Lighted Pens with Your Company Logo

A high-quality pen with a lighted tip – this is not just a perfect promotional gift; it is also a little, practical everyday luxury that your customers and employees will love. Even in poor lighting, our torch pens use LED lights to provide excellent illumination, lending the pen a high-quality appearance and providing a real, everyday use. Our expertise at Adler Business Gifts means you can rely on real quality when it comes to ordering lighted pens. Their durable design and robust materials contribute to a premium product that will retain its quality for a long time. Our lighted pens come with a range of design options, so you can customise your promotional gift however you choose. We can engrave your company logo, slogan or any other branding you would like to be included. Buying promotional torch pens means that once you’ve presented customers, employees or business partners with this practical gift, every time they are used, your business will be increasing its reach and your logo and branding will be seen by potential customers. We also offer pens that combine a writing instrument with an LED light, a stylus and a laser pointer in a single product. Browse our extensive selection of lighted pens and take advantage of this smart, affordable advertising medium.

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High-quality promotional gifts from ADLER: lighted pens

Thanks to the optimal illumination in our flashlight pens, there is no obstacle to writing, even in less than perfect light conditions. With ADLER Business Gifts, you have a wide selection at your disposal – such as pens with a lighted tip or pens with an LED light at the end of the barrel. Our 3-in-1 pens combine an additional feature: a stylus to make operating a touchscreen easier. Thanks to the high quality of our lighted pens and in particular the highly durable engraving and use of excellent materials, our pens are promotional gifts that your customers and employees will enjoy for a long time. They also have a beautiful feel so that they deliver the high-quality impression that you as a business want to convey.

Why an LED pen should be your advertising medium of choice

Our LED pens are more than just a mere writing instrument. They are a flashlight and a pen in one. This makes them an advertising medium that provides real added value to your customers and staff. At university, in everyday life or in the office – our lighted pens are in use everywhere. With these practical visual aids, you always have a small flashlight in your pocket, and you can make quick notes even in the dark. Whether they are used as a birthday gift for employees or as advertising media at trade shows and exhibitions, our LED pens put both you and the recipient in a good light. Thanks to the excellent craftsmanship in all price categories, lighted pens from ADLER Business Gifts are ideally suited both as giveaways and for high-class occasions. With a long-lasting laser engraving, you can add a personal finish to the pens and generate a long-term advertising impact with your advertising medium.

Our three most popular lighted pens

Thanks to our wide selection of excellent flashlight pens, you are guaranteed to find the right pen for your individual needs at ADLER Business Gifts. Depending on your personal preferences, our pens can simplify everyday life – both in the office and outside it – with up to four functions. You can choose between a high-quality writing instrument with an LED light, a pen with a light and stylus and a laser pointer pen with a light. The excellent quality of our products makes deciding difficult. We would be glad to help, so here we present our bestsellers in the different categories.
You can find information on shipping and delivery for our promotional items here.

2-in-1: the perfect combination of a high-quality writing instrument and a practical LED light

Our popular brass Celebrity pen is the perfect promotional gift for company events or customer loyalty measures. The LED light in the tip makes writing a pleasant experience, even in difficult visibility conditions, and turns the pen into the perfect writing and visual aid. The soft-touch grip and brass barrel ensure an exceptional feel. With the option to choose between a large number of different colours and a chrome or gold design, you can personalise this light-up pen completely in line with your preferences. You also have the option of adding a high-quality, long-lasting laser engraving or imprinting your pen to present your company via promotional media with a lasting impact. Our Celebrity pen is available with blue or black ink.

3-in-1: Our all-rounder – a pen with a light and a touchscreen stylus

Our Lexi model is not our bestseller for no reason. In addition to its LED light, the metal pen is highly popular because of its touchscreen function. Whether you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can operate your device with precision with the stylus, the integrated touchscreen pen. This not only protects your display – it is quite simply practical. Combined with its premium cap and its high-quality design, the Lexi pen is a real all-rounder. Demand for pens with an integrated stylus is growing. Find out more about stylus pens.

The practical 4-in-1 promotional gift: Laser Pointer Pen with Light

Our Laser Pointer Metal Pen with Light combines technology and luxury. And not just because both the LED light and the laser pointer can be activated at the push of a button – operating a touchscreen is easy thanks to the integrated stylus. Whether it is for a PowerPoint presentation at work or to quickly jot down some notes in poor light, the owner of this innovative pen is equipped for nearly all eventualities. The classic black design with a luxurious chrome body underscores its premium quality. What’s more, your promotional items can be personalised with an engraving or an imprint.

Your personalised promotional light-up pen

If you want to imprint your company logo on your promotional light-up pens, then you have come to the right place with ADLER Business Gifts. An advertising imprint or a fine laser engraving is the perfect finish to your products and turns them into ideal promotional gifts. Our pens with lights at the tip or at the end of the barrel combine several practical functions in a single product. Add an imprint of your logo, and they become advertising media that will promote your company with a lasting impact.

Professional laser engraving for your pens with a light and an engraving

At ADLER Business Gifts, you can also have your lighted pens engraved, for instance with your company logo. Laser engraving is a very precise technology and therefore provides exceptionally high quality. A premium design like this will make you clearly stand out from the competition. The integrated LED light makes your promotional pen a high-quality gift and a practical helping hand in the office. An imprint of your company logo on the flashlight pen will present your company in fitting style on a premium product and underscores the high quality standards that your business upholds.

Create your personalised lighted pens now and use them as your promotional gifts!

With our configurator, you can customise the design of any of our pens in a few simple steps to meet your personal preferences and adapt your advertising message perfectly. With the ADLER pen configurator, choosing the colour, model and ink colour of the refill in your lighted pen is quick and easy. Then simply upload your logo and enter your advertising message – that is all there is to it. Your promotional gift will be ready to ship in just a few days, and you can look forward to the delivery of your personalised pens for your customers and co-workers. Personalise your chosen light-up pen here.

The benefits of lighted pens as an advertising medium at a glance:

Light-up pens are one of the most popular Adler promotional gifts and rightly so. Here we have put together a brief summary of the benefits of this promotional item for you:

  • Benefit from our large selection of lighted pens and choose from three options: a pen with a light in the tip or at the end of the barrel, a laser pointer pen with a light or a pen with a light and stylus
  • A host of different, freely selectable colour options for your flashlight pen
  • Freely selectable refill colours
  • Simple personalisation with an imprint or a long-lasting laser engraving
  • High-quality LED light