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Promotional calendars with a logo: Even in today's era of digitalisation, many people still reach for a calendar. The paper format evokes a sense of familiarity in us and is therefore excellently suited as an advertising medium. Calendars, as promotional items, not only offer an appealing visual aspect but also provide outstanding practical utility. ADLER Business Gifts offers a variety of advertising calendars that can be individually designed and printed with your logo in our store. We aim to introduce calendars as promotional items to help represent your company appropriately and convey the right advertising message. Explore our range for all the latest designs and layouts and let yourself be inspired when choosing your desired advertising calendar.

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What makes calendars the perfect advertising medium

Jot down a short note, quickly schedule an appointment - many people use the calendar or organiser diary for this. It is exactly this function that distinguishes the calendar as an advertising medium and allows your company to cleverly spread its own advertising message. Everyone around you will be delighted to receive a small gift, especially at the start of a new year. A promotional calendar can convey just the right level of trustworthiness and personality. We will gladly assist you in getting your promotional calendars printed and will always be at your side if you have any questions about our products or printing.

Professional personalisation: calendars with logo and your company name

We offer many options for your promotional calendar design. In addition to printing your company logo and the name of the company, there is also the possibility to position a greeting or slogan. These special touches can be selected to make your calendar with your logo even more unique. We have customisable products in our range that include calendar and organiser formats. Don’t hesitate to order customised calendars. Imprints with your logo and company name are the most common solutions and are always very successful. Additional customisation methods will help you put your advertising message in the spotlight - simply visit our shop and select the perfect form of advertising by having your promotional calendars printed today.

Things to consider when personalising promotional gifts with a company logo or unique font

Before you design your promotional calendar, we would like to provide you with the following information:

  • The size of the personalisation area for the imprint can vary depending on the manufacturer and from product to product. You will always find information regarding this in the respective product description of each calendar or organiser diary.
  • You can either send us the font to be put on your calendar with company logo or easily select one during the online ordering process.
  • The print template of your individual logo should be available in digital form with a resolution of at least 300dpi.
  • The file can be sent in one of the following formats: pdf, jpg, gif, tif or eps.
  • Before your promotional calendar order is produced, you will always receive a proof copy. This gives you the opportunity to check your calendar imprint with company logo and send us feedback within the next 24 hours.

Any questions? Our customer service department is available via e-mail at service@adlerglobal.com or via telephone at 0800 00 87 555 (Mo.-Fr., 8.30 - 17.00). We will be happy to provide you with individual advice on your desired article and the appropriate personalisation for your company.

How to make the most of a calendar as a promotional gift

Calendars are a very versatile advertising medium. They can be used in many different branches and fields and are an excellent solution for almost any occasion due to their varied types and designs. If you wish to order a promotional calendar or organiser, it is best to inform yourself in advance about the novelties and trends in this area of advertising. That way you will know whether you should select a new company calendar or perhaps a wall calendar. Calendars are particularly suitable as promotional items for the following occasions:

The calendar as a promotional gift for your customers

Giving your customers promotional gifts (in this case, a calendar) is a tried and true advertising solution. A calendar with your company logo can trigger a smile, but not just due to the gesture alone. Your advertising message will automatically make the recipient think about your company. This means your customers won’t forget you or your services. In addition, the large selection of calendars and organisers from ADLER Business Gifts gives you the opportunity to customise your order to each individual customer type. While a sales representative in the insurance sector might prefer to use a desk calendar to plan his or her next appointments, a craftsman might prefer a wall calendar for his or her workshop. Seize the opportunity to position your company's advertising in the best possible way and let us inspire you with our range of promotional calendars.

Maintain your business relationships with personalised calendars

Personally delivering a calendar to a customer, partner or client can be an effective gesture in the business world. With a promotional calendar for the coming year, you can make your business partners smile and at the same time build the foundation for future business success with them and for your company. An organiser diary is the ideal gift in this situation. Using calendars as promotional gifts in your business sector will not only earn you appreciation, but also allow you to plan more effectively.

Promotional gifts for your employees: a calendar is ideal

A calendar with your company logo can also be an effective gift for employees. If, for example, your company has a field service team, then promotional calendars are a cost-effective way to spread your company logo and advertising message over the course of several months. A company calendar (or organiser) is taken to appointments and automatically seen by the other parties during meetings. An organiser diary is perfect for sales representatives due to its format and elegant appearance.
On the other hand, a promotional gift such as a calendar is a great motivator for employees in the coming year. A calendar with logo can be a thank you for successful partnerships in the past and in the future.

Which promotional calendar is ideal for my requirements?

ADLER Business Gifts has a wide range of annual and monthly calendars. Promotional calendars can be customised to fit different functions and occasions. Our large range allows us to offer you a wide variety of products, from photo calendars to desk calendars.

Pocket Diaries

Compact, practical and always close at hand. Pocket diaries are ideal for day-to-day use. Calendars with logos such as these are used almost daily to plan appointments and jot down reminders. If you select a pocket diary as a promotional gift and have it printed in our shop, you can be sure that your company logo will be seen again and again. The high-quality covers are a great way to present your advertising message in a first-class manner. Our calendars are well-structured and feature extra information such as holidays, an address directory or even an exchangeable notepad.

