Promotional Mini Umbrellas Printed with Your Logo

Mini umbrellas offer the practicality of umbrellas with the added benefit of being portable and easy to carry. You can provide employees, customers and clients with a handy, reliable accessory that will keep them dry if they ever get caught out in a downpour. Our compact umbrellas can be customised with your logo and branding, making them the perfect business gift. Our small umbrellas can be used for incentives, rewarding loyalty or can be handed out at events or shows, all to help you grow your business and increase brand awareness. Investing in promotional mini umbrellas is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. Despite their high quality, our compact printed umbrellas are affordable and every time an employee, customer or client goes to use theirs, your branding will be reaching a new audience. Spread your advertising message among your customers and business partners and customise your mini umbrella today!

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Pocket umbrellas for everyone in the ADLER Business Gifts range

You have a huge range of promotional umbrellas to choose from in the ADLER online shop: from large classic umbrellas and golf umbrellas with logo to small, handy pocket umbrella models. And you’ll find these pocket umbrellas in all shapes and tones, from classic black to striking colours. When making your decision, you should ensure that the colour of the selected automatic pocket umbrella matches the colour of your logo. Is quality your primary concern when choosing a suitable pocket umbrella as a promotional item? If so, you will love our extensive selection of high-quality branded pocket umbrellas. Browse our diverse range now and find the right umbrella for your company!

High-quality automatic pocket umbrella

The FARE® Style Automatic Pocket Umbrella is a particularly popular model in our range. The umbrella impresses with special features such as automatic opening at the touch of a button, pleasant soft-touch handle and practical windproof features, which means the pocket umbrella can also be used in windy weather. The model is available in classic black and looks great thanks to colour accents on the seams, the handle and the fibreglass ribs, which contrast nicely with the rest of the umbrella. There is a choice of seven colours for the body. If you would like to have the pocket umbrella printed, your logo is applied in silver onto the canopy of the pocket umbrella, which is made of high-quality polyester pongee, using the screen-printing method. With the FARE® Style, you are giving the recipient a promotional item with added value and are guaranteed to delight a large target group with the elegant pocket umbrella.

High quality for low prices

If you intend to order promotional umbrellas in large quantities for a great low price, we have the perfect model for you: the Regular Pocket Umbrella with manual opening. At such unbeatable value, you shouldn’t delay too long! You can have high-quality giveaway items produced for your customers and business partners for low prices. The pocket umbrella is suitable for use as a promotional item at your next trade fair or as a thoughtful giveaway. In addition to the price, the extensive selection of colours is another of this model’s advantages. With a choice of 13 colours, you are bound to find a combination that will suit your company and go down well with your target group. If you would like to have the pocket umbrella printed, your logo or text can be added to the canopy of the umbrella in multiple colours.

Pocket umbrellas in brand quality by KNIRPS® & DOPPLER®

In the ADLER Business Gifts range you will find a large number of promotional items by familiar brands, among them the popular KNIRPS® umbrellas and DOPPLER® pocket umbrellas. Investing in a high-quality branded pocket umbrella as a promotional item for valued, long-standing business partners can really pay off.
The compact KNIRPS® T.200 Medium Duomatic Pocket Umbrella is made of high-quality materials such as aluminium, steel and fibreglass. Thanks to the high-quality manufacture, the recipient is guaranteed many years of use from their KNIRPS® with logo. In addition to the robust materials, the waterproof polyester of the canopy ensures that the automatic pocket umbrella can be used in all kinds of wind and heavy rain.
The DOPPLER® Pocket Umbrella 99 g is the lightest umbrella in our online shop. Despite its light weight, the umbrella boasts a highly robust frame thanks to the use of high-quality carbon elements.

Pocket umbrella as a promotional item: finding the right umbrella

If you are looking for a promotional umbrella to help get your company logo out there and to remind people of your company every day, the ADLER Business Gifts online shop is the right place for you. Before you decide on a particular model, you should ask yourself a number of questions: what is your target group? Would you like to make your customers’ day, or surprise your business partners? What does the recipient expect and what kind of umbrella would they like most – a handy pocket umbrella or an elegant classic umbrella?
Once you have decided on either the classic or pocket umbrella, there are additional distinguishing features to choose such as the span. You will also need to choose between automatic umbrellas that open at the touch of a button and models with manual opening. Price is often a key factor in the decision, with automatic pocket umbrellas usually costing slightly more than umbrellas with manual opening systems.
However, the main advantage of pocket umbrellas with logo as a promotional item is the fact that everyone will be delighted to receive an umbrella – whether it is an automatic, classic or pocket umbrella. Who wouldn’t be reassured to know that they own a high-quality umbrella that will be a reliable accessory in any wind and weather? And you can be confident that your promotional item is actually being used, and that the recipient feels valued as a customer thanks to the promotional item with added value.

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The advantages of pocket umbrellas with logo at a glance

  • The perfect model for every taste
  • Promotional gift with added value
  • Practical, everyday accessory
  • Shelter from the rain, wind and weather
  • Fits into any bag
  • Popular with all kinds of target groups
  • Extra-large advertising area

Print pocket umbrellas with ADLER Business Gifts

When you print pocket umbrellas as promotional items, you have a large advertising area at your disposal. No matter whether you opt for a promotional text, your logo or a combination of both: promotional umbrellas as giveaways have great reach and are understandably popular when it comes to effectively spreading an advertising message.

3 questions on printing pocket umbrellas:

1. Where can you add an imprint to pocket umbrellas?
The extra-large advertising area sets promotional umbrellas apart from the universally popular promotional pen. As a result, you can place both a logo and a powerful advertising slogan on the umbrella segments.

2. What printing method is used on umbrellas?
The personalisation method depends on the model you have chosen. However, the umbrellas in our online shop are usually personalised using the screen-printing method.

3. How is the imprint applied to the umbrella?
When applying the logo to the umbrella, the printing ink is pressed through a fine-mesh screen with a squeegee onto the umbrella canopy. The mesh openings of the fabric have been blocked off at those places on the screen where no colour should be printed in accordance with the print motif. Depending on the model, we can provide a single- to six-colour screen print. With multi-colour promotional prints, each colour is applied separately.

With printed promotional umbrellas, you can reach a broad target group and provide a high-quality promotional gift with added value. Thanks to the extra-large advertising area, the logo of your company can be positioned to eye-catching effect. Should you have any questions about the best way for you to have your pocket umbrellas printed, please get in touch with one of our ADLER Business Gifts printing experts.

Where to use pocket umbrellas as a promotional item

There are countless opportunities for giving pocket umbrellas as a promotional item to business partners, customers or colleagues and employees. If you are having an important company event or anniversary, for example, you could print the date and name of the event onto high-quality pocket umbrellas. This way, the recipients have a wonderful, permanent memento of the event and will always be reminded of your company whenever they use the umbrella. There is always a danger with events held outdoors that good weather can give way to rain without warning – a perfect opportunity to use your pocket umbrellas. Cheaper pocket umbrellas with logo are also suitable for use as an attractive giveaway at your next trade fair. As a creative and practical promotional gift, they will help you stand out from the competition and reach a large target group.

A reliable partner for promotional umbrellas & more

If you want to give away handy pocket umbrellas, ADLER Business Gifts is the ideal partner for producing effective promotional items. In our extensive range you will find a large number of models in all kinds of styles and colours. Outstanding quality is our first priority – both in terms of the pocket umbrella as a promotional item and in terms of the promotional print. We are therefore happy to offer a no-quibble refund under our 100% satisfaction guarantee if you do not like the product. You too can benefit from more than 70 years of experience and professional, personal advice from our ADLER experts.