Promotional Golf Umbrellas Branded with Your Logo

Promotional golf umbrellas are a great business gift to buy for your employees, loyal customers and clients. Buying business gifts for those close to your business helps improve company reputation, increasing employee, customer and client retention and making them more likely to recommend your brand. The golf course is an ideal place for getting into conversation with colleagues, business partners and potential customers, developing strong business relationships. This makes branded golf umbrellas the perfect gift for subtle advertising media. Whenever your personalised golf umbrellas are used for protection against showers, your branding and logo will be seen by fellow players, increasing the reach of your business. Our range of branded golf umbrellas and promotional items come in different designs and colours. Choose your promotional golf umbrella and speak to our specialists about customisation options.

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Why are golf umbrellas a suitable promotional gift?

If you don’t play golf regularly, you may ask yourself what use a golf umbrella with logo could be for customers and business partners. Dedicated golfers go out to play in almost any weather – so proper protection from the rain is indispensable. And, of course, the rain can come without warning, when the game is already in full swing.
When you give printed umbrellas as a promotional item to customers and business partners who play golf, you are guaranteed to earn their respect and boost customer loyalty. However, the golf umbrella as a promotional gift is not only incredibly useful for players of the game, it also spreads your company’s good name. Your customers’ golf partners will notice a high-quality golf umbrella with logo – at least subconsciously – and will be more likely to trust your brand too.
The golf umbrellas in the extensive ADLER Business Gifts range are practical, high quality and available in various shapes, colours and sizes. Choose the model that best matches your branding in terms of colour and design – we’ll take care of printing your company logo and the swift delivery of your promotional item.
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The right golf umbrella – things to consider when printing

The quality of your promotional items can tell potential customers a lot about the quality of the services or products of your company, and influence their decision for or against the purchase. Therefore, before choosing a golf umbrella and the method of applying the logo imprint, why not take advantage of professional advice from our trained marketing staff – don’t be too hasty when ordering your umbrella with logo. The printed umbrellas with logo should have a high-quality canopy (nylon or polyester) and robust ribs (e.g. fiberglass), as well as smoothly functioning mechanisms for opening the umbrella.
The method of printing can also have an effect on the quality and durability of the printed golf item. When printing company logos with high opacity, we recommend the screen-printing method, which uses a stencil in the exact form of the design. ADLER Business Gifts has extensive experience in printing golf umbrellas and other functional promotional items. The professionalism of our service is reflected in the individual support provided for each inquiry, fair prices, swift delivery of all products and the promise of a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Personalise golf umbrellas with your company logo at ADLER Business Gifts

The more functional and discreet an advertising medium is in attracting the attention of potential customers, the more effective or lasting the successful collaboration or loyalty to your brand will be over the long term. A printed umbrella or golf umbrella with logo slips inconspicuously into the everyday lives of your business partners and regular customers, and thereby functions as a perfect advertising medium.
Guest umbrellas with an appropriate diameter provide plenty of space on the individual canopy segments for a generously proportioned advertising imprint in the form of a logo or slogan. When positioned on a partner umbrella, your company logo will be a visible presence on every golf course, and golfing partners will be impressed by the brand loyalty of your customers.
The service provided by ADLER Business Gifts includes comprehensive advice, meticulous logo printing and swift delivery of the printed umbrellas. To ensure the durability of your advertising media, when printing golf umbrellas we only use printing methods that produce long-lasting, even and precise motifs with high opacity. Where there is great demand, it is also possible to place a collective order of golf umbrellas in large quantities for a reduced unit price. You order, we print – advertising has never been easier!

An umbrella for every round

Just as every golfer has a unique swing, a golf umbrella should also suit both your customer’s game and the branding of your company. From the extensive range on offer in the ADLER Business Gifts online shop, simply choose the model that appeals to you in terms of colour, size and design.
What form can a golf umbrella with logo assume? Promotional umbrellas from the ADLER Business Gifts range come in various shapes and sizes: why not give customers who play golf an elegant classic umbrella or a handy pocket umbrella? Feel free to browse our classic umbrellas as a promotional item and pocket umbrellas as a promotional item. High-quality automatic umbrellas often go down particularly well with recipients because they, as a porter’s umbrella, can be opened with one hand and are extremely reliable when the rain takes you by surprise.
Take advantage of the extensive selection of classic umbrellas, pocket umbrellas and other golf umbrella models from the ADLER Business Gifts shop, and order the ideal partner umbrella for your customers and business partners.