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Wall Calendars

Wall calendars are often a real eye-catcher. Thanks to their larger format, they catch the eye and thus offer your company plenty of room to display your logo or message. Since wall calendars are so practical, it is very likely that the recipients will actively use them.
This calendar is an ideal promotional gift that is not only very useful, but will also attract a lot of attention with its motifs (as a photo calendar).

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Desk Calendars

The desk calendar has the advantage of being seen often by the recipient and those around. Therefore, calendars with logos are also an excellent advertising medium. A desk calendar is always present without being obtrusive which means that it will leave a long-lasting impression. And when it is used for scheduling appointments with others you can be sure it will be a real eye-catcher, which in turn will actively advertise your company. These types of promotional calendars are also used at home and at work. The practical format of a weekly planner is especially popular.

Discover desk calendars with logo

Monthly Planners & Desk Diaries

Monthly planners and organisers have become indispensable: They are used both privately and professionally for all kinds of tasks, both large and small, and their handy format makes it easy to plan appointments while on the road. However, the calendars from ADLER Business Gifts aren’t just impressive promotional gifts due to their great design and high quality. Adapted to the requirements of your company, our calendars also feature international holidays, a world time zone map or school holidays, as well as address and telephone registers and many other options. The monthly planners in our shop can be customised and printed according to your ideas in order to optimise your favourite advertising medium.

Discover monthly planners with Logo

Accessories that complement your promotional calendar

If you want to customise your promotional calendars, you can even purchase additional accessories, such as gift packaging and refill notepads in the ADLER Business Gifts shop. Then when you order your promotional calendars, you will receive everything from one source, so that you can use your calendar as an advertising medium for a long time to come. Thus, at ADLER Business Gifts, we aren’t limited to just printing calendars, our all-round service allows you to profit from a wide range of products to tailor your advertising optimally to your company.

Gift Packaging for Calendars

To make your calendar a special promotional gift, you must add the right gift packaging for your advertising medium. Regardless of whether the calendar is intended for customers or employees, you convey your appreciation to the recipient through the gift packaging and at the same time emphasise the high quality of the planner.

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Refills for Pocket Diaries

Every organiser diary is full sooner or later, but calendars shouldn’t lose their value as a promotional gift because of that. In order to ensure the long-term distribution of your brand with your promotional calendars, you can purchase refill pads for the pocket calendars in our range. Thus, not only the advertising message of your company will be conveyed by your promotional calendar, but the recipient can continue to use his or her favourite monthly calendar over the next few years.

Find refills for pocket diaries

Personalisation Methods for Promotional Calendars

At ADLER Business Gifts, you can order customised promotional calendars for your company with your company logo, thanks to the many printing possibilities available. ADLER's print shop offers numerous personalisation methods for organiser diaries or wall calendars, such as digital printing or hot foil stamping. Not only that your calendar be provided with your logo or company name; the different print methods even allow the addition of further text passages.

Digital Printing

A quick and precise solution for printing your individual promotional gift calendars is digital printing, as there is no need to make a stamp of the company logo or name. Instead, the digital printing machine sprays the desired printing area with colour and thus achieves a perfect result for your logo. However, this technique can only be used for printing on flat surfaces. The advantages of printing your promotional calendars with this method are brilliant colour saturation and the possibility to create realistic colour gradients on our planners and calendars.

What is digital printing particularly suitable for?

Digital printing is suitable for printing your company's advertising media and giveaways for a variety of promotional products from our range. Due to the colour saturation, this process allows your company logo to be shown to its best advantage, especially on larger bright surfaces, so that wall calendars are particularly suited for printing like this. Small ballpoint pens are also well suited for this printing process.

Hot Foil Stamping

Hot foil stamping is another personalisation option that you can use to customise promotional calendars for your company. This procedure is a premium solution, because a stamp with the desired motif, e.g. the company logo, is made in the printing shop for each individual personalisation. The stamp is used as a print method to press a special foil onto the desired product using heat. If you use this method to print your promotional calendars, you will receive a particularly high-quality result.

What is the hot stamping print method especially suited for?

Hot foil stamping can also be used for a large number of promotional items from our range. The printing method is particularly suited for pocket calendars or monthly calendars with imitation leather covers. The result is the shiny appearance of your company name or logo on the organiser diary, which will invite recipients to use their promotional calendar the whole year.

Why You Should Have Your Promotional Calendars Personalised by ADLER Business Gifts

ADLER Business Gifts offers your company a variety of formats and personalisation options for promotional calendars with the highest quality standards and in doing so, provides an ideal opportunity to design heartfelt promotional gifts. As a rule, the minimum order quantity for promotional calendars is 50 units. It is also possible to order samples and thus, personally experience the quality, style and suitability of our calendars for advertising. Let your employees and customers know how much you appreciate them by giving them the perfect promotional gift. Our customer service department will be happy to advise you on your choice. Our consultants are there to help you, especially if you are unsure which advertising medium is right for your company or if you have concerns about which print method is best suited for your company logo on a promotional calendar. Our customer service department is made up of specially trained marketing professionals with years of expertise, because your satisfaction is our number one priority!

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