Promotional & Branded Backpacks with Your Logo

Branded backpacks are the perfect business gift for employees, customers, clients and business partners. They can be used to reward those close to the business, increasing customer retention and promoting brand loyalty. Promotional backpacks can also be used as incentives for sharing social media posts or as prizes for online competitions. While they make a great business gift, custom backpacks are also a cost-effective marketing strategy and will help promote your branding in front of a large audience. Backpacks are regularly used during leisure time, whether for sports, hiking, family outings or for kids to use at school. Every time someone uses your promotional backpack, your branding will be reaching new people, helping your business grow and attracting new customers and clients. Our range features branded backpacks for school, large backpacks for hikes and more. All of our branded backpacks are durable, made with high quality materials and come in a stylish range of designs and colours.

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The Perfect Backpack Model for Any Occasion

ADLER Business Gifts has a multitude of backpacks in its range, so you can choose the promotional bag that fits your company and advertising purpose best. You can have backpacks printed as promotional items and determine where your logo, unique slogan or your company name should be placed. In addition to classic backpacks as everyday companions, we offer numerous models with special features that ensure that the recipient will remember your company for a long time. In addition to rucksacks and laptop bags with hidden zippers for theft protection, you will find gym bags, carrier bags and backpacks made of jute or recycled PET material for your environmentally conscious customers and business partners. You can make the outdoor enthusiasts among your customers smile by giving them a duffel bag with drawstrings, a weatherproof hiking rucksack or a picnic backpack with integrated dishes and cutlery.

Promotional Items in Brand-Name Quality: HALFAR BONNY Backpack

If you are appealing to a younger, fashion-conscious target group, then the HALFAR BONNY Backpack is the ideal promotional backpack for you. The main feature of this stylish polyester backpack is its duffel bag look with drawstring closure. This allows the bag to be carried casually over the shoulder or back. You can order this promotional backpack in 5 different colours, each complimenting the modern grey section at the bottom of the bag. To highlight your brand most effectively, your logo will be embroidered on the backpack. A hanging organiser with zipper helps keep the inside of the backpack tidy.

Inexpensive Promotional Backpack in a Great Selection of Colours

The backpack with adjustable straps is a classic style. The promotional backpack combines functionality with a stylish and simple design. With a choice of 11 colours, you can individually adapt the fabric backpack to your advertising, your company or your target group. The large main compartment offers enough storage space for documents, sportswear or other objects. Even when transporting heavy items, the high level of carrying comfort is not lost thanks to the padded shoulder straps and back. We will print your logo on the small front pocket of the backpack, which can be closed easily and securely with a zipper.

Popular Promotional Item: The Boomerang Backpack

The Boomerang Backpack with logo provides loads of space with its two zippered compartments. In the main compartment there is plenty of space to transport a laptop or sportswear, for example. Thanks to the interior layout of the front pocket, objects can be stored in an organised manner inside the bag. Your logo will be screen printed centrally on the front compartment of the promotional backpack. There is a mesh pocket on each side, which is ideal for transporting bottles. The padded, adjustable shoulder straps ensure that the backpack can be carried comfortably. This model comes in a choice of three colour combinations.

Transport Your Advertising Message with a Promotional Backpack

Having rucksacks printed or embroidered with a logo is a good way to spread your company's advertising message. A backpack is a practical and versatile companion that everyone uses. Whether on the way to work, school or university, or in your leisure time for sports or shopping, it is a convenient way to transport items. And a backpack is better for your back than other bags. We have a large selection of different models and colours, so that your promotional backpack can be individually adapted as an advertising medium for any target group. Thanks to this classic everyday object, your advertising message will be carried everywhere, on the back of the bag’s recipient, no matter where he or she goes. If you print your company logo on a backpack, you can be sure that your company, your logo and your advertising message will be remembered.

The Advantages of Using Backpacks as Promotional Gifts

  • Attractive promotional gift for all target groups
  • Practical everyday companion
  • Wide range of models available in all price categories
  • Many design possibilities: print or embroider backpacks with a logo
  • Better for your back than other types of bags
  • Great way to spread your advertising message

Design Unique Backpacks with Your Logo

If you have a backpack printed or embroidered as a promotional item, you can reach a wide range of people. You can give away these promotional gifts to business partners, customers or other interested parties. They can be distributed at trade fairs, training courses, conferences or by field staff. Due to their nature, backpacks with logos are carried on the back of the user and can be seen by potential customers at railway stations, airports, in the city centre, on hiking trails and many other places.

Print Backpacks with Your Logo

There are two different printing methods for printing a backpack with a company logo: Screen printing and transfer printing. In screen printing, as the name suggests, a screen is used to print the promotional item. Using a squeegee, the colour in the form of paint is pressed through the screen and applied to the advertising area of the bag. The desired logo or print pattern is specified by a stencil. This makes this printing method very flexible with regard to the material and motif. Transfer printing is a more sophisticated, high-quality type of finishing, but it is also more time-consuming and costly than screen printing. Here, transfer papers are first printed with the logo or advertising message before being transferred to the promotional gift using heat and pressure.

Embroider Backpacks with Your Logo

If you want to give a high-quality promotional gift to business partners or important customers, we recommend that you embroider your backpacks with your logo instead of printing them. Embroidery makes the promotional item more durable when worn and washed. In addition, a high degree of detail in logos and motifs is possible and embroidery guarantees a luxurious appearance.

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Order Promotional Backpacks with Your Logo from ADLER Now

In our shop you will find a wide range of attractive promotional items that you can design individually. Choose ADLER and you can have promotional backpacks printed or embroidered and benefit from our high-quality personalisation processes that ensure that your company logo will be seen on bags with zippers for a long time to come. This way, the promotional gifts can be used in private, as well as professional life to transport all kinds of items, such as laptops, important documents or sportswear. Increase your company's visibility with the help of promotional backpacks!

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