Promotional Wall Calendars With Your Logo

If you decide to select a wall calendar as a promotional item, you are sure to inspire customers, business partners and employees alike with this practical gift idea. This versatile promotional item enhances any office, workshop or breakroom. Your company's products and services will be seen in a positive light 365 days a year if you personalise promotional calendars with your unique company logo. Win over your target customers with attractive wall calendars with your personal advertising and logo. Simply select the appropriate calendar from our wide range of products and start personalising it today!

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Why select wall calendars with your company logo as promotional items

One huge advantage of wall calendars as promotional items is that they can be given away for different advertising purposes. Customers, business partners or employees will love this practical gift that helps them coordinate appointments month after month and organise everyday life at the office or during leisure time.
Because calendars hang on the recipient’s wall for at least a year, an especially long-term advertising effect is guaranteed. Due to their strong, long-lasting advertising effect, wall calendars are rightly regarded as a popular advertising classic and are often given out as promotional gifts by companies at the turn of the year. In addition, promotional calendars are comparatively inexpensive promotional items. Thus, a classic 3-month calendar with a straightforward design can be offered at unbeatable unit prices starting at an order quantity of 500 wall calendars. Your logo can be placed in an eye-catching way on the particularly large advertising space that is typical for calendars.
Thus, the professional personalisation of a wall calendar with your company logo turns a simple calendar into an attractive, useful and inexpensive promotional gift for all target groups.

1. Wall Calendars as Promotional Gifts with a Long-Lasting Advertising Effect

Many other promotional items, such as for example umbrellas or drinking bottles with logos, are attractive and have a certain added value. However, they aren’t used by their recipients every day. A calendar, however, can be found on the wall of its recipient's home all year round and helps him or her to organise their leisure time or everyday working life.

2. Your Advertising Message: 365 Days a Year

Another advantage of wall calendars as promotional items is that the calendars are seen by your customers and business partners throughout the year. Usually wall calendars hang on the wall in offices, clearly visible to everyone, and are thus, regularly used or at least seen by all the employees of a company. This means that with every glance at the wall calendar, your customer’s employees are reminded of you as a good business partner and your advertising message is visible all year round. The same applies, of course, for calendars that are used in private homes where they are constant reminders of you and your brand.

3. Wall Calendars with Advertising Increase Brand Awareness

In addition, wall calendars with a company logo can effectively increase the familiarity of a company. Promotional wall calendars hang in offices, waiting rooms, workshops, reception areas and many other places where they are seen by many people. In this way, you can use calendars to reach a large number of potential new customers, who are introduced to your company through the calendar for the first time.

Wall Calendars with Your Unique Logo

In our online shop you can easily choose the wall calendar of your choice and then personalise it. You can have the wall calendar printed with your own logo, slogan, motif or advertising text, making it a unique promotional gift.
Personalising a calendar is very easy. After you have selected your favourite wall calendar design, simply enter the quantity you wish to order. In doing so, you can benefit from our attractive price models. The higher the quantity ordered, the lower the price per item. Then, under the personalisation section, you can determine which imprint should decorate your wall calendar, such as for example your company logo or a meaningful slogan. If you have a special idea for your wall calendar, you are welcome to send us your individual personalisation wishes per e-mail to after completing your order.

Wide Range of Products: Promotional Wall Calendars in Different Formats

Our range of promotional calendars includes many different calendar models: from desk calendars and appointment books to photo calendars, pocket calendars and annual planners. However, personalised wall calendars as promotional gifts have the great advantage that the calendars are seen by many potential customers, unlike personal pocket calendars.
At ADLER Business Gifts you will find wall calendars with tear-off monthly sheets, as well as numerous calendars with an overview of 3-5 months on one sheet. Among them, you will find calendars primarily intended to help with organisation, as well as high-quality photo calendars with appealing motifs that really brighten up a room and make it more friendly. It is entirely up to you which wall calendar you decide to have imprinted with your logo. Browse through our range of products now and find the calendar that’s right for you and your company!

Attractive Promotional Gift: Photo Wall Calendars with Detachable Monthly Pages

Photo calendars are especially popular, because you can look forward to a new attractive photo motif every month. That is why we have photo calendars here at ADLER with a wide range of motifs: from idyllic gardens and the most beautiful British cities to impressions from all over the world - there is something for everyone. All of the wall calendars at ADLER provide plenty of room for notes, as well as a range of lovely photos. In this way, photo calendars are an attractive, practical and popular advertising medium that can be used to decorate many different types of rooms.
One especially popular promotional gift is our Motivation Wall Calendar. All 12 of the impressive photos featured in this high-quality calendar are printed on glossy paper and include motivational quotes. You can adapt the unique personalisation, as well as the print colour to your corporate design. Many calendars are available with envelopes, so that you can easily send the promotional calendars to customers and business partners.

Practical Monthly Calendars for a Great Overview

In our wide range of products you will find many wall calendars that show between three and five months at a glance. The 3-, 4- and 5-month wall calendars with coloured integrated date indicator provide quick orientation and guarantee that important appointments are not forgotten. Compared to photo calendars, the decorative aspect of monthly wall calendars is secondary, but these wall calendars can be stylishly and individually designed with your company logo. Thanks to the particularly large advertising space, your company logo becomes a real eye-catcher on simple wall calendars.
The 3-Months Memo 4-Language Wall Calendar in C4 format provides your customers and business partners with a large and clearly laid out column for entering important appointments, in addition to the helpful monthly overview. Have it printed with your logo and your customers will be constantly reminded of your great service.

Discover many more promotional calendars in our range of promotional gifts here at ADLER! From pocket calendars with logo to personalised monthly planners or practical desk calendars for the office – we guarantee you will find the perfect calendar as a promotional gift at ADLER!

Order Wall Calendars with Logo from ADLER Business Gifts

You can’t go wrong with personalised wall calendars as advertising material because calendars fulfill all the requirements placed on an effective promotional item: Wall calendars with logo are inexpensive, practical, have a long-lasting advertising effect and make your advertising message a real eye-catcher.
At ADLER Business Gifts you have a business partner with years of experience in the field of promotional items at your side. At ADLER, you can have your wall calendars individually printed and benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have questions about our range of calendars or personalising promotional gifts with your logo, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the competent advice from our promotional gift experts.