Stylus Pens with Your Company Logo

Pens are an everyday item that we rely on almost as much as our smartphones. This opens up a huge advertising opportunity for businesses. Buying promotional stylus pens for employees, customers and clients will help you get your logo and branding in front of thousands of new customers. Not only do they make a practical business gift that can help improve your brand image and increase loyalty, but helping your branding and professionalism reach new people can increase sales, lead to partnerships and grow your audience. You can expect the highest quality with Adler’s promotional pens with stylus; their durable design will ensure they continue promoting your business for a long time. Our promotional stylus pens, also known as touchscreen pens, are the ideal combination of functionality and design. Stylus pens combine two practical everyday items: a writing instrument and a stylus or touchscreen pen for your smartphone and tablet. At the same time, they impress with their sleek design and high-quality craftsmanship. Choose a laser engraving or have your logo imprinted on your pens to create an excellent promotional product that is suitable for many occasions. The recipients are sure to appreciate them for a long time. Promotional stylus pens are not overly expensive and can be bought in bulk, which makes them great for giving out at events, gifting new employees or being used as part of an online incentive.

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Functionality and quality are guaranteed with ADLER stylus pens

Our pens with stylus tips are available in various practical designs. For example, there is our 2-in-1 pen with stylus – a writing instrument with a pen at one end and a touchscreen pen at the other. The special feature of the product is that it combines a pen with a handy stylus that has a soft rubber tip, making it ideal for operating all touchscreens. But our pens have much more to offer than these two features. Even more functions are combined in our stylus pens with three different applications: a pen, a stylus and an LED light. And that’s not all: our pens are available with further practical tools, such as rulers and screwdrivers.
If you want to print your logo on your stylus pens to use as promotional items, you need to consider more than just the right design. Product quality is also a crucial criteria. All the handy features in a pen will not bring you any benefits if the quality of the product is poor. After all, a pen that does not work can quickly become a source of frustration, which will have a negative effect on your advertising message. Our metal stylus pens are all made from strong brass or aluminium to excellent standards of craftsmanship. This guarantees the high quality of our pens with stylus tips and a long life for the product. Your customers and staff will appreciate this quality when they are writing or operating a touchscreen with the stylus.

Stylus pens are available in many different designs

With our collection of stylus pens, we offer our customers a huge variety of products. You will be sure to find the right pen from the wide range of models. You can then choose your preferred materials and colours, including your refill colours. ADLER Business Gifts offers you a free choice of products. To give you an idea of the different models in our range, we will present some of our most popular pens with stylus tips in the following section.

Touchscreen pens with stylus

One of our popular stylus pens as a giveaway for companies is the Celena Soft-Touch Metal Pen with Stylus. It is a modern promotional pen with a metal barrel with a soft-touch finish. This provides added writing comfort. The color co-ordinated detail on the plunger matches the rest of the pen. The precision stylus at the end of the pen gives the product extremely practical added value. In addition to easily operating a tablet or smartphone with the touchscreen pen, you can also use it to write handwritten notes whenever you need to. This useful function makes pens with stylus a popular advertising medium.

Practical 3-in-1 solution: a pen with a stylus and light

Are you looking for a premium-quality stylus pen with laser engraving? The Crowne Pen with Light & Stylus will really make your customers feel appreciated. The high-quality brass and stylish cap alone make this pen a very special promotional gift. But in addition to its luxury design, this metal pen is packed with practical functions. The Crowne can be used as a touchscreen pen to operate tablets and smartphones, but it also has a handy LED flashlight. Making notes in the dark is easy, and with this pen in your pocket, you always have a flashlight to hand in an emergency. An engraving can quickly and easily turn the pen into a unique item that represents your company and truly does it justice.

The all-rounder among our stylus pens

There is a really special item waiting for you in our collection of pens with stylus tips: the 7 Function Tool Pen with Stylus. This pen takes the retractable ballpoint pen to a whole new level. Two engraved rulers (inches and centimetres), a stylus at the end of the barrel, two screwdriver heads (crosshead and flat) plus a handy spirit level – an amazing seven functions in a single writing instrument. This product is the Swiss army knife of pens and one of the highlights of our promotional items. The hexagonal shape of the pen with a stylus tip makes it easy to hold.

Why do pens with stylus make great promotional items?

