Promotional Desk Diaries And Monthly Planners With Logo

Many people use a monthly planner to plan their private and professional activities. This way, appointments can be scheduled and important projects documented. If you choose a personalised desk diary as a promotional gift, you can design it individually and give it to customers, employees and business partners. The promotional effectiveness of personalised calendars is reflected both in their ability to strengthen customer relations and in the fact that they are always present, which means your brand and your company are also present at all times. You can have the desk diaries personalised with your company logo and thus, create promotional gifts with a high recognition value. You can either use them as promotional giveaways and distribute them as you wish or give them as gifts on special occasions or at important company events. You are sure to find the right personalised monthly planners in our wide range of desk diaries with logo, which you can use as an advertising medium for your company!

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A True Classic Amongst Promotional Items: Monthly Planners & Desk Diaries

You can use a monthly planner or pocket calendar with logo as a unique promotional gift, because many customers appreciate the high functionality of such an advertising medium. Just like notebooks and notepads, desk diaries are used privately and in companies to jot down appointments, tasks and other things. The planners thus support scheduling for each week and even the whole year. Personalised monthly planners are popular as promotional gifts with almost all target groups! Hand out the promotional calendars with your logo at trade fairs, training courses or other company events to make new contacts. Customers usually distribute the promotional calendars amongst their friends and acquaintances, which leads to even greater visibility. The monthly planners with your logo will be used daily, which results in the long-term propagation of your advertising message.

Why Personalise Monthly Planners with Your Unique Logo?

With a personalised monthly planner as a promotional gift, you can really show off your advertising message! It’s your logo, company name or advertising slogan that makes the monthly planner a truly effective and unique promotional gift. The advertising effect can’t reach its full potential until a promotional item has been personalised with a company’s corporate design. The recognisability of a company increases and this makes the desk diary a perfect promotional item for customers, employees and business partners.

1st Step: Selecting the Right Monthly Planner for Personalisation

We offer a wide range of desk diaries as promotional gifts. These can, for example, be personalised with a specific image on the cover and your company’s logo. Choose, for example, between the Seville Manager Datelog that features selected quotations and has a soft leather-like cover, or the Regatta Pacific Deskmaster with its ring-binder design and removable address book. We also have a range of planners whose design is geared to the topic of teamwork which are perfect as gifts for business partners. Motivating motifs or quotes that inspire dreams and promote inspiration are particularly suitable for employees. Simply select the calendar that fits your needs best. Our promotional desk diaries are not only available in different designs, but also in different colours, so that there is a planner for every taste. All that’s left to do is determine the quantity you require. The more calendars you have personalised by us, the less expensive each unit becomes. You want to plan your advertising in a targeted manner and decide on the marketing measures a year in advance? No problem – we advertise our monthly planners for the following calendar year with plenty of time to spare.

2nd Step: Designing Your Unique Monthly Planner with Your Logo or Slogan

You’ve selected a monthly planner as an advertising medium and now you want to have the desk diary personalised? You have complete control over how the advertising on your promotional item should be designed. Upload your advertising copy in the imprint area, for example your logo or personal customer message, and then receive your personalised products from us in the specified quantity with your individual advertising message.

ADLER Business Gifts: Your Partner for Desk Diaries and Monthly Planners with Logo

Do you have questions about selecting the appropriate monthly planner, how to design the advertising space, ordering or shipping? Our customer service department consists of trained and professional consultants, who are highly knowledgeable about our promotional items and will be more than happy to advise our customers on all questions regarding the personalisation of our monthly planners. In addition, you profit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Do you need help selecting or personalising a desk dairy as an advertising medium? Contact us from Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm!

Desk Diaries and Monthly Planners as Promotional Gifts for Many Different Occasions

You can give the personalised desk diaries to your customers, for example, and thus, help them plan their appointments or give them away on a business trip to make new contacts. Due to their versatile design, desk diaries can also be passed out as giveaways at trade fairs, trainings or at large or small events. Depending on your advertising message, it is up to your company to decide where it is best to distribute the calendars.

The Promotional Gift for the New Year: Monthly Planners with Logo

Desk diaries with a logo are particularly suitable as promotional gifts, especially at the turn of the year. Appointments for the new year are already scheduled in November and December and these can be entered into your planner for the next year. You will also want to give your customers a small Christmas present - why not a personalised promotional calendar that makes sure your company is present all year round. Our high-quality Regatta Desk Master Desk Diary in A5 format is an especially useful promotional gift. The calendar is not just for scheduling appointments, but also contains a removable address book, maps of major European cities, international holidays, phone codes, world time zones and the phases of the moon. Thanks to its ring-binder design, the planner remains open on the desk without constantly closing by itself. This calendar model will help you plan your year quickly and easily!

Have Monthly Planners Personalised for Your Company Anniversary

Have monthly planners personalised for your company's anniversary and give them to your customers, employees and business partners as a thank you for years of successfull cooperation. An inexpensive option is the Geometric Soft-Touch Datelog. This model is a calendar, planner and notebook all in one. On 16 lined pages you can quickly enter your notes and you can schedule your appointments in the monthly overview on each page.

A Thoughtful Gift for New Business Partners

At the beginning of a cooperation with new business partners or customers, one popular gift is a personalised monthly planner. Your logo and your company itself will be well remembered by your business partner. Use the desk diary to start a new partnership off right. Our "Teamwork Series" is a good way to promote good cooperation. Among these are the Teamwork Peak Manager Datelog, Teamwork Summit Manager Datelog and the Teamwork Connect Datelog. The three models have different covers, but they are all calendars and notebooks in one. Quotes from famous people underline the topic of "teamwork”.

Get Organised for a Successful Year: With Monthly Planners & Desk Diaries from ADLER Business Gifts

Personalised monthly planners are always a good way to appeal to a large number of people. The versatile calendars with your company logo can be used in many different ways and thus, increase the chance of winning new customers. Personalised monthly planners provide the following advantages for your company:

  • High advertising impact while maintaining your corporate design
  • Your company is present all year round
  • Practical promotional gift for the turn of the year
  • Strengthens your relations with customers and business partners

Even highly personalised daily diaries, e.g. with the name of a customer, employee or business partner, can be shipped immediately thanks to exclusive gift packaging. Select your daily diaries as promotional items in our shop now.