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Personalised Polo Shirts Personalised with Your Logo

Promotional polo shirts allow your employees to represent your brand at meetings, conferences, and tradeshows. This will help get your company branding and logo in front of new customers and prospective clients, generating leads and attracting new business. Our high-quality personalised polo shirts can also be used as gifts for employees, loyal customers, and long-term partners. With a bespoke design and range of colours available, our embroidered polo shirts can be worn during leisure activities – further promoting your brand in a simple and effective way. We are flexible when it comes to the design of our premium polo shirts with embroidery, meaning you can add your logo, feature a motif or motto, or print your contact information on the back. Whether you decide to have your polo shirts printed or embroidered, we can guarantee your branding will be recognised.
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Fruit of the Loom Polo Shirt Men - Embroidered Fruit of the Loom Polo Shirt Men - Embroidered Fruit of the Loom Polo Shirt Men - Embroidered
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Benefits of embroidered polo shirts

The polo shirt first came to prominence in Germany in the 1930s and it has since become a firmly established favourite in the fashion world and in the field of company workwear. The handy polo made of cotton represents an elegant alternative to the classic t-shirt and a casual substitute for the business shirt, giving it a unique place in the field of promotional textiles. As a result, polo shirts for men and women are widely used in every industry and for all age groups, and are very popular for various special occasions. The polo shirt as a personalised item offers you and your company numerous advantages. They impress not only thanks to their timeless design, but also due to the large personalisation area, which allows you to present your company logo and contact details in an appealing way.

Showing a blue polo shirt with embroidered company logo

Benefits of embroidered polo shirts

Polo shirts are perfect for presenting your company logo and contact details to maximum effect, providing versatility for a number of different occasions. Workwear with stitched logos provide employees with a high-quality, matching look so that your company is represented with a consistent look. However, they can also work in a lot of other ways, including using the polo shirt as a promotional item with customers and business partners too. Have a look in the ADLER online shop and find the right polo shirt for you, your company, your employees and the occasion.
It doesn’t matter whether you represent a company steeped in tradition or a new start-up, we have the perfect range of promotional polo shirts for every company and budget. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create a versatile advertising medium for a range of occasions and can start effectively advertising using polo shirts featuring your chosen motif.

Polo shirt with logo for employees

Would you like to have polo shirts embroidered or printed for your employees? Polo shirts are fantastic promotional items for both internal and external company communication, and are the perfect complement to a comprehensive marketing strategy.
The polo shirt is an elegant item of clothing that is ideally suited as workwear and a professional uniform for employees across a wide range of industries, whether it is hospitality to healthcare, transport or manufacturing. Polo shirts with an embroidered or printed logo are therefore a sound investment for companies as it allows them to present themselves professionally to the outside world, for example at trade fairs or in external sales work. This conveys a sense of internal unity and boosts your company’s recognition value at the same time.
In contrast with other clothing items such as t-shirts with logos, which offer just a casual look, polo shirts offer a smarter look than can also act as a casual business outfit in summer. Some of our polo shirt designs also come with a breast pocket, providing space for notepads or a promotional pen.

Polo shirt with printed company logo for customers

Outside of the workplace environment, polo shirts can also be used as a promotional gift for your customers. There are numerous suitable events at which an embroidered or printed polo shirt can be given away as a promotional gift. Such occasions may include major promotional campaigns or competitions, or giveaways to mark a company anniversary. Brand loyal customers may also be happy to be ambassadors for your company by wearing quality and highly visual polo shirts featuring your logo. Polo shirts can effectively be used to advertise your company, achieving an effect that lasts well beyond the promotional period. The recipient will be consistently reminded of your company by the professional imprint or the high-quality embroidery, while people around them will be made aware of your brand. This can help you in your mission of building a positive company image.

Providing embroidered polo shirts as a business gift

The advertising potential of printed polos is certainly not limited to giving customers polo shirts as a promotional gift and providing employees with polo shirts with logo. It’s not only customers who love to receive personalised polo shirts – your business partners also represent an ideal target group for promotional polo shirts. Providing business partners with items such as polo shirts can serve as both a thank you for any work completed together, or even to encourage them to continue working with you in the future. Promotional clothing items can also work as a catalyst for new business as part of a sales strategy. If you are looking for a Christmas present for business partners, you can also have jumpers embroidered or printed for this occasion.

