Promotional Automatic Umbrellas with Your Logo

Automatic umbrellas are a great business gift and can also be used to help your brand reach new audiences. We are all in need of a small, compatible umbrella we can carry around so we are never caught off guard by a downpour. Gifting your employees, customers and clients with a promotional automatic umbrella can help increase loyalty to your company – providing them with an incentive to go that extra mile in the office or recommend your brand to a friend. The practicality of an automatic umbrella also means they will get used regularly, which makes customising them with your branding even more important. Every time those close to your business use your personalised automatic umbrellas, your logo and branding will be seen by passers-by. On a commute to work, this could be hundreds of people, making it a huge marketing opportunity. We have a high-quality selection of automatic umbrellas in our shop, which includes automatic dome umbrellas, small automatic umbrellas and mini automatic umbrellas. All are available in different designs and colours, and come with customisation options.

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Print automatic umbrellas and distribute them as a giveaway item

Automatic umbrellas can be opened easily at the touch of a button on the handle. But what exactly is behind the technology of automatic umbrellas? The ribs of an umbrella divide the canopy into segments of equal size. With conventional umbrellas the ribs are manually forced apart using a mechanism on the handle or shaft of the model. However, the mechanism on more ergonomic umbrellas can easily be activated by using a button on the handle, meaning the user only needs one hand to open their umbrella. Strong springs or bands ensure you can quickly and reliably open the automatic umbrella whatever the weather.
The smart automatic mechanism works with pocket umbrellas and classic umbrellas. This means that printed automatic umbrellas can also be produced in the form of golf umbrellas with logo or pocket umbrellas as a promotional item if desired. However, it should be noted that the automatic mechanism in pocket umbrellas is limited because the umbrellas in this category must be unfolded before they can be opened out fully. Classic umbrellas can be opened and closed more quickly and with one hand when it starts to rain, but they are bulkier than the compact pocket umbrellas, which can be inconvenient when travelling and in day-to-day working life.
Whether you opt for automatic pocket umbrellas or classic umbrellas with fully automatic mechanisms – stylishly printed automatic umbrellas are the perfect giveaway item for companies who want to stand at their customers’ side whatever the weather.

Automatic umbrella with logo – the understated promotional item

Colourful umbrellas, robust storm umbrellas and elegant classic umbrellas as a promotional item – umbrellas are more than simply a means to an end. Highly practical automatic umbrellas with company logo can therefore prove to be an extremely effective promotional item for several reasons. First of all, when you give that kind of promotional gift, you are sending a signal to customers and business partners that they are in safe hands – you won’t leave anyone out in the rain! Secondly, useful objects such as umbrellas are the best media for subtle advertising because they are used in everyday life by your regular customers and they present a well-positioned logo in a highly visible way in public.
Potential customers can become aware of the subtle branding, either consciously or subconsciously, and be won over by the brand message even before first contact with your company. As a business, when you invest in printed automatic brand umbrellas you are not only boosting customer loyalty, you also benefit from additional advantages such as an inexpensive advertising area and improved visibility for your brand.

Having automatic umbrellas printed – your options at ADLER Business Gifts

Choosing and purchasing the right promotional item requires careful consideration. Regular clients, potential customers and loyal business partners should not be given any old second-class product, but a high-quality, durable promotional gift. Personalised brand umbrellas are ideal for that purpose.
In the ADLER Business Gifts store you will find a broad selection of automatic umbrellas in various colours, sizes and categories, and every single model can be printed with your unique company logo. Be it an automatic KNIRPS®, a pocket umbrella or a classic umbrella – with 100% customer satisfaction as our aim, we do everything to make sure the order and delivery process of your promotional item goes as smoothly as possible. Do you have any questions about ordering your printed automatic umbrellas? If so, you can contact us at any time.

The range of automatic umbrella models and colours

Consistent design and colours are important for the successful branding of a company and should also be kept in mind when designing promotional gifts. In the ADLER Business Gifts shop, you can choose those automatic umbrellas that match your brand image in terms of the colour (uniform, colour change or with a pattern). You also have a choice between automatic umbrellas with straight or curved plastic handles, metal shafts and models made entirely of wood, which are – like the canopy – available in various colours.
The imprint of your company logo or any other personalisation motif you desire will be put onto the automatic umbrellas using the screen printing method. Depending on the model, this is placed on one or several segments of the umbrella and given a water-proof coating. Our BOOGIE automatic umbrella in red is the ideal model for an eye-catching brand message!

Umbrellas in a range of sizes

A promotional gift can only function as an efficient advertising medium if the logo or branding of the company can come fully into its own on the advertising area. When ordering your printed automatic umbrellas, you should make sure the model is of the right size and has a sufficient span. The automatic umbrellas in the ADLER Business Gifts range are available in various sizes and can therefore be chosen with the demographics of your customers in mind. The LISA 23” automatic umbrella with wooden handle and Ø 102 cm span is lightweight, elegant and extremely easy to handle – making it the perfect accessory for women. You can also, of course, find classic umbrellas for stately gentlemen in the ADLER online shop, as well as pocket umbrellas for practical businesspeople on the road – and you can use them all as an advertising medium for your company.

The range of functions on the umbrellas

Blazing sun, sudden downpours of rain and blustering storms – with the automatic umbrellas of ADLER Business Gifts in their pockets, your customers will be prepared for anything the weather can throw at them. In our range you will find umbrellas to protect you from rain and bad weather by outstanding manufacturers such as KNIRPS®, Doppler and FARE®, with high-quality automatic mechanisms that work flawlessly in every weather. One of the top bestsellers among our automatic umbrellas is currently the FARE® COLORLINE Automatic Umbrella with soft-touch handle, robust polyester canopy, waterproof coating and an extremely reliable button-press mechanism that opens in seconds. Don’t miss out – have your logo printed on automatic umbrellas too!

With automatic umbrellas by ADLER Business Gifts, your company can advertise at the touch of a button

Using automatic umbrellas with logo as a promotional item comes with advantages for customers and companies in equal measure. The ADLER Business Gifts range is extensive and diverse, and is bound to include a model that matches the colour of your branding and directly appeals to your target group. Placing your order with ADLER Business Gifts is simple, printing your company logo or other promotional motif with the screen-printing method is cost-effective, and the result is durable. Once you’ve handed out the promotional gifts, bring on the bad weather! Our umbrellas provide your regular customers and business partners shelter at the touch of a button even in an unexpected downpour, and will prove a trusted accessory in day-to-day life. With the automatic umbrellas with logo from the ADLER Business Gifts range, your advertising will have a water-tight alibi whatever the weather!