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Promotional Umbrellas with Your Company Logo

Promotional umbrellas are a great business gift for your employees, customers and clients. These gifts will help increase motivation in the office and increase customer and client retention. Corporate umbrellas are one of the most effective promotional items you can buy – with the huge space for a logo and branding it helps your messaging reach a new audience with every use. Each of our branded umbrellas comes at an affordable price, and with the extensive use your employees, customers and clients will get from their umbrella, this is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use. We have an extensive range of corporate umbrellas, with different designs and colours available so you can choose one depending on the intended use and the style you want to go for. We have classic umbrellas, pocket umbrellas, automatic umbrellas and more. You can find out more about the customisation options for our promotional umbrellas with logos from our specialist team.

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Large advertising area, lots of options – umbrellas as the perfect advertising medium

The promotional gifts marketplace is huge, but not all promotional items achieve the same effect on interested parties, customers and partners. A key feature of umbrellas is the large advertising area they provide for your advertising. Of course, promotional umbrellas are also incredibly handy. As a result, the umbrella as a promotional item stands head and shoulders above other giveaways. No other promotional item offers as much space for development. There is plenty of room on the umbrella canopy to show off your logo, your name or any other desired motif for maximum effect. When you have umbrellas printed, you achieve a very high level of reach, for which you would have to order a much bigger quantity with any other type of item. Classic umbrellas offer a particularly large advertising area. Because the advertising effect correlates directly to the size of the print area, classic umbrellas are the perfect promotional item. Have your logo printed on umbrellas now and spread your advertising message even on grey days.

Use classic umbrellas as a promotional item

Handy promotional gifts such as umbrellas are used often in daily life

Print umbrellas and turn an everyday item into a promotional gift recipients will love. Automatic umbrellas are particularly popular because they are so easy to use. Whenever your customers and business partners are caught in a downpour, they can open the umbrella with your logo in no time at the press of a button – and they’ll thank you for it. If you’d like to print umbrellas that will fit into any handbag, the pocket umbrellas with logo are ideal. These pocket umbrellas are small, handy and convenient, yet they still offer a large advertising area on which you can place your company name or company logo. In the extensive ADLER Business Gifts range, you will find pocket umbrellas with manual opening as well as automatic umbrellas. If you have small umbrellas printed as a promotional gift, don’t forget the case so that it can be tucked away in a bag without getting things wet. You can also add a promotional print to the case – doubling the advertising power with just one promotional item. If you don’t manage to give away all the promotional items on one trade fair day, the umbrellas with logo can be stored safely in their protective cases, and your promotional print will still look perfect at the next promotional opportunity. So you needn’t worry about the quality of your motif in future.

Personalising promotional umbrellas with logo

Umbrellas with logo as seasonal promotional gifts

Umbrellas are most suitable as promotional gifts in the cold and grey months of the year. And yet umbrellas can be used as protection from the sun, as well as the rain. So even though umbrellas are a seasonal promotional gift, there is no season in which umbrellas cannot be handed out as a giveaway item. For autumn and winter you can have umbrellas printed with a logo, and for spring and summer you can give away golf umbrellas with logo that will protect your customers, partners and employees from the sun. Choose promotional umbrellas and present your company in a positive light all year round. Your logo and your name will be a visible presence in wind and weather – and on hot summer days!

Print golf umbrellas with logo

Print high-quality umbrellas with logo – at ADLER Business Gifts

ADLER Business Gifts has been standing for quality and reliability for more than 70 years. High-quality production and durability are a priority for us in all our promotional items. A number of the branded umbrellas by Fare, Doppler and Knirps in various sizes have robust metal frames that are resistant to the wind and weather. The quality of the branded umbrellas is also evident from the handles. Be it the soft-touch handle or the wooden hook handle, the promotional umbrellas look impressive and sit comfortably in your hand. The majority of the umbrellas you’ll find in our range are made of polyester. However, there are also umbrellas made of nylon and POE. Whatever type of umbrella you choose, all our models offer the perfect surface on which to advertise your company, and the high-quality materials ensure that the advertising will be preserved on the umbrellas for a very long time.
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How to turn the simple umbrella into a promotional item

At ADLER Business Gifts we can, in just a few steps, turn a simple umbrella into an effective promotional item that will help you to spread your advertising message for the long term. It’s extremely easy to add the advertising onto the promotional umbrellas, and the umbrellas boast above-average-size advertising areas that provide plenty of space for your company logo or any other imprint in various colours. Depending on the model and material you choose for your printed umbrellas, a different printing method of personalisation will be used to achieve unique results. The promotional print is guaranteed to defy any weather.

