Branded Water Bottles with Your Company Logo

Branded water bottles make a practical business gift for customers, clients and business partners. They can be used as an incentive and help inspire loyalty in those close to your business. Not only do they make a thoughtful gift, but those who are gifted a personalised water bottle will share your branding and help grow your business every time they use it. Promotional water bottles are affordable, but their reach is endless. Your customers, clients and business partners can make use of a new personalised water bottle at work, sporting events, outdoor activities and more, helping your branding and logo reach a new audience every day. All of our promotional sports bottles are made from premium glass, robust stainless steel or lightweight, easy-to-transport plastic. Plus, all the bottles in our online shop can be printed or engraved with your logo and branding. Contact a member of our team and learn more about our custom water bottles.

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How to choose the right drinks bottle as a promotional item

In our range you will find the perfect promotional drinks bottle for every taste. All the bottles have their individual strengths, are easy to wash and reusable, and are therefore a statement of environmental consciousness – a positive association that is inextricably linked to your company logo. Of course, we recommend adding a clearly visible logo to the drinks bottle of your choice. Then, when you give away the personalised drinks bottles as a promotional item, you can develop existing customer relationships or reach potential new customers from your target group.

Drinks bottles in a range of materials: plastic, stainless steel, glass and aluminium

We sell drinks bottles made out of a range of high-quality materials. These include metals such as robust stainless steel and lightweight aluminium, plastic, tightly sealing silicon, fine glass and stable Tritan. When choosing the material for your promotional drinks bottle, you should bear in mind your target group and the promotional event. If you’re looking for a sports drinks bottle, lightweight plastic bottles such as our 575 ml Drinking Bottle or robust aluminium drinks bottles such as the Aluminium Drinking Bottle 600 ml model are among the most suitable choices. Space-saving and featuring an attached snap hook, the foldable silicon Squeeze Bottle 700 ml is a special promotional gift for adventure seekers and hikers. In contrast, the stylish HAMINA Glass Bottle + Tea Strainer 320 ml is an elegant choice that represents your company in an appealing way.

Drinks bottles in all shapes, sizes and colours

In addition to the various materials, you can also choose from countless promotional drinks bottles in various styles in the ADLER Business Gifts online shop, and some models are available in up to 12 colours. This means that every company that wants to give away drinks bottles with logo will be able to find a bottle with a colour and design that perfectly matches their company’s corporate identity.
In addition to classic drinks bottles, our range also includes a number of bottles in more unusual designs, for example drinks bottles with a straw or boasting highly ergonomic shapes such as the Bopp Sport Bottle 550 ml. There are no limits when it comes to the colour design of the bottles either: you can have single-coloured or multi-coloured drinks bottles, and you can add an attention-grabbing colour accent in the form of a colourful logo on a see-through bottle.

The perfect promotional drinks bottle for every occasion

As you can see when you browse our extensive range, we sell drinks bottles as a promotional item in all shapes and sizes so that we can meet almost any customer requirement. Many of our drinks bottles come with handy additional functions. The design of our foldable bottles is particularly clever: when the bottle is empty, it can be easily packed away, taking up very little space. As a result, it is also possible to transport large quantities of them without any logistical headaches, making the foldable bottles the ideal promotional gift for major events and trade fairs. In our range you will also find bottles with ice tube and vacuum flasks so that you can enjoy a cool and refreshing drink at any time. You will also find drinks bottles with large capacities of up to 2.1 litres in our range for big days out on the mountain or long working days. Models with special gadgets such as integrated speakers or lights, and the Smart Water Bottle always prove very popular with younger target groups. Our popular PARTY 3-in-1 Tritan Bottle, for example, ensures that your customers who have been given the drinks bottle as a promotional item, will have music and light, as well as drinks, at their next festival or camping holiday.