Your advertising on polo shirts: embroider polo shirts

Before you decide which polo shirt to have embroidered, you should consider carefully which product best suits you and the occasion. You will find polo shirts by well-known textile brands such as Fruit of the Loom, B&C, Promodoro, Sol’s and Tee Jays in our range. You will also find a huge selection of polos for him and for her that are available in various colours, sizes, designs and fabrics. Most polo shirts are made of skin-friendly cotton that is comfortable and pleasant to wear. The B&C Inspire Polo Shirt Men , for example, is made of 100% ring-spun organic cotton. For builders and craftspeople, we recommend the polyester Polo Shirt Cool Power because it is hard-wearing, breathable and quick-drying. Whether it’s 100% cotton or mixed materials – ADLER Business Gifts always stands for 100% quality. All our promotional items and polo shirts impress with outstanding quality at fair prices. So why not take advantage of our no-obligation advice by phone and let our experts help you choose the perfect embroidered polo shirt for you.

Should you have the polo shirt embroidered or printed?

Once you have decided on a particular polo shirt, you have two textile finishing methods to choose from: polo shirts can either be embroidered or printed. To do that, all you need to do is enter your advertising text and the contact details you want to add to the shirt into the comment field. If you would like to have your company logo embroidered onto the polo shirt, you can simply go online and upload your motif. We will then need a few additional details regarding sizes, finishing method and the position of the logo or lettering. We recommend placing the logo on the left side of the chest and having your contact details printed on the back so that they are clearly visible. Once you’ve done that, we can start embroidering or printing your polo shirt as a promotional item!
If you decide to have a printed logo, the screen printing method is used, ensuring compatibility with the polo shirt material and the design of the company logo. Your company logo or contact details can also be added to the back in a large imprint.
If you want to have your selected polo shirt embroidered, your logo or motif is added to the advertising medium in the form of high-quality embroidery, durably enhancing the polo shirt. If you would like to add extra lettering (contact details, employee name, etc.) to the polo shirt in addition to the logo, this can also be done quickly and easily with embroidery. Embroidering is regarded as the highest quality form of finishing, and it is something we, of course, also offer. All personalisation methods used on your shirts – whether embroidery or printing – are carried out in a professional printing plant in Germany, which allows us to guarantee top results. Don’t take our word for it – order a no-obligation sample and see the outstanding quality of our textile finishing for yourself! We recommend the Fruit of the Loom Polo Shirt as a sample – have your logo added to our bestselling comfort-fit model with no obligation.

Showing the same logo twice, embroidered and printed

Are you keen to get polo shirts for your company, but don’t yet have your own logo? No problem! Through the service provided by the ADLER graphic design department, we can help you edit your existing company logo or design and create a new logo.

Custom design polo shirts

Here at ADLER Business Gifts you can have text, logos or suitable motifs stitched or printed on to polo shirts. When you do so, you can design the key features of your polo shirt with logo easily yourself online. For example, you can choose from different colours and lettering styles to ensure that the personalisation of your promotional polo shirt suits your company perfectly.
Our customers can choose from a huge variety of polos in various colours and styles so that you can be sure you will find the perfect design for you. It’s easy to tailor the shirt to your exact business needs and functionality.
Choose from:

  • Numerous brands, countless colours and multicoloured designs
  • The right cut for everyone: unisex or women, classic or figure-hugging
  • Short- or long-sleeved polo shirts
  • Sizes from XS to 5XL
  • A range of fabrics and materials
  • Polo shirts with or without breast pockets

You are bound to find the perfect polo shirt to suit a wide range of tastes, shapes and sizes here, which we understand is particularly important if you’re looking for employee clothing for a large and diverse team. When you have polo shirts embroidered or printed in large numbers, you get small sizes and large sizes, as well as women’s and men’s styles, for the same unit price when bundled in one bulk order.

Why You Should Choose ADLER for your promotional polo shirts

Polo shirts featuring your logo are an appropriate item of clothing for both casual and formal occasions because of the variety of ways they can be worn. Thanks to the collar and the first-class quality, polo shirts always make a stylish and sophisticated impression. Your employees will thank you! And of course, such a versatile item of clothing will also always be gratefully received as a promotional gift by a broad target group.
Choose ADLER as an experienced partner in the field of textiles for profile-raising purposes – we are certain you won’t regret giving your customers and employees polo shirts with a logo.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: refund or no-quibble replacement
  • Outstanding customer service and first-class advice
  • Delivering excellent quality for more than 70 years
  • Design polo shirts with logo online
  • Print or embroidery: textile finishing “made in Germany"

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