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Fitness & Wellness

We all want to be fit, healthy and relaxed – that includes your customers, employees and business partners. At ADLER, we offer a wide range of practical promotional gifts with your logo for sports and wellness. Whether it's breathable textiles, personalised drinking bottles or sports towels with your logo, our range will help keep your customers fit and healthy. Sport is the ideal way to counterbalance a classic office job. After 8 or more hours sitting at a desk, it is very important to get out and exercise. If your customers and employees are already physically active at work, as is the case in many trades, for example, then their after-work focus will be on relaxation and regeneration. In this case, they might prefer a visit to a sauna or a massage. However, no matter how your customers relax, in the sauna or during a strenuous work-out, a promotional sports towel with your logo or a personalised drinking bottle to help stay hydrated are great gift ideas.

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Practical promotional gifts with logo guarantee a long-term advertising effect

When choosing the right promotional item, it is important that the personalised product is also useful. It’s the gifts that are used every day that guarantee a long-term advertising effect, putting your company in the spotlight and making sure your customers don’t forget you. If your customers or employees are fitness freaks, then activity trackers or pedometers with your logo will prove very popular. At the end of the day, the personalised pedometers will show them how many steps they have taken and, depending on the model, additional information such as calorie consumption and sleep phases. If your target group are people who enjoy both fitness and wellness activities, then the ActiveTowel® Sports Towel is the ideal gift. Your logo can be printed on this quick-drying, microfibre towel in several colours and thanks to its other great features, such as its compact size, light weight and high absorbency, we are sure your customers will love it. Another popular idea when it comes to promotional gifts for fitness and wellness is the fitness towel in a pouch or water bottles printed with your logo, such as the BOPP SPORT Bottle 550 ml that can be personalised with a multicolour imprint of your choice. Of course, the right clothing is also a must. When it comes to sports, it is particularly important that a T-shirt is breathable, comfortable and easy to care for. Here, functionality is very important, meaning that climate control is guaranteed during physical exertion. The Stedman Active T-Shirt can be printed with your logo and absolutely fulfils these functional requirements. That means that your customers benefit from the quality of the T-shirt, while you benefit from the large imprint area on the front or back of this personalisable T-shirt.

BOPP SPORT Bottle 550 ml
Phone Armband with Reflectors

Outdoor sports: make sure your logo is seen

Personalised promotional gifts used by your customers and employees during outdoor sports have a particularly wide reach. Especially when they are out jogging, hiking or cycling - your advertising message will be seen by many potential customers. For example, our range of textiles includes promotional sports caps or sweatbands that can be printed with your logo, in addition to the T-shirt already mentioned above. The LED RUN Sports Backpack is also a particularly practical promotional gift for people who like to participate in sports in the evening. The backpack has a rechargeable LED light for more safety and visibility - especially for joggers and cyclists in traffic. Our phone armband is also equipped with reflectors, so that it not only safely holds a smartphone, but also makes sure the wearer is clearly visible in the dark. Every time the recipient looks at their smartphone, they will see your logo, because it will be printed on the window of the armband.

Personalised promotional gifts for fitness and wellness fans

Personalised promotional items from our Fitness & Wellness range are always a good idea and will show your customers and co-workers how much you appreciate them. A small personalised gift that can be used by recipients in their spare time is always well-received. Giveaways like this show your customers and employees that you care about their health and well-being and want to help them feel relaxed, well-balanced and fit. Regardless of which promotional item you decide on, your customers and employees will always appreciate receiving a personalised promotional gift and will associate it positively with your company.
You haven’t found the right fitness and wellness gift yet? Our customer service department will be happy to consult you personally and help you find a personalised gift that is tailored to your wishes.

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