The 3 most popular drinks bottles in our range

The classic: 575 ml Drinking Bottle

Plastic bottles are the classic version of the drinks bottle, and are always a handy accessory for athletes, children and many others in everyday life. This model made of high-quality plastic with smart cap is the number one choice for a number of our customers. The clean design is perfect for having the name or logo of your company added to the drinks bottle. The bottle is available in three different colours and the logo is applied to the bottle in a clearly visible print. The 575-ml-capacity model is perfect as a promotional gift at countless events and occasions, and can be used when doing sports, leisure activities or on an excursion. The robust and lightweight promotional drinks bottle is easy to transport and fully leak-proof.

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Drinks at optimal temperatures: with the copper VASA insulated bottle

The VASA Insulated Copper Bottle is a modern drinks bottle that represents an ideal promotional gift for many target groups. The stylish model is available in 4 different colours and is made of high-quality stainless steel with copper insulation in the inner wall. You can custom design the drinks bottle, and add a durable, high-quality print with your logo or your personal advertising message. The great advantage of this promotional item is that the drinks bottle is an ideal accessory that can be used in summer or winter. Thanks to the perfect insulation, the bottle keeps refreshing drinks cool in hot weather and keeps tea and coffee warm down to the last sip in winter. As an alternative to these insulated bottles, we also sell thermo mugs with logo as a promotional gift.

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Drinks bottle with infuser – infused water to go

With water bottles with fruit infuser, you can make incredibly refreshing fruit-infused water yourself at home. By adding fresh fruit and herbs to the infuser, you can add any taste you like to the water. Berries, herbs and citrus fruit are particular favourites. By giving this drinks bottle as a promotional gift, you are equipping your customers, employees and colleagues with the perfect accessory for hot summer days. For the office, leisure time or school – in summer, everyone enjoys a refreshing sip of a healthy and delicious drink, so your promotional gift is guaranteed to come in handy on hot days.
In addition, there are lots of options when it comes to designing the bottle just the way you want it. The transparent drinks bottle made of Tritan can be selected with an orange, blue or green cap. You can also choose from a number of colours when personalising your drinks bottle with logo print – to suit your logo and your company perfectly. The printing method is high-quality and durable pad printing.

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Individually design bottles: drinks bottles with logo print or engraving

Depending on the material, advertising area and your individual requirements of the promotional gift, there are two ways of personalising promotional drinks bottles: engraving or printing. The item can be personalised with a company logo or a slogan, unique advertising message or your company’s contact details. If you are not sure whether to have your promotional drinks bottles printed or engraved, the experts at ADLER Business Gifts would be happy to provide no-obligation advice by phone.

Printing drinks bottles with logo

A professional logo imprint turns the selected drinks bottle model into your custom-made advertising medium. But which bottles are particularly suitable for personalising by printing rather than laser engraving? Bottles made of plastic and aluminium are printed as a rule. The methods used to achieve first-class printing results are silkscreen printing and pad printing. The advantage of printing is that even the most elaborate company logos can be easily applied to the plastic bottles or aluminium drinks bottles in different colours. Printing glassware with logo is also possible.

Engraving bottles with logo

Excellent durability and a precise end result are the main advantages of bottles with logo personalised by laser engraving. As a rule, bottles made of stainless steel are engraved. Engraving is one of the most popular personalisation methods because it offers numerous design possibilities for promotional items. As a result, laser engraving allows you to individually tailor drinks bottles as a promotional item to your company’s exact needs. Another huge plus is the fact that the logo, company name or advertising slogan applied onto the promotional drinks bottle by engraving will last a very long time. With a drinks bottle made of stainless steel you are therefore not only giving your customers a sustainable promotional gift, you are also benefitting from a long-lasting advertising effect thanks to the durable engraving.

Printing or engraving? Are you unsure which personalisation method is best suited for your promotional drinks bottle? We’d be happy to help!

For what kind of companies are promotional drinks bottles particularly suitable?