Have umbrellas printed with your company logo or name

You are free to choose which motif you have printed on the umbrellas. However, there is no doubt that the most popular and effective advertising prints are company logos and company names. We recommend using printed logo umbrellas and also including the name of your company on the imprint if desired. This will allow people to immediately link the umbrella with logo to your company and your advertising message will spread itself on rainy days.

Showcasing your advertising on the umbrellas for maximum effect

Appealing and creative advertising begins with the choice of colour for the promotional gifts. If you are thinking of having umbrellas printed, you should make sure that the colours of the umbrellas match your advertising print, i.e. in most cases your logo. Before you place your order to have umbrellas printed by the advertising experts at ADLER Business Gifts, it is therefore recommended that you think about the right choice of colour. Depending on the specific model, you can select a single-colour or multicolour print. For some umbrella models in selected colours we also offer a sample order. We would be happy to send you a sample so that you can see the colour intensity, the print area, the ease of use and the quality of the umbrella featuring your logo for yourself. To help spread their advertising message using logo umbrellas, a number of companies that are happy long-term customers of ours place the motifs on opposite sides – meaning the advertising imprint is always visible.

Order the FARE® COLORLINE Automatic Umbrella – 1 Unit as a sample now!

We offer these printing methods for umbrellas

If you are keen to have your logo or any other advertising print applied to an umbrella, at ADLER Business Gifts you can choose from a number of personalisation methods depending on the selected model. Screen printing provides for an even and long-lasting imprint on promotional umbrellas, and impresses with brilliant colours. Because transfer printing is resistant to external influences such as UV rays, this promotional printing method is also ideal for printing umbrellas. Whether you choose screen printing or transfer printing, both methods turn umbrellas into first-class advertising media that are guaranteed to attract attention.

Umbrellas as promotional items are suitable for a broad range of promotional opportunities

Umbrellas are a versatile promotional item because they reach a broad target group. If companies add their advertising to umbrellas, they can give away the printed promotional item to their own employees or use them for internal branding purposes, and they can also give them away to customers and business partners. When you have your logo printed on umbrellas, your advertising message will spread itself.

Don’t leave your customers and business partners out in the rain

The number one target group for promotional umbrellas are people who have not yet come into contact with your company or your products and services. Umbrellas with advertising are therefore ideally suited for gaining new customers at trade fairs or events, where they can be handed out in large quantities as giveaways. However, umbrellas are also perfect as gifts for existing clients or as a way of nurturing business relationships. When you give your customers and business partners personalised umbrellas with logo, you are supplying them with a practical accessory for rainy days and showing your appreciation at the same time. The ideal time of year to use umbrellas as a promotional gift is autumn and winter. Ponchos are the perfect complement to umbrellas. If you save rain-sodden festival-goers with a printed poncho, the promotional gift is bound to achieve the desired advertising effect and your company will forever be remembered in a positive light. You can also find ponchos at ADLER Business Gifts under the category Rain Jackets.

Umbrellas with your logo for internal purposes

Your own employees are another target group to whom umbrellas with logo can be given as a gift. A personalised umbrella is guaranteed to go down well as an employee gift and will be used regularly in everyday life. Among your employees there are bound to be one or two forgetful ones who often lose their umbrellas and can therefore do with a few spare ones. We’ve all done it – taken a pocket umbrella with us as we leave the house on a rainy day, put it in the umbrella stand in the café when meeting a friend, but then forget to pick it up as we leave. However, even if the umbrella printed with your logo is forgotten in an umbrella stand, it is likely to find a new home with an appreciative owner who will always remember your advertising imprint.
Aside from umbrellas as employee gifts, there are a number of industries in which it can pay off to have your logo printed on umbrellas. Hotels whose concierges welcome guests under an attractively designed umbrella when it rains make a great impression from the start, and demonstrate their outstanding level of service. What kind of umbrella could be better suited to that than a large classic umbrella?

Order umbrellas with logo for low prices at ADLER Business Gifts

If you think umbrellas are the right advertising medium for you and are keen to take promotional umbrellas to trade fairs and events, ADLER Business Gifts is the right place for you. We will print your umbrellas – in small quantities, for low prices and always on schedule. The minimum quantities, print colours and personalisation options with company logo, company names or other motifs vary depending on the specific umbrella model. See for yourself – our high-quality umbrellas are far more than just a giveaway item:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee for all promotional items
  • Fast delivery of your promotional umbrellas
  • Personal advice on selecting the right promotional gifts such as umbrellas with logo
  • Decades of experience with promotional gifts
  • Have umbrellas with logo printed for a great low price
  • Different order quantities possible depending on the item

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