Classic Personalised Umbrellas with Your Logo

Personalised umbrellas make a great business gift and can be used to promote your brand. Providing your employees, customers and clients with custom umbrellas and other branded gifts can help promote brand loyalty and increase customer retention. They can also be used as a cost-effective marketing strategy. Those you provide with custom umbrellas will use them during commutes, when travelling and basically any time they’re caught outdoors during a downpour. When they do, your branding and logo will be the first thing passers-by will see, helping you grow your business. Personalised umbrellas are one of the best promotional items you can buy because there is so much space for customisation. If you’re looking to design an umbrella to help you build your brand, we have a range of design, colour and customisation options available. Explore our range of custom umbrellas today.

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The advantages of a classic umbrella as a promotional gift

When you personalise classic umbrellas with a high-quality promotional print, you can benefit from a number of advantages. First of all, the promotional gift offers real added value in day-to-day life: customers, employees and business partners love using the umbrellas to shield themselves from the rain. As a result, the promotional umbrellas promote your products and services to countless passers-by. Anyone who uses your printed classic umbrella boosts your advertising reach to great effect. And you can design the classic umbrellas as a promotional gift just the way you want them, and fully exploit the large advertising area.
The advantages of classic umbrellas as a promotional item at a glance:

  • Practical accessory for everyday use
  • Popular with a broad target group
  • Customisable, timeless and versatile
  • Quality and value
  • Large advertising area

At ADLER Business Gifts you will find promotional umbrellas for all tastes

In the ADLER online shop you will benefit from an extensive product range of classic umbrellas as a promotional gift – classic umbrellas are available in numerous styles, sizes and colours. With this comprehensive selection of umbrella models made of different materials and with different additional features, every company is bound to find the right promotional umbrella for them. Storm umbrellas as a handy accessory in strong winds and rain, colourful children’s umbrellas, golf umbrellas with logo, automatic umbrellas, pocket umbrellas or classic umbrellas with manual opening – you are guaranteed to find a suitable promotional umbrella for every target group here. And you can rest assured that quality is a top priority for us with all umbrella models.

Classic umbrella with elegant wooden handle

Companies can’t go wrong with a classic umbrella model as a promotional item. One of the most popular models of this kind in our range is the JOVA Classic Umbrella with Wood Grip. The elegant umbrella with manual opening is available in five different muted colours and from an order quantity of 50 umbrellas. Using the screen-printing method, your logo or slogan can be added to the classic umbrella, thereby modifying it to appeal to your target group. The promotional print is added in professional printing shops, ensuring long-lasting print results of the highest quality. With a diameter of 101 cm, the classic umbrella is the perfect size for keeping your customers dry while they’re out and about on even the rainiest of days.

Stylish and dry no matter how bad the rain

For the fashion lovers in your target group, the stylish BELLEVUE Bell-Shaped Transparent Umbrella with manual opening system can be a chic accessory on gloomy days. The unusual design and the transparent, bell-shaped canopy with translucent plastic handle make the umbrella model a real eye-catcher. The see-through canopy functions as an advertising area for your logo, which can be applied in the colour of your choice to convey your advertising message in an appealing way. The classic umbrella is available as a promotional gift from a minimum quantity of 24 units. In addition to printed umbrellas, we also sell other promotional items, such as chic ponchos and rain jackets in various sizes, for all-round shelter from the rain.

Safe even in dark weather: the FARE® LED umbrella

With the FARE® AC Safebrella® LED Umbrella, your customers are always on the safe side even in dark weather and heavy rain. Thanks to robust materials of exceptional quality, such as a canopy made of 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material at the corners, the classic umbrella is a promotional gift everyone would be glad to receive. The integrated swivel LED lamp ensures optimum visibility in road traffic. The light can be set to a continuous white light or a flashing red light. Apart from the functions that guarantee the user’s safety, the luxury model also impresses with a convenient automatic opening system, extra-flexible frame and additional wind stability. The umbrella is available in four different colours with a minimum order quantity of 12 umbrellas. Order now and add your promotional print to this classic umbrella!

Print classic umbrellas for all kinds of promotional purposes

If you decide to have classic umbrellas printed as a promotional item, the first thing you should always consider is which target group you hope to reach with the promotional umbrella. For example, if you mainly want to reach business partners, you will probably want to choose a more subtle promotional print, however original motifs and appealing advertising slogans can certainly be added to classic umbrellas as a promotional gift in many industries.
The promotional print is applied by screen printing or transfer printing in a professional printing shop in order to guarantee first-class results. Depending on the model, your advertising can be applied to several segments of the umbrella canopy. When choosing the classic umbrella for printing, you should make sure that the colour matches your corporate identity and the design of your company logo. This will ensure that your promotional umbrella has a harmonious overall appearance, and represents you as a company in an appealing and effective way.
Classic umbrellas with logo are perfect for use as guest umbrellas, thoughtful gifts for new and regular customers, and for spreading your advertising message at trade fairs, training seminars and conferences. If you want to address various target groups, it’s also a good idea to print a combination of pocket umbrellas or automatic umbrellas and classic umbrellas. You thereby have a broad variety of promotional umbrellas to hand out and can rest assured that every customer will receive exactly the umbrella that suits their lifestyle and routine.

ADLER Business Gifts – your trusted partner for classic umbrellas as a promotional item

If you are keen to print classic umbrellas as a promotional item, you have already made a great decision for your company. Printed promotional umbrellas are a very popular gift among a number of different target groups, and a handy everyday accessory in the rainy weeks of autumn and winter.
Here at ADLER Business Gifts we have a large selection of classic umbrellas, which you can have printed with your company logo. Thanks to our attractive tiered pricing, you can get your hands on these advertising media for great low prices. If you need classic umbrellas as a promotional item in large order volumes, you will receive an attractive discount and can use the promotional gifts in a variety of ways. Our experts will be happy to provide comprehensive advice on choosing a suitable model, and to help you present your logo to optimum effect.