Don’t let the rain put a dampener on the game

The sun is shining, the balls are rolling smoothly over the green, and everyone is enjoying themselves – but then the sky darkens and the first thick raindrops fall on the golfers’ heads. Unfortunately, the weather is not always predictable, and sometimes a sudden downpour can really put a dampener on a game.
ADLER Business Gifts’ first-class golf umbrellas withstand even monsoon-like rain and protect your golf-loving customers from the capriciousness of the weather. Our MONSUN Golf Umbrella is equipped with strong windproof ribs made of fiberglass, ensuring that the canopy of your promotional umbrella does not collapse even in strong gusts.
In our range you will find models in simple and bright colours, automatic golf umbrellas and even rain protection for bags. Printed umbrellas with logo are a first-class choice for competitive companies as a profit-yielding functional advertising media.

Accessory for heated rounds of golf

Is there anything more wonderful than playing a round of golf with friends and colleagues when the weather is fine? But in the heat of battle it’s all too easy to forget to protect yourself from the sun’s rays – a parasol with logo is therefore a very thoughtful promotional gift for the golf enthusiasts among your customers and business partners.
In addition to conventional umbrellas, you will also find umbrellas with UV Protection in the ADLER Business Gifts store, under which ambitious player can also keep a cool head in the blazing heat of a summer’s day. Help your customers stay safe in the sun and order printed sun umbrellas and parasols from the ADLER Business Gifts range today!

Victory is in the bag

A professional golfer has up to 14 different golf clubs in their bag, which all adds up to a not inconsiderable weight. So anyone who doesn’t have their own personal caddy would be wise to keep any additional gear to a minimum on the golf course. With functionality and low weight taken care of, you’ll have it all wrapped up when you give your customers these golf umbrellas as promotional gifts.
The Golf Umbrella Carrying Pouch pocket umbrella can be folded away compactly and stored in the golf bag. That means the pocket-sized printed golf umbrella is never a burden, but can be quickly whipped out when the first raindrop falls.

The automatic path to success

The automatic golf umbrellas with logo from the ADLER Business Gifts range give the phrase ‘advertising at the touch of a button’ a completely new dimension. Print your company logo on an automatic umbrella rather than a manual one, and save your customers time and effort when opening their umbrellas. Automatic umbrellas such as the FARE® FIBERMATIC® Automatic Golf Umbrella model can be opened in a flash with just one hand using a release button on the handle – so the player doesn’t even need to put down their golf club when the rain approaches. The more easily and handily your promotional gift can be deployed, the more effective the printed umbrella can function as an advertising medium. If only all advertising spaces were as light to carry around and could be opened out at the touch of a button!

Practical, reliable, high quality – print golf umbrellas at ADLER Business Gifts

Gone are the times in which customers received piles of useless promotional gifts. Companies who want to keep up in the competition between innovative businesses now need to get a little more creative for their customers. Printing golf umbrellas with logo and distributing them as a promotional item is a doubly clever solution: not only does the customer benefit, it also encourages loyalty to the brand and boosts your company’s positive image. The service provided by ADLER Business Gifts includes a diverse selection of handy models – and you can choose exactly those functions, designs and colours that perfectly suit your branding and meet the needs of your customers.

The advantages of ordering at ADLER Business Gifts:

  • Extensive range of golf umbrella models
  • Personalised advice on applying the advertising onto the canopy
  • High-quality materials keep sun, storms and rain at bay
  • Screen-printing process delivers precise results when printing your logos
  • Easy ordering process in the online shop
  • Fast printing & delivery of guest umbrellas
  • Fair prices
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: we will refund you if you are not happy with your products.