Drinks bottles as a promotional item are generally suitable for companies in all industries because bottles are used often in every company and by every target group. As examples, we would like to present three fields for which drinks bottles are particularly suited as promotional items:

  • Gyms, health clubs and sports stores
  • Companies with external sales representatives
  • Sports clubs and schools

Sports bottles as a promotional gift in gyms and sports stores

Drinks bottles as promotional items represent a great way for gyms and sports goods retailers to strengthen customer relationships. Be it sports bottles, special hiking bottles or handy bike bottles – when you advertise by giving away bottles free with the purchase of a certain item, you are bound to see a considerable boost in demand for the product. Furthermore, drinks bottles with the logo of your gym are perfect as a thoughtful promotional gift for new members. The bottle becomes an ever-present accessory for sporting endeavours and your members are constantly reminded of your positive advertising message and feel valued as customers.

Companies with external sales representatives

In addition to the option of giving away drinks bottles as promotional gifts to your target group, you can make your company’s staff very happy by giving them water bottles with logo. Your external sales staff will be particularly grateful to you when you provide them with drinks bottles. Thanks to the drinks bottles with printed logo, your employees will have something to drink whenever they are thirsty on the road, and they will be effectively spreading your advertising message at the same time.

Drinks bottles with logo for schools and sports clubs

If you are actively involved with a club, school or kindergarten, promotional drinks bottles are also a great idea for you. Promotional drinks bottles can be useful at important sports events, and can be personalised with the names of the children. Then, after the event, the children can always bring their individual bottles to sports lessons and be reminded of the great sports day with every sip they take.
Drinks bottles can also represent an effective advertising medium for sports clubs. For example, if your club organises a sports event such as a run or a bike race, why not provide each participant with drinks in a drinks bottle with logo. The big advantage for you? When you do so, the attractive promotional gift will be passively advertising your club, reaching the desired target group and helping you attract new members.

When should you give drinks bottles as a promotional gift?

Drinks bottles and water bottles make an appearance wherever people practice sport, enjoy nature or test their limits as part of a healthy lifestyle. With promotional drinks bottles, you as a company can reach schoolchildren, sports enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors.
Drinks bottles symbolise a willingness to exert physical effort and the much-deserved reward after all the hard work. It is exactly in those moments that the promotional drinks bottle demonstrates its effect, because when you print bottles as a promotional item, your advertising message and your company logo become inextricably linked to these positive associations. And because they are easy to wash, reusable, practical and of high quality, they will be used over and over again – with a regularity that guarantees a long-term advertising effect and improved customer loyalty thanks to bottles with a logo imprint.

Drinks bottles as a promotional item for the perfect trade fair appearance

Promotional drinks bottles are especially popular at sports and outdoor fairs, but can absolutely be used as a promotional gift at any trade fair to help spread your advertising message. Handy, foldable drinks bottles are particularly suitable for such events. First of all, they are very cheap and are therefore perfect as a giveaway item. Secondly, the foldable bottles are guaranteed to be to your target group’s taste and will allow you to ideally position your company at the forefront of the recipients’ minds.

Festivals, concerts and sporting events

Large-scale events such as major sports events, festivals and concerts represent an ideal opportunity for spreading your advertising message using drinks bottles. Festivals are a particularly good place to distribute drinks bottles – including some liquid content – among your target group. They will thank you with each sip. It can also pay off to sponsor major sporting events such as bike races, marathons or football tournaments, and to hand out bottles with logo to the athletes and sports enthusiasts there.

Spreading your advertising message with promotional drinks bottles to optimum effect

Be it in plastic or stainless steel, for employees or customers, and in the classic style or with special accessories: promotional drinks bottles appeal to numerous target groups and guarantee your company a long-term advertising effect – and recipients will love having a handy and sustainable accessory for sports, work or everyday life.
Design your individual drinks bottle as a promotional item at ADLER Business Gifts now and benefit from the following:

  • Print drinks bottles with your logo or add an engraving
  • Choose from numerous models: water bottles, bike bottles, sports bottles and much more.
  • No-obligation advice on printing
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee