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Promotional torches printed with your logo

Flashlights are versatile promotional gifts. These handy helpers light up your customers day and night, at home and at work. There is a model for every target group: from handy compact promotional torches that fit in your pocket to large metal flashlights with a strong beam. Have your torch individually personalised with your logo or engraved with your advertising slogan and put your company in the spotlight. Torches are the perfect promotional gift, because they are not only suitable for customers, but also for your business partners and employees. In our extensive range of lights, lamps & LEDs, you will a variety of practical and high-quality lighting equipment, or browse through our many additional promotional gifts. Create custom flashlights with your logo and they become the perfect promotional gift.

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Branded torches - an effective advertising medium

Flashlights are often used in everyday life, so customers are frequently confronted with this promotional gift, making the flashlight a useful advertising medium. If the torch is branded with your advertising message or logo, customers will always remember you when using the flashlight. Your promotional item can help solve the customer's problems, the flashlight helps the customer see better in the dark and the customer will connect this positive experience with your company. LED flashlights in various designs are especially popular as promotional gifts. In the form of a mini torch, the promotional item is perfect as a keyring and thus, always close by when your customer needs it. Your company logo is memorable for the customer, a suitable advertising message can reflect your professionalism and with a humorous slogan you can make your customers smile. Together with your logo, your unique advertising imprint can turn the keyring torch into an effective advertising medium that will guarantee you are remembered.

They can be used everywhere - practical promotional torches

Are you thinking about using torches as an advertising medium? Then perhaps the fact that flashlights can be used in many areas will convince you. Torches are used far more often than one might think at first. That makes them the ideal promotional item and is a good reason to personalise flashlights with your logo. Where are they used? Many people these small lamps as keyrings to find the keyhole in their door or the mailbox in the dark. This is especially important in the winter months, but also helps many people who work night shifts or come home late. Even when we are looking for something in the basement or carrying out minor repairs at home, we often reach for a torch, because it is a flexible source of light even in the darkest places. In the extreme case of a power failure, LED torches can be real helpers, because they don’t need electricity or batteries.. In a professional environment, flashlights are also useful promotional items. They can be used on construction sites, in workshops or in dark environments. As you can see, promotionaltorches can be used in many different ways and are real eye-catchers when engraved or individually printed. The same applies for all our other promotional lighting items.

The perfect branded torch for every target group

Our high-quality torches are available in countless designs and can be personalised with different types of imprints. For example, you can have the flashlights printed or engraved with your logo - depending on the occasion you want to use them for. We are also happy to add a laser engraving to your promotional torch. Our lamps are available in different materials. Some are made of plastic and thus lighter, others are made of metal or rubberised and are therefore, easier to handle. Our product range includes battery or dynamo-powered solar and LED torches that can be used as promotional gifts. Many lamps are also available in different colours, so you can bring some variation to your promotional gifts, which can be especially useful for giveaways. Our personalised torches not only differ in terms of light intensity, shape and colour. We also have flashlights for all kinds of different applications. Work lamps, telescopic flashlights, flashlights with magnets or carabiners are especially suitable for professional use. Torch keyrings are great for everyday use, especially our LED key rings. Promotional flashlights with an integrated powerbank are also an eye-catcher when used as advertising media with your company logo or engraving. Here at ADLER, we offer high-quality torches that are ideal for use as customer gifts. Due to the many design possibilities and large selection in our range, you will find the promotional gifts that suit your company best and support you in your advertising campaign.

Inexpensive LED keyring torches

Our Aluminium 3 LED Flashlight is the perfect gift for your customers. This small torch is ideal as a giveaway at trade fairs and, together with other goodies, as a promotional gift at company events. The flashlight fits snugly in the palm of the hand and the keyring allows the customer to carry it with them at all times. The size and its low price makes it particularly suitable as a trade fair item. Despite its compact size and low price, this promotional LED torch has a bright light due to the three built-in LED lights. The batteries are included, so that the compact flashlight can be used right away. It is available in three attractive colours: red, silver and blue. Its aluminium body not only looks high-end, but is also highly durable and provides over three lines of space for printing your advertising imprint or logo.

Aluminium 3 LED Flashlight
Magnetic Pocket COB Work Light

Perfect for craftsmen – the magnetic work light

When doing handicraft work, you often need to light up dark corners, so a flashlight is ideal. But it is even more practical if the lamp doesn't have to be held and you can use both hands freely, which is the case with the Magnetic Pocket COB Work Light. This promotional torch impresses with its practical design. The lamp has a magnet on the underside, allowing it to be placed securely on metal surfaces without falling over, and thus provide light from the side or from above. The chrome clip is also very practical because it can be quickly attached to clothes or bags and is therefore, quickly stowed away, never to be forgotten. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology with COB-LEDs and its high-quality aluminium construction, the flashlight can be used as advertising even on construction sites. Thus, the magnetic work lamp is the perfect promotional gift for (hobby) craftsmen. Add your logo or advertising message to the flashlight and ensure that your company is always present in the minds of your customers while they carry out handicraft activities. You can choose between a high-quality laser engraving or your favourite message as an imprint for your advertising material. Our range also includes other tools with lights, which are also well suited as promotional gifts for craftsmen.

DYNASOL the environmentally friendly dynamo flashlight

If your company and your customers value environmentally friendly design, then the DYNASOL Wind-Up Torch is the right promotional item for you. This personalised torch works without batteries. It can be charged in two environmentally friendly ways. You can either use the hand crank to operate the dynamo or let the sun charge the flashlight's solar cells. One way or the other, there is no need to buy batteries and yet you can still enjoy bright LED light. With this product, as with all our solar lamps, you can address eco-friendly target groups. Due to the lightweight casing and its compact size, it is a perfect giveaway that fits in every pocket. The lamp is available in silver and can be personalised with your company logo or advertising message in 24 colours.

DYNASOL Wind-Up Torch
TOMAHAWK Flashlight

High-quality all-rounder flashlight: the TOMAHAWK

The TOMAHAWK Flashlight promotional gift is a real life-saver. The safety lamp is perfect for keeping in your car, because its features can be very helpful, for example, in the case of a car breakdown or accident. The flashlight has an emergency hammer that can be used to break open windows, a safety belt cutter, and an LED warning light that can shine in red and white to draw attention or signal for help. In addition, the torch has a magnet that can be used to attach the flashlight to your car’s bonnet in case of a breakdown so that you have your hands free and a clear view. It is made of robust aluminium and is available in three different colours. The torch can be personalised with a durable, high-quality laser engraving of your advertising message or logo . Do you want your business to reflect safety and reliability? Then the TOMAHAWK Flashlight with promotional imprint is the ideal advertising medium for you.

Personalise torches individually – Here’s how

Have you decided on a personalised torch as a way to advertise your company? And already selected a suitable model for your customers, business partners or employees? Then you can proceed to order. Our large range of flashlights has something for every taste and target group, as well as countless possibilities for colours and fonts.
Do you prefer a classic design and want to put your focus on a torch’s practical features or do you prefer a trendy and eye-catching design? Choose your design so that it suits you and your business best. Depending on the promotional torch you choose, the minimum order quantity is between 10 and 50 units. Select your desired quantity and colour, and then it’s time to choose your personalisation. In this step, you give your flashlight a personal touch. Select the imprint colour and font and upload your logo or enter your unique advertising message in the field provided. Once you have selected and uploaded everything, you can preview your promotional item.
You can choose between two different personalisation methods: laser engraving or pad printing. High-quality laser engraving is characterised by its durability. This method is usually used on metal promotional items. Your logo is burned into the surface of the torch using a computer laser beam leaving your personalisation as an indentation and thus, creating a high-quality and precise final result. Pad printing is more suitable for plastic items. A pad made of silicone rubber acts as a stamp that picks up the ink and prints it on the flashlight. The rubber adapts itself perfectly to rounded or curved surfaces, so that your logo can be printed on flashlights for an excellent effect.
As soon as the selection and the personalisation process are complete you will see the exact price for your order. The shipping costs will also be displayed. ADLER Business Gifts trusts their shipping to the United Parcel Service (UPS). Your torch giveaways should arrive within 6 working days after they are shipped.

Do you need help personalising or selecting the perfect torch? Contact us from Mo - Fr 8:30 am - 5:00 pm!

Logo printed torches for customers, employees, business partners & Co.

There are many different applications and target groups for the promotional gift flashlight. That is why you can give the promotional item to both existing customers and new customers. Your business partners are not the only ones who will be happy to receive a torch as a promotional gift. Your employees can also use such a useful tool. An efficient way to attract attention with your company logo.

Torches as promotional gifts for loyal customers and business partners

Are your existing customers satisfied with your services or products and you want to keep these customers happy? Then choose a promotional flashlight to remind your customers and partners of your great service. A torch with your logo is a useful promotional item that can be used often. That way your customers or business partners will always remember your company. This can increase the chance of a renewed cooperation or purchase. This is why you should not only have your company logo printed or engraved on the flashlight for advertising purposes, but also your advertising slogan. This guarantees easy recognition – especially with existing customers.

Win new customers with branded flashlights as an advertising medium

It pays to have your torches personalised as promotional gifts and give them away to potential new customers. Mini torch keyrings are especially suited as giveaways at trade fairs or company events. This way, you can attract attention, attract many new customers and be sure that your flashlight with logo is seen often. Using promotional torches for trade fairs increases your chances for advertising success immensely.

Show your employees your appreciation with promotional gifts

Let your employees do the advertising for you. Using small gifts such as personalised flashlights as giveaways will show your employees that you recognize their hard work and strengthen the bond with your company. If you have torch printed with your company logo, you can promote your corporate image. In craftsmen's workshops, flashlights with logo can be used for many different purposes. This way, your employees spread your advertising message right where you want it to go: to your customers.

LED flashlights as promotional gifts

The LED flashlight is a sustainable advertising medium, which is why most of our flashlights come equipped with LED lights. Only a few of our promotional torches still use light bulbs. LED is the abbreviation for „light emitting diode“. The light-emitting diode generates light when electric currents flow through it. The advantages of LEDs are their low power consumption, their long life, the particularly bright source of light they emit and that no hazardous substances such as mercury are used in their production. LED flashlights are thus, perfect as promotional items. In our ADLER Business Gifts range we offer a large selection of LED lamps and torches, so that there is something for every taste.

How to spread your advertising message inexpensively - choose promotional torches

You don’t have to spend a fortune on promotional torches. At ADLER Business Gifts you will find a large selection of flashlights available at reasonable prices. This is mainly due to our attractive price scale, which enables you to order a large quantity of promotional items at low prices. Your promotional imprint is included and guarantees that your customer gifts will be truly unique. With flashlights as an advertising medium you can reach a wide audience and keep them interested in your products and services.

Personalise high-quality flashlights with ADLER Business Gifts

ADLER Business Gifts is your address for promotional items. We will be more than happy to assist you with our many years of experience and our large range of high-quality promotional gifts. We want you to be fully satisfied with your promotional flashlights and that is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, otherwise you will receive a full refund! If you are unsure regarding which torch to choose or which printing process to use, we will be happy to advise you and are available to answer any questions you may have. Simply give us a call! LED flashlights customised with your logo as an engraving or personalised with your advertising message are versatile and popular promotional items suitable for all industries and target groups. The many different models and sizes make the flashlight not only the perfect promotional gift, but also an excellent trade fair item or, together with our lighted ballpoint pen, in a goodie bag at company events. Your customers, business partners and employees will love these littel helpers with your company logo.

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