable for personalisation as trade fair bags or promotion bags. You are free to choose which advertising message you would like to have printed on the promotional bags. Depending on the target group and occasion, different bag shapes, e.g. fabric bags with long or short handles or gym bags made of polyester, are the right choice for your company. Especially at trade fairs, fabric bags offer the advantage that information material and other promotional items can be stored in the bags before they are handed over to the trade fair visitors.

Bags with Logo as Promotional Gifts for Loyal Customers

Satisfied customers stay with a company over a longer period of time. Thank your loyal customers with a bag personalised with a logo as a high-quality promotional gift. Whether as a gift with a purchase, as a thank you for participation in a seminar or event or even a raffle - with a high-quality bag with your logo or advertising message you can show your customers how much you value them. Which bag is best suited as an advertising medium for this occasion depends on your target group and the intended use. If you would like to give out promotional items and bags to a larger number of customers, we offer inexpensive and practical gym bags. Of course you can choose which colours and which material (fabric or polyester) suits your needs best. For a smaller number of recipients, a high-quality shoulder bag is a great individual promotional gift. The bags with logo can either be embroidered or imprinted - depending on the material and motif. It is up to you whether you want to have your company logo applied or add a personal message. We offer various personalisation methods for high-quality and durable personalisation according to your company needs.

Thrill Your Business Partners with High-Quality Promotional Bags

Promotional items in the form of bags are not only suitable as promotional gifts for attracting new customers, but can also be high-quality gifts for business partners. Great gifts keep a friendship alive - this also applies to business relationships. Give one of our high-quality promotional bags to business partners or long-term customers as a gift and they will remember you and your company positively every time they use it. With a high-quality aluminium briefcase, a suitcase or a laptop trolley, you are guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. You choose which personalisation method you would like to use to apply your unique message or logo to the promotional bags. Aluminium suitcases, for example, can be embellished with a high-quality engraving. This is particularly durable and gives the case an individual and elegant appearance.

Bags with Your Company Logo for Company Employees

Bags with your company logo transform your employees into advertising media for your company. Equip your employees with high-quality laptop bags with logo and help them make a competent and professional impression at business meetings with customers or business partners. Personalise the selected bag in high quality with your logo and make your company easily recognisable. If you want to give your employees a practical travel bag or suitcase for business trips and at the same time represent your company effectively, we are sure you will find the ideal travel bag or high-quality backpack for this occasion in our range of promotional items.

Backpacks, Shoulder Bags, Sacks – Which Bag Is the Right Promotional Gift for Your Company?

Choosing the right promotional bag for your company depends not only on the occasion but also on the industry in which you operate. Depending on your target group, backpacks, carrier bags or sacks could be the right advertising media for your business. Therefore, you should consider in advance which bags are the right promotional products for your customers. You are guaranteed to find the right promotional bags for personalisation in our extensive range of promotional items for every industry.

Sport & Fitness

The right sports bag is just as much a part of the equipment for daily training as sports shoes or the right sportswear. That's why promotional bags are the ideal promotional item for fitness studios or sports equipment retailers. Make your customers happy with a high-quality sports bag that carries your logo, for example as a give-away with their purchase, or motivate new members in your gym after signing a contract with a stylish sports bag, such as our popular JORDAN Sports Bag. Advertising success also works in smaller format: smaller bags such as flexible drawstring bags, which are popular not only as trade fair bags, but also as flexible companions for sports can also be effective promotional items. Do not miss out on the advantages of promotional bags and personalise sports sacks or bags with your logo via a high-quality imprint.

Wellness & Beauty

Promotional bags with logo are also an ideal choice for companies in the wellness and beauty sector to display their logo by means of high-quality advertising. Toiletry and cosmetic bags are not only a popular option for safe and convenient storage of bathroom items or cosmetic products when travelling, but are also practical helpers for everyday life. If you want your customers to remember their visit to the hairdresser, beautician or nail studio fondly long after their visit, why not surprise them with a high-quality bag featuring an eye-catching motif and your logo? For cosmetics or nail polish we recommend handy bags that are both convenient and at the same time fashionable and come in many different colours.
In our extensive range of promotional items and bags, you will also find high-quality fabric bags that are ideal companions for a trip to the sauna or wellness centre. The bags provide enough space for towels and care products - convenient for your customers and a great way to promote your company!


Backpacks are a suitable companion for almost any kind of travel. A weatherproof backpack for hiking holidays can also be the ideal travel companion for city travellers who like to travel light. If your luggage turns out to be a bit heavier, a trolley backpack can be practical. That way, everyone can decide for themselves whether they prefer to carry or pull their backpack to make their journey as comfortable as possible. Backpacks as promotional bags are the ideal advertising means for tour operators or travel agencies to ensure that customers have a positive holiday experience. For example, give your customers a bag with your company logo when they book a trip. This way, your loyal customers are bound to remember the trip they took along with your company even after their holidays. After the holidays, the backpacks, whether made of fabric or water-repellent material, can be put to good use in everyday life. In our promotional product range of bags and backpacks you will find different models in different price ranges.

Retail & Local Shops

Would you like to do something beneficial for your customers, as well as the environment? In ADLER's range of promotional items you will find high-quality bags made of fabric, which you can print with your logo or a motif of your choice for your target group. Shopping with plastic bags is frowned upon, because they are significantly more harmful to the environment than jute bags. Help your customers help the environment by giving them a practical bag made of environmentally friendly material to transport their purchases home comfortably and safely. Our carrying bags are stylish and functional at the same time and will please your customers for a long time to come due to their durability.

Bags with Your Unique Logo: Personalisation Options for Suitcases, Bags & Backpacks

At ADLER Business Gifts we offer you various personalisation options for printing your promotional bags. If you want to personalise bags or backpacks with a motif of your choice or your company logo, you can have them printed or embroidered. Our fabric bags are available in different colours - of course you can choose which embroidery colour matches your favourite bag and your personalisation requirements best.
If you would like to have not only bags printed with your logo, but also promotional items made of a more robust material such as aluminium suitcases, this is also possible without any problems. In addition to high-quality printing processes, you also have the option of having your logo or your unique advertising message engraved on the selected suitcase. An elegant suitcase with a high-quality engraving and a personal message is particularly suitable as a gift for business partners or loyal customers.

ADLER Business Gifts – Your Experts for Promotional Gifts & Bags with Logo

At ADLER Business Gifts, we have been working for over 70 years to help you keep your customers satisfied with high-quality promotional bags that carry your logo. In our extensive range of promotional items, you’ll find bags made of different materials in the highest quality. As soon as you have selected the promotional bags you would like to personalise with your logo, you can carry out the entire order process easily and comfortably online and also inform us about your personalisation requirements. When placing your order, you only need to observe the minimum order value, which varies depending on the model you choose. For backpacks, for example, a minimum order quantity of 25 units must be observed - with the exception of our picnic backpack, which is available from a minimum order quantity of 4 units. For fabric bags and sacks, on the other hand, a minimum number of units from between 25 and 100 is required.
If you need some time to decide and would like to check which material and printing process are best suited for your bags with logo, you can also request a sample. Our professional customer service department and our experienced marketing staff will be happy to advise you on how best to implement your personalisation wishes.

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