Promotional Trolley Coins & Trolley Token Keyrings

Keyrings with trolley coins are an incredibly practical business gift and one that your employees, customers and business partners will be grateful for. We have all been caught without a pound when out shopping or trying to use gym lockers and had to go out of our way to find some change – keyrings with trolley tokens ensure a coin is always on hand when needed. Our keyrings with trolley coins are a cost-effective business gift, making them great for handing out at trade shows or events, leaving customers and business partners with a positive feeling about your brand. Keyrings with trolley tokens also provide widespread free advertising. Every time someone uses a keyring embossed with your branding, your business will be reaching a new audience. Our keyrings with trolley coins are light, small and come in a range of colours and designs. Find a keyring with trolley token that reflects your brand. Choose from a selection of customisation options and begin promoting your brand today!

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