Promotional Mugs and Cups Printed with Your Logo

Promotional mugs and cups are practical business gifts that can be used to market your brand. Mugs and cups with your logo are used everyday in the office for tea and coffee, meaning offering personalised mugs to loyal customers, clients or business partners will help your logo and branding reach a large audience. Every time your promotional mugs are used in a different office or work environment, your company branding will be seen and recognised by prospective customers and clients – helping you draw new business and build a positive brand image. Printed mugs and other promotional items are one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. Promotional mugs from Adler Business Gifts are affordable, high quality and are guaranteed to get your branding in front of a large new customer base. You can get creative with your custom mugs too; we have mugs on wheels and colour changing mugs, all can be personalised with your company logo and branding front and centre. Get in touch to learn more about the promotional mugs and cups in our range.

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Finding the right promotional mugs for your company

Have you decided to advertise your company using promotional cups, but are still looking for the right promotional mugs to have printed? If so, ADLER Business Gifts is the right place for you. In our range you will find a huge selection of cups and mugs in various designs, which you can personalise just the way you want them. You can choose from a huge number of classic and more unconventional shapes, colours and materials to create promotional cups and promotional mugs for your company – guaranteed to attract attention and effectively convey your promotional message. When personalising promotional mugs with your logo, company name or other motifs, we offer a number of different personalisation methods for printing promotional mugs depending on the material, always with a focus on durability and quality. To make sure your customers, business partners and employees are ready for any eventuality, you could also consider giving away promotional items such as water bottles or thermo mugs with logo, along with the promotional cups and promotional mugs.

Printed cups and mugs in various designs

Our range of promotional mugs and promotional cups is full of variety and always boasts the highest quality. From round to angular, and with closed or open handles, ADLER Business Gifts has the right printed mug for every taste and occasion. All shapes, sizes and designs are available – from small cups such as the PRINCESS Espresso Set, a classic coffee mug such as the RONNI Ceramic Mug or a mug with a particularly large capacity such as the GRAND Ceramic Mug. You can also get promotional cups in matching sets, complete with small spoons or saucers.

Personalising promotional cups made of porcelain, ceramic and other materials

When it comes to promotional mugs and promotional cups, the selection of materials in the ADLER Business Gifts range is just as varied as the choice of shapes, sizes and designs. Would you prefer classic promotional mugs made of porcelain or will you have environmentally friendly bamboo cups printed, thereby making a statement as a company? Our customers can choose from cups and mugs made from the following materials, and these can be printed or engraved to meet any requirement:

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Bamboo
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass

Many of our printed cups are also dishwasher safe. Once you’ve decided on a material, you can then choose from numerous colours for your promotional item. Our broad selection of colours for cups and mugs means you can choose one that matches your company logo and provide the perfect stage for your advertising message. Various methods can be used to print the cups depending on the material.

The most popular promotional mugs and promotional cups with imprint

There are no limits to what you can do when it comes to the design of motif mugs as a promotional item for your company. Your company logo and your company name are the number-one choice if you want to effectively use mugs as an advertising medium for your company, services and products. However, you can also add a slogan, a text or contact details when you have the promotional cups printed. We use various high-quality printing colours, patterns and methods to ensure that your advertising message comes into full effect. In addition, you should take care to position motifs such as the logo or slogan in the perfect place when printing mugs.
If you need any help choosing the right promotional item, please contact our experienced marketing staff. We would be happy to advise you and discuss your specific needs before we print your mugs and cups.

Design options for cups and mugs as a promotional item

Whether you opt for a plain, single-colour coffee cup with logo print or a colourful motif mug with pattern and logo, you should choose the imprint for the promotional cups to ensure that the promotional item matches your company’s branding. When designing the cups you can choose whether you want the ever-popular logo print or a powerful slogan on the promotional cups. Depending on what kind of motif you choose, you can then select the right advertising area on the mugs. We can print or engrave the back, the front, the inside or the handle of the cups and mugs. Or maybe you have a wraparound print in mind – that is also possible!
Special tip: our Magic Mug Changing Colour is a particular favourite among our promotional mugs with logo. Your company logo only emerges on the mug when it is filled with a hot liquid. This mug‘s impressive effect is guaranteed to draw attention, making it a perfect advertising medium.

Personalising promotional mugs by printing

With durability and longevity in mind, we use a dishwasher-safe printing method for almost all the promotional cups and promotional mugs, with only a few exceptions. This ensures that your promotional message remains visible on the cups and mugs even when those are washed regularly. You can choose from the following personalisation methods, depending on the selected material:

  • Transfer printing
  • Screen printing
  • Pad printing

Transfer printing, screen printing or pad printing can be used when printing cups made of various materials. If you decide to order cups printed with logos with us, you will benefit from the highest possible level of quality.

