Promotional Travel Mugs & Tumblers Branded with Your Logo

Investing in promotional travel mugs is a cost-effective way of marketing your brand and rewarding loyal customers and clients. Travel mugs are used during commutes, outdoor activities and more, so every time a customer, client or business partner uses your personalised travel mugs for their tea or coffee, it will help your company branding and logo reach new audiences. Promotional travel mugs can also be used as incentives and competition prizes to help you take advantage of other marketing mediums. Share a social media competition with personalised travel mugs or coffee cups and not only will those who enter be motivated to share the post, but the winner will promote your brand when they claim their prize. At Adler Business Gifts, we have a real focus on quality, and this applies to our personalised travel mugs. Our branded travel mugs are guaranteed to retain their attractive appearance over many uses and are available in a range of designs. Contact our team and learn more about the personalised travel mugs we have in our range.

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Thermo mugs, thermo cups with handle, coffee to go tumblers: finding the right model

In our extensive range you will find thermo and insulated cups in all shapes and sizes. With or without handles, in the classic vacuum flask style or as an innovative foldable version – we have the right model for all requirements. We also offer our thermo mugs in an unbeatable variety of colours and materials. The materials used range from bamboo fibre and stainless steel to silicon, cork and ceramic. No matter which material you choose, all our thermo mugs are suitable for printing or engraving. You can also choose the right capacity for your thermo mugs – from 160 ml to 700 ml. If you want to provide your employees with high-quality cups in the office every day, you can also choose promotional mugs with company logo.

Enjoy hot drinks without leaks: travel mugs

For passionate tea and coffee lovers, a well-insulated and leak-proof thermo mug is the perfect accessory on bus, car or train journeys. The ideal travel mug is double-walled, has a secure, screw-top lid and large capacity, and ideally also has a rubber base for stability. A number of travel mugs also have a handle for better ease of use. In these thermo mugs, not only do hot drinks such as coffee and tea stay hot for longer, the mug won’t tip over, and even if it does, the liquid won’t leak out. However, these handy travel mugs are suitable not just for long trips, they also make the commute to work and the office more pleasant for your customers or colleagues every day.

Insulated mugs

As a rule, a good, handy insulated mug will have a tall, slim design and a drinking opening with sliding mechanism on the lid. These mugs are particularly suited for longer journeys because they are leak-proof and often have a large capacity. There is no doubt that insulated mugs offer a number of advantages over the classic carboard to go cups you get in coffeeshop chains.

Coffee to go mugs: Relax and enjoy coffee & tea anywhere

To go mugs are a version of the classic thermo mug and are available in different shapes and sizes. As a rule, the design of the sustainable mugs is similar to the familiar carboard coffee to go cups. Traditionally, these mugs are made of various materials (e.g. plastic or ceramic) with a handy, heat-resistant silicon sleeve, making it easy to carry the mug even when the coffee or tea is still scalding hot. The lid, which is often also made of silicon, will have a drinking opening. To go mugs as an environmentally conscious alternative to disposable paper cups are compact and perfect for short journeys such as the commute to work or the office. This attractive gift for passionate coffee lovers will quickly become a cherished accessory that is used every day and that spreads your advertising message effectively.

Thermo mug with logo made of high-quality materials

Thermo mugs are available in a number of different materials. In our range you can choose from ceramic, porcelain, silicon, metal, stainless steel or bamboo. Unlike cardboard cups, all our models guarantee several years of use. Our whole selection has been subjected to extensive testing and we guarantee you that all our thermo mugs are produced only from high-quality materials and boast a corresponding level of quality. Of course, utility and hygiene are also high priorities: silicon attachments ensure optimal sealing, while durable acrylic keeps down the weight and is also hygienic and easy to wash. Whether you choose to have your advertising applied onto the classic model made of high-quality stainless steel or to the mug made of the renewable material bamboo, is ultimately only a question of taste and preference.