A pen with a stylus is essential for both work and private use. With this advertising medium, you can impress your business partners, customers and employees alike. If you are looking for promotional gifts of the highest quality, we would recommend adding a premium finish to your stylus pens. A fine engraving emphasises the quality standards that your company upholds. In a store, at a conference or as a giveaway at a trade show, a touchscreen pen is an excellent and effective way to present your business. A universally useful product, this promotional item will keep your company and your logo in your customers’ minds for a long time.

Which devices can be operated with a stylus?

A pen with a stylus, also known as a touchscreen pen, is not just handy for using a mobile phone. In addition to operating your smartphone with it, you can also use it with your tablet or any other mobile device with a touchscreen display. And the best thing about it: the precision stylus makes your device much easier to operate than with your fingers. Smeared screens and unsightly fingerprints are a thing of the past with a handy touchscreen pen. With this practical function, you protect your touchscreen device, and you always have a pen to hand if you need to jot something down quickly.

Can I buy promotional stylus pens in small quantities?

Pens as an advertising medium often make popular giveaways at trade shows. But naturally there are also other situations where you only need a limited quantity of high-quality pens for your advertising campaign. These could be a seminar or a training course for your customer’s staff. Thanks to a low minimum order quantity of 50 items, you can easily order promotional gifts such as pens from ADLER Business Gifts in small quantities. Before placing your order, check out our print and engraving options, and read more about the quality of our products – we would be happy to send you a sample pen for a small reimbursement of expenses.

Pens with touchscreen stylus as a personalised promotional product

As the expert in advertising media, ADLER is your first port of call for your advertising campaign. To make sure that your advertising message is communicated successfully and has a long-term impact, we pay great attention to quality when printing and engraving our pens to ensure our products are always excellent. We would be happy to personalise your advertising media with a high-quality laser engraving. But you can also personalise your pens by imprinting your company’s logo on the pens. We will find the right production process for every advertising medium. Most of the designs are produced by our sister company HCE, which naturally upholds the same high quality standards as ADLER Business Gifts.
But which type of personalisation or finish is best suited for your stylus pens?

Stylus pens with an engraving as innovative promotional items

We would be happy to add a high-quality engraving to your stylus pens. This technique involves removing the surface of the pen with a laser. Laser engraving is therefore mainly used for metal pens. With a laser engraving, you can permanently position your company’s advertising message on an innovative promotional item. Engraving lends your pens an exclusive touch. Our tip: give a touchscreen pen with your logo to valued customers or use these premium promotional gifts to express your thanks at special occasions, such as Christmas or company anniversaries. The recipients are sure to be delighted.

Printing a logo on stylus pens

With pad printing, uneven and curved surfaces can also be personalised, making this technique ideally suitable for our plastic pens. Printing stylus pens works best on a white background. A premium printed logo provides the same quality as laser engraving and presents your company in a similarly good light.

Why order pens with stylus tips as advertising media from ADLER Business Gifts?

When it comes to advertising media, companies are spoilt for choice not just in terms of the many different products with different functions. They also have a huge choice of suppliers of promotional products. Find out why a pen with a stylus is the right advertising media for your company and why ADLER Business Gifts is your best partner when it comes to producing personalised promotional pens in the next section.

Pens with stylus tips: multifunctional promotional items with added value

Our multifunctional stylus pens create an impression of quality and innovation right from the very start. Operating a touchscreen display on a tablet or smartphone is child’s play with these practical pens. This makes the stylus pen the modern version of the classic pen as a promotional product. A pen with a stylus has a wide range of promotional applications, but also many different uses. Stylus pens make ideal promotional gifts, and they are ideally suited to occasions where the recipient might need to operate a touchscreen but also make standard written notes, such as a conference or training course. Of course, stylus pens are also a perfect choice for classic customer and employee gifts. Engraved or imprinted with your company logo, these high-quality, practical everyday items are an attractive advertising space for promoting your company. When they are writing or using a touchscreen, your potential customers will enjoy the pens’ innovativeness and quality. They will automatically link these characteristics with your business, so your company will be associated with these positive qualities. Our pens with stylus tips will help you to both attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Stylus pens made to ADLER quality standards

As the expert in promotional products, ADLER Business Gifts guarantees excellent quality standards that ensure the products’ long life. All the items in our stylus pen collection are made from high-quality materials such as aluminium or brass, and a professional finish can be added on request. The recipients will automatically associate the exclusive quality of the pens with your company. As a business, you stand to benefit directly from our high quality standards and can send a clear advertising message to your customers and business partners. The precise, exceptionally durable engravings on our pens with stylus tips ensure that your advertising message or logo is presented in the best possible light on attractive giveaway items that last and last.