Can’t decide what the best personalisation method would be for your promotional cups? We’d be happy to help you!

Cups and mugs with printed logos are suitable for a variety of promotional events and occasions

Most people like tea, coffee or other hot drinks, and therefore use cups and mugs every day. These drinks are served wherever people gather together for any kind of purpose – colleagues taking a break at the office, business partners at a meeting, or friends and family catching up. Companies can therefore use branded mugs as promotional mugs, and present their name and logo in a positive light. With mugs as a promotional item, you extend your advertising reach, multiply the advertising effect, and are highly visible for customers, interested parties and business partners. In short, you achieve exactly what you aim to achieve with a promotional item.

Mugs with logo for the office kitchen

Coffee and tea are favourites in every office, both among staff and among customers or partners who call in for meetings. The morning stop at the coffee machine or rounding off the lunchbreak with a cup of coffee together are vital daily rituals in many companies. Since coffee mugs are often in short supply in offices, many employees will keep a favourite mug on their desk. This is where your printed mugs come in. If the promotional mugs are attractively designed, for example as a mug with logo or a company-specific slogan, or as a motif mug with photo, they will quickly gain favour with your customers. The promotional cups with custom imprints automatically attract the attention of staff, which means your promotional message is consistently reinforced. During meetings with external parties, it’s a great idea to serve drinks in mugs with a custom imprint because your company name and logo will then always be visible on the coffee or tea cups. You can also print cups for your own employees or for internal events as a way of boosting the sense of belonging to your company.

Promotional cups and promotional mugs as giveaways at trade fairs

At ADLER Business Gifts you can order promotional mugs in large quantities for low prices, making them ideal as a giveaway for trade fairs and major events. When you print promotional mugs with the logo and name of your company, and add an engaging slogan on the back or the handle of the mug, you have the perfect promotional item for job fairs – and a great way of getting potential new employees interested in working for you. Promotional cups are also suitable for fairs at universities because every student kitchen is crying out for a printed mug. Think about the target group you want to reach with the printed mugs, and design them accordingly. We will process your order on time to ensure you can set off for the next fair with enough promotional gifts in hand.

Packaging for your personalised promotional gifts

In our range you will also find appealing packaging for your promotional gifts. Boxes and gift packaging are an ideal way of ensuring that promotional mugs made of porcelain, ceramic and other materials don’t get broken, and arrive with your customers and business partners safe and sound. To add a stylish touch to your personalised printed mugs for special occasions, you can also choose to add cellophane bags to your promotional mugs order, in which you can then pack the mugs. This makes the printed mugs even more special, and the personal note ensures that your promotional message stays in the minds of the recipients.

Print promotional mugs for low prices at ADLER Business Gifts

Our range proves that creative and individual designs for advertising media needn’t cost the world. When we print your mugs as a promotional gift, we keep prices as low as possible thanks to the larger quantities. You can adjust the number of mugs you want to have printed to suit your needs and the target group. For example, mugs as promotional items and giveaways for new customer acquisition at trade fairs are usually ordered in particularly large quantities, while orders of personalised printed mugs for business partners are usually smaller. No matter what order quantity you decide on, we always offer excellent value for money on our high-quality promotional mugs.
We can get started as soon as you have decided on a design, a colour and a print motif, and just a few days later you will receive your promotional cups for every occasion: as a giveaway at trade fairs, as a customer or corporate gift at training seminars, or as the perfect souvenir for business associates or at company events. From there, the mugs – and thereby also your company logo – find their way to kitchens and offices around the country, multiplying their advertising effect. And because they are both stylish and practical, mugs in a custom or classic design cut a fine figure on any occasion.

ADLER Business Gifts is your partner for promotional mugs. With us you will benefit from the following:

  • Excellent value for money on promotional mugs orders
  • Personal advice on choosing the right mug as a promotional item & on printing methods for promotional mugs.
  • Huge selection of promotional mugs: coffee mugs, espresso cups, stainless steel mugs, XXL mugs with extra-large advertising area & more
  • High-quality mug printing for premium advertising
  • Express delivery – ensuring that the printed mugs arrive on time for the next promotional event
  • Free returns and 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you are not completely satisfied with the promotional mugs you order

If you have any questions about ordering promotional mugs or any other products at ADLER Business Gifts, please contact our customer service team. Our trained staff will be happy to provide personal advice on the phone and help you with any questions.