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Promotional Pens and Writing Instruments with Your Company Logo

Our range of promotional pens make a practical business gift and can be used as an effective advertising medium. Providing employees, customers and clients with business gifts can help promote loyalty and improve your brand image. With our custom pens, those close to your business can expect a high-quality product they can rely on for years to come. Personalising your business gifts can mean it isn’t just those who receive the gift who benefit, your company can expect a good return on investment through advertisement. Every time an employee, client or business partner uses your promotional pens, your company name, logo and branding will be reaching a new audience. This can lead to new sales, partnerships and more. Custom pens come at an affordable price and with a range of personalisation options. You can buy in bulk, making them ideal for handing out at conferences, networking events or using as incentives in online competitions. It also makes them one of the most cost-effective advertising mediums out there. You can take advantage of this smart marketing strategy with the range of promotional pens available at Adler Business Gifts. We have stylus, metal, lighted, plastic and so many more types of pens available. When it comes to customisation, we can have your logo, text and branding printed or engraved on all of your custom pens at a generous price. Find pens that meet the need of your business and begin promoting your brand today!

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Why are pens so successful as a promotional item?

Even in the digital age, pens still top the list of the most popular promotional items. But what makes pens such a successful promotional gift? Personalised pens are not only timeless, they are also extremely useful, giving the recipient enormous added value. Companies should always strive to make effective and targeted use of promotional items. In terms of the target group, pens have a huge advantage over other types of business gifts because promotional pens can be given to potential customers, existing customers, business partners and employees. However, the universal applicability of pens as a promotional item should not stop you from designing customised and original prints and engravings for the pens. Our range of printed pens and other writing instruments is designed to ensure that you will find the perfect pen, on which you can print your advertising message, for every target group and every occasion. See the amazing effect of this handy advertising item for yourself!

Representative prints and engravings: pens with your company’s name and logo

The decision has been made: your company has chosen to use pens as a promotional item. But what kind of print or engraving should be added to them? Most of our customers add a printed logo, company name, or both onto the pens. However, you also have the option of adding a short advertising slogan. In ADLER Business Gifts large range of writing instruments, you will find a variety of pens in various materials, shapes and colours, and with lots of handy functions. Suitable for various advertising purposes and target groups, our bestsellers include traditional plastic pens with a company logo, high-quality metal pens , retractable ballpoint pens and twist ballpoint pens. We also have other types of promotional writing instruments, including high-quality rollerball pens, pencils and highlighters. This diverse and extensive range allows all our customers to find a stylish, high-quality advertising medium that reflects their company philosophy and that optimally conveys the desired advertising message.

Customising pens with company logo and lettering

In order to make sure your company logo looks perfect on the promotional pens, we need the logo in a digital format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi in one of the following file formats: pdf, jpg, gif, tif or eps. If you would like the pens to feature your company name or a short slogan in addition to your logo, you are free to design the print or engraving as you wish, as long as there is enough space for your design on the personalisation area on the pen model you have selected. You can find out how many lines and characters are available for the advertising slogan by reading the product descriptions of the individual logo pens. All you need to do is tell us in which font the logo pens should be personalised, and whether the text should be left-aligned, right-aligned or positioned centrally on the pens. To make the advert even more striking and therefore more effective, the printed text can be highlighted in bold or italics.

Find the writing instruments that optimally convey your advertising message and achieve the desired effect

Before you make a hasty decision on a promotional writing instrument that may not even reflect your company philosophy, you should first consider the following questions: what is the target group and what is the occasion for giving away pens as a promotional item? Promotional pens are suitable as gifts for potential customers, existing customers, business partners and your own employees. However, promotional gifts should be carefully selected, depending on the target group and the occasion. If you are looking for a gift to mark the anniversary of a long-term working relationship, an exclusive metal pen would be perfect. In contrast, if you want to reach as broad as possible an audience with your pens during a trade fair, we would suggest a classic plastic pen featuring your logo.

Pens with advertising as a giveaway item to gain new customers

When used as a promotional item, visually appealing pens are guaranteed to leave a lasting positive impression in the minds of recipients who are not yet customers of yours. Trade fairs in particular are a promotional opportunity with huge potential for gaining new customers, which is why pens are used there as a giveaway item so often. Many of our customers make sure they have a suitably large stock of giveaway pens so that they don’t suddenly run out of promotional gifts during the trade fair. The more pens you order, the less you pay per unit. And if you don’t give away all the promotional gifts now, there is bound to be another opportunity at the next trade fair or event. If you are looking for great value for money on corporate pens in large volumes, we recommend opting for pens made of plastic. The unit price for promotional pens is low, but the advertising effect is huge.

Promotional pens as gifts for your customers

You can, of course, use promotional gifts such as pens to gain new customers, but don’t forget your existing ones! Even if you have already impressed your existing customers with your experience and expertise in your field, pens are the ideal promotional tool to remind them of you regularly. Recipients will remember your company longer when a pen featuring your company logo is there on their desk every day. If regular customer contact is usual in your industry, there will be plenty of opportunities to hand people personalised pens as a thoughtful gift. If you ever send contract documents to a customer, you can include a pen featuring your logo and your company name as a little extra that invites them to sign the documents with the new promotional gift. There are plenty of suitable writing instruments in the ADLER Business Gifts range. What about metal pens or lighted pens? Rollerball pens with a logo , and pens with touch pen and stylus are also very popular.

Cultivating business relationships with personalised pens

Business relationships are valuable and should be cultivated. But you don’t always need a big gesture to express your appreciation and gratitude to business partners. Carefully selected little gifts such as pens also make a great impression. You can print or engrave names, personal messages or messages of congratulations on the pens to lend the gifts a personal note. At ADLER Business Gifts you will find a huge range of high-quality premium pens and anniversary pens that look elegant and that can be customised for such occasions.

Pens for your employees

Promotional items such as pens are designed, first and foremost, to advertise your products or services outside the company, but there is no reason why you can’t also hand them out internally. Your employees will be delighted to receive promotional pens with your logo or other designs that connect you with them. Our anniversary pens are also suitable as gifts to mark the anniversaries of employees at your company. Carefully selected employee gifts often boost motivation. Moreover, logo pens can represent a first step towards introducing standardised office supplies.

What type of pen suits my company best? Promotional pens for every industry and service

No matter which industry you work in, pens and other writing instruments are the perfect promotional item. We are also able to fulfil customer requests in small volumes. The ADLER Business Gifts range is suitable for all types of companies from large companies, small and medium-sized companies to start-ups. Depending on the target group and industry, some pen models will be more suitable than others.

Builders and tradespeople

When choosing promotional gifts, companies that provide building and trade services often opt for useful items that the recipient will associate directly with the company but that they can also use in day-to-day life. Pencils with a logo are therefore popular promotional gifts in the building trade. Classic models such as plastic pencils with logo and lighted pens are also well-suited to the industry. Carpenter pencils and lighted pens go down well with hobby craftspeople.

Finance and insurance

As a bank, insurer or other financial services provider, you are instantly associated with money. In order for your customers and business partners, both existing and prospective, to see you as a trustworthy partner, we recommend giving away high-quality pens as a promotional gift. This thoughtful gesture is bound to prove popular with recipients. You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in ADLER Business Gifts’ extensive range of stylish promotional pens that can be engraved with your logo and other designs. We have a variety of premium metal pens and rollerball pens in subtle colours, which are perfect for advertising your services.

Media and marketing

While the professionalism of the financial services industry is usually also reflected in the advertising tool chosen, companies in the media and marketing sector have greater freedom with the design of their promotional items. Our range of personalised pens sets no limits on creative minds when it comes to choosing an advertising message. One particularly popular form of personalisation is the inclusion of a clever advertising slogan that will stay in the memory and quickly make the promotional pen a favourite. Suitable models include plastic pens, which are available in a number of shapes and colours, as well as highlighter pens with a logo. The colourful highlighters have a relatively large personalisation area.

Technology and IT

Despite the relentless advance of the digital revolution, promotional pens continue to be a popular method of advertising, and are used by recipients every day both in the office and at home. However, companies in the technology and IT industry usually have other requirements for their promotional items, and are looking for something that is linked to the sector’s philosophy of innovation. ADLER Business Gifts’ range of writing instruments also caters to these needs. Technophiles are bound to appreciate a pen with stylus as a promotional gift that makes it easier to use smartphones and tablets.

Seasonal branded pens as a thoughtful gift

Some promotional gifts can be given at any time of year, while others are only suitable for a particular season. Umbrellas with a logo are best given during the rainier months of the year, and ice scrapers will prove particularly useful in winter. Promotional gifts such as pens, in contrast, are used all year round. However, with ADLER Business Gifts, you can wish your customers, partners and employees a merry Christmas by giving them an original pen featuring a Christmas design. At the same time, with this promotional gift you are making sure that your company is right at the forefront of your customers’ minds in time for the new year.

The process of personalising business pens

At ADLER Business Gifts you can have your pens printed or engraved. Different personalisation methods are used depending on the selected material and surface finish of the pen. If you choose a plastic pen, the pad printing or the digital printing method will be used, whereas metal pens are laser engraved.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is particularly suitable for personalising promotional items made of metal, including metal pens. The laser technology allows detailed designs to be engraved on the pens with great precision. As a result, your company logo, name or any other design is guaranteed to look their best on the metal promotional pens, leaving a positive impression on recipients. In addition to the premium look, pens with engravings are highly durable and remain in use for a very long time.

Which writing instruments are suitable for personalising by laser engraving?

  • Metal pens with stylus
  • Lighted pens made of metal
  • Rollerball pens made of metal
  • Premium pens made of metal

Digital printing

Are you keen to have your business pens printed, and have elaborate colour gradients in mind? In that case, digital printing is the best personalisation method in order to achieve that great look for your pens. Colourful designs are particularly effective on white promotional pens made of plastic. In contrast to pad printing, digital printing is only suitable for smooth plastic surfaces because the method does not use an elastic stamp, rather the colour is sprayed onto the advertising media by a digital printing machine. Once the pens have been printed, they are treated with UV light so that the advertising print can set and become permanent.

Which writing instruments are suitable for personalising by digital printing?

  • Plastic pens
  • Gel ink pens

Accessories that make your pens unique promotional gifts

High-quality gift wrapping enhances the way your promotional gifts look and ensure that you make a lasting impression on the recipient with your promotional printed pens. With gift packaging you can also put together writing sets consisting of several different promotional branded pens. Some of our gift packaging varieties can be personalised by a foil printing method: that way the pens are not the only advertising media, but the wrapping too. ADLER Business Gifts’ range of pen accessories also includes ink refills in black or blue, which make the pens a reusable and sustainable promotional gift.

Why you should have your ADLER Business Gifts pens personalised

In our online store you can simply select and adjust the number of pens you would like to have printed or engraved. The minimum order volume for pens is usually 50 units. As long as you exceed this, you can order any number of pens with personalisation – it doesn’t have to be a round number. Alternatively, you can place a sample order before you have 50 or more pens printed or engraved. Is the date of the next trade fair fast approaching and your stock of giveaway items running low? No problem. We also offer an express shipping service for when you are in a hurry. If you are unhappy with your promotional pens, you can, of course, send the order back to us free of charge. Please contact our Customer Service department for more information on ordering writing instruments with an advertising message. Our marketing experts will be happy to advise you and help you find the perfect pen for printing or engraving. Place your trust in us: we have extensive experience and expertise when it comes to promotional gifts for all occasions.

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