For environmentally conscious coffee drinkers: thermo mugs made of bamboo

If you want to delight your environmentally conscious customers and employees with a thermo mug with logo, you should choose the mugs in our range that are made of high-quality, biodegradable bamboo. Mugs made of bamboo are in great demand because of the trend towards avoiding plastic, and they are very popular with coffee lovers who put great store by sustainability. Your brand ambassadors will enjoy their coffee or tea twice as much from high-quality bamboo mugs than from paper cups or mugs made from other, less environmentally friendly materials.

Stainless steel – thermo mugs made of high-quality metal

Metal is still the most common and popular material for thermo mugs. Among the most popular everyday accessories are our SANIBEL Insulated Mug 400 ml, the AU LAIT Travel Mug 380 ml and the OADBY Stainless Steel Tumbler 450 ml. High-quality stainless steel impresses with numerous positive characteristics and is – due to its easily washable material, hygienic use and exceptional thermal properties – the first choice for many coffee drinkers when it comes to thermo mugs. Stainless steel is also very popular when it comes to water bottles as a promotional item because the material keeps drinks warm or cold depending on what you need. In addition, it is very easy to print bottles and thermo mugs made of stainless steel. Thermo mugs with a durable logo print therefore guarantee a sustainable and long-lasting advertising message.

Ceramic and porcelain cups

Thermo mugs made of ceramic or porcelain are also viable options when it comes to sustainability. The high-quality alternative to plastics consists of natural materials, with no plasticisers or chemical additives. Ceramic models and porcelain mugs from our range are also dishwasher safe. With ceramic or porcelain thermo mugs as promotional items, you provide your customers with high-quality mugs, and guarantee a sustainable and delightful coffee to go experience.

Thermo mugs made of silicon – a flexible everyday accessory

Silicon is a material often used in thermo mugs. In addition to the silicon heat-resistant sleeve and lid, some mugs are actually made completely of silicon because the material offers numerous advantages, including hygienic use and easily washable material. Our Foldable Silicon Cup 350 ml is a highly distinctive model – it is made of 100%-BPA-free silicon, is very flexible and is easy to clean. When folded, the handy thermo mug saves space and is therefore perfect as an accessory for outdoor and leisure activities of all kinds, and as a practical mug for everyday use.

Personalising thermo mugs as promotional items

For many tea and coffee lovers, a hot drink is essential in the morning if the day is to get off to a good start. When there is no time for a relaxed cup of coffee at the breakfast table, thermo mugs are the ideal solution, allowing you to still enjoy a coffee to go. You have some choice when it comes to adding your company logo to the thermo mug as a promotional item: a classic logo print or a laser engraving. Whether you opt for print or engraving will usually depend on the material of the product and the style of your company logo. If the thermo mug is made of stainless steel, engraving is usually recommended, while mugs made of bamboo, plastic or ceramic are usually personalised with a high-quality promotional print in rich colours. But no matter which personalisation method you ultimately decide on, you are sure to establish a positive association for you and your company with the attractive promotional gift.

Print thermo mugs using professional printing methods

If you decide to add a logo print to high-quality thermo mugs, ADLER Business Gifts is the right place for you. Company logos, slogans or names can be placed on the advertising media for maximum attention-grabbing effect. Depending on the desired design, mug model and material, the advertising print can be applied using a professional silkscreen print, transfer print or pad print method. You can custom print thermo mugs with a high-quality logo print, and benefit long term from the exceptional durability.

Thermo mug with engraving

Engraving is a very high-quality method of personalising thermo mugs, and is particularly suitable for insulating mugs made of metals, e.g. stainless steel. We recommend that you choose this exclusive method of applying the advertising if you are looking for attractive gifts for the coffee drinkers among your customers and employees, or want to give long-standing business partners a nice surprise. Company logos applied onto thermo mugs using laser engraving boast excellent durability and resistance. During the engraving process, the surface of the material is heated up by a laser beam to such an extent that it changes, vaporises or fuses the colour to achieve a contrast, thus forming an engraving. Laser engraving is an economical method that offers a variety of possibilities when designing a premium advertising medium of the highest quality.

Thermo mug with logo as a promotional gift – suitable for what kinds of companies?

Thermo mugs as promotional gifts are suitable for almost all kinds of companies. This is mainly down to the fact that lovers of hot drinks are to be found in all target groups and the issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all fields and industries. It doesn’t make any difference whether the mug will be used when travelling, on the way to work, in the office, on the building site, in day-to-day life or at university. Because the thermo mugs are a durable and high-quality promotional item, all tea and coffee lovers will be grateful recipients of the useful promotional gift. We promise you that you will only find excellent products of the highest quality in our range of thermo mugs with logo, guaranteeing an advertising effect lasting many years.

Thermo mugs with logo as a promotional item for various occasions

Printing thermo mugs with logo as a promotional item is particularly popular because of the constant visibility and outstanding advertising effect. Moreover, thermo mugs as promotional items are perfect for a variety of occasions: as a giveaway at trade fairs, as a thank-you to loyal customers, business partners and long-standing employees, or as a considerate promotional gift at training seminars and courses. You can have the thermo mugs printed for any occasion, or choose a premium thermo mug with engraving to present your company logo in style everywhere. The attractive advertising medium offers the advantage of being an everyday accessory often used on the way to work or university, and your promotional item guarantees extremely high visibility as a result.

Thermo mugs as a promotional item at trade fairs

Trade fairs have always been one of the most popular places for effectively handing out promotional gifts. Thermo mugs with logo as a promotional gift at trade fairs ensure an amazing advertising effect. As a special tip, we suggest that companies handing out thermo mugs at their trade fair stand also offer their customers coffee or tea. A few other companies will also be offering hot drinks, but usually in disposable paper cups. This will allow you to stand out from the competition with your thermo mugs, demonstrate environmental awareness and commitment to sustainability, and make sure that the to go mugs are used immediately, giving your company logo mass exposure at the trade fair. In addition, you can take advantage of the fact that the attractive gift may be noticed by other trade fair visitors who will then ask where they can get their hands on the great mugs – and a successful trade fair is in the bag.

Thermo mug with logo as a gift at workshops & training courses

Thermo mugs with logo are suitable for use as giveaways at workshops or training sessions, and offer participating customers and business partners a pleasant memento of your workshop together. Printed mugs or thermo mugs can be used during the event itself when serving coffee or tea to those taking part. Thermo mugs can also represent a good gift for employees. When they use their to go mugs on their way to work each day, they become your brand ambassadors and advertise your company whether they travel to work by bus, by train or by foot. This also gets your employees to identify more strongly with your company.

Thermo mugs with engraving as a high-quality present for customers & business partners

Premium thermo mugs with engraving are especially popular as high-end gifts for customers and business partners. Engraved or printed thermo mugs and thermo cups offer the advantage of being popular with a broad target group, which is why to go mugs always go down well as a gift with customers and business partners. Through the valuable gift you reinforce the positive associations with your company every day.

Why thermo mugs with logo are the ideal advertising medium for your company

When your company gives away high-quality thermo mugs as a promotional item, it shows your customers that you attach great importance to both sustainability and first-class quality. The practical and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable paper cups is popular not only with coffee drinkers. Tea and other hot drinks also stay nice and warm in the well-insulated to go cups, while the thermo mugs guarantee cool refreshment in the summer months. Choose practical gifts and give your customers, employees and business partners an everyday accessory that will evoke positive associations with your company with every sip of tea or coffee.
With our decades of experience in the field of promotional items, we as an expert partner are here to help you choose and personalise your custom thermo mugs with logo. If you need help deciding on the right promotional gift for your company, get in touch with our experts and benefit from:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Diverse range with numerous thermo mugs for printing and engraving
  • Large selection of different shapes, colours and designs