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Personalised Jumpers & Sweatshirts with Your Logo

Personalised jumpers provide a highly versatile, comfortable item of clothing that helps effectively market your brand. From casual hoodies and business sweatshirts to elegant long-sleeved models, our range of logo jumpers and custom sweatshirts makes the perfect business gift. Printing your logo and branding on jumpers and hoodies and gifting them to employees, loyal customers and business partners will help get your brand in front of a new audience. At Adler Business Gifts, we don’t compromise on quality or style. We work with reputable brands to provide high-quality material and a range of design options. Our jumper printing couldn’t be easier, simply choose your preferred advertising medium and let us personalise your branded jumper using professional methods. Take a look at our featured item, the Fruit of the Loom Hooded Sweatshirt, available in a wide range of colours.
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Showing an electrician with logo jumper

Our diverse range of promotional jumpers for various target groups

Sweatshirts or jumpers are an integral part of every wardrobe and are a firm favourite in the field of employee clothing in particular. Warm jumpers with logos and jackets and vests are an important part of the kit, especially for colleagues who regularly work outdoors. Whatever the industry or occasion, you will find the perfect jumper for use as a promotional item in the ADLER Business Gifts online store – whether you’re looking for a sporty hoodie, a classic sweatshirt or you want to combine a jumper and jacket in one handy sweat jacket with hood. Explore our range, from the classic fit to figure-hugging women’s sweatshirts, and you will find the perfect promotional jumper for all occasions and target audiences.
Are high-quality textiles particularly important to you? If so, you will love our selection of hoodies, sweatshirts, jumpers and jackets by brands such as Fruit of the Loom, Russell, Promodoro and B&C! Our Fruit of the Loom Sweatshirt, the Fruit of the Loom Zip Neck Sweatshirt and the B&C Hooded Sweatshirt are particularly popular.
The machine-washable and dryer-safe sweatshirts and jumpers by well-known manufacturers impress with premium materials and first-class quality. You can add your logo to these branded jumpers by having them individually embroidered or printed.

Embroider or print jumpers for internal and external company communications

Jumpers with logo offer enormous added value as promotional items in a number of ways. Hoodies and sweatshirts are robust and hard-wearing items of clothing that are especially popular as employee workwear in manual trades. When these jumpers are embroidered with a logo, your company can benefit from extra reach when your employees are out and about in their personalised workwear.
Furthermore, promotional pullovers also represent an attractive promotional gift for your loyal customers, and can be a creative giveaway as part of promotions and competitions. Using them as a promotional gift pays off for large and small companies, handcraft businesses and start-ups because it is an effective way of raising the profile of the company.

Sweatshirts with company logo for your staff

Sweatshirts, hooded sweaters and other types of jumpers with the company’s logo or name and contact details are perfect for use as employee clothing in various industries. External sales staff and those working in manual trades will be ready for any weather with a warm hooded sweater, while waiting staff can quickly throw on the handy sweat jacket whenever they need to serve customers at outdoor tables. Embroidered jumpers are generally recommended for any employees who come into direct contact with customers. Personalised jumpers allow customers to easily identify the employees of your company and they also make a professional impression.
Having hoodies embroidered with a logo is also a great idea for company events or to achieve a uniform visual identity for your company at trade fairs. With stylish jumpers you will make trade fair attendees aware of your company and stay in their memories for a long time to come. Why not call us for no-obligation advice – tell our trained staff in which industry you work and for what occasion you would like to have jumpers embroidered. Together, we will find the perfect one for you to use as promotional clothing!

A picture showing two colleagues in matching sweatshirts with company logo

Embroider or print jumpers for use as an effective promotional gift

Jumpers can also be given to customers and business partners as an attractive promotional gift. Great opportunities for handing out promotional jumpers include trade fairs, advertising campaigns, customer loyalty schemes and competitions. If you decide to use printed or embroidered jumpers as promotional items, we recommend choosing the colour and design very carefully to ensure that the jumpers are as attractive as possible for a broad target group. That way the promotional item won’t end up forgotten at the back of the wardrobe.

Choosing the right design for jumpers as a promotional item

But how can your company find the right design for printed or embroidered jumpers? You can choose to personalise the item of clothing with a logo, with the name of the company or employee, or with an attention-grabbing advertising slogan. For an optimal promotional jumper design, we would advise you to place your logo on the left side of the chest in the form of a high-quality design, with your contact details clearly visible in a printed design on the back of the promotional item.
Our graphic design department will be happy to help you select a suitable motif, to design an attention-grabbing logo or to rework your existing logo. Contact us today and request a personal quote!

We will be happy to help you create your unique promotional jumper:
Contact us Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Embroider or print logos on jumpers

If you want to add your company logo to your chosen jumper, you can either have the jumper stitched in up to 6 thread colours or opt for multicolour printing. With large, single- or multicolour logos, printing is the preferred method – for example a large logo printed on the back. A logo is embroidered on jumpers when a more intricate design is desired. It is possible to apply logos in up to 6 colours on jumpers in the form of an embroidery – the use of 6 different thread colours is included in the price with this personalisation method.
If you are unsure which method is the right one for your promotional item or if you need help to find the best position for your logo, please call us!

Presenting your company’s name on promotional jumpers for maximum effect

When designing promotional jumpers, personalising them with the company’s logo is a popular choice – but the name of the company should also be placed on the advertising medium where it can be easily read. In some industries such as the service sector and customer advice, it is also a good idea to have the name of each employee embroidered on sweatshirts at chest level. This allows your employees to quickly establish a personal connection with your customers, and to swiftly gain the trust of the buyer because they know immediately with whom they are dealing.
Tip: Don’t forget to consult your employees when designing your sweatshirts, jumpers and hoodies. Only if your colleagues feel comfortable wearing the clothing can they represent your company well.

A picture showing a jumper with slogan

Lighten up the logo jumper with an appealing slogan

In addition to the two classic options of having the logo or name of the company embroidered or printed on a sweatshirt, you can also add a creative and appealing slogan to promotional jumpers. A clearly legible and individual slogan on a hoodie or sweatshirt will stay in people’s memories. This kind of design is particularly creative and is very popular with start-ups, young companies and businesses working in fields such as marketing and communication.
Having said that, we always recommend also placing your logo and contact details prominently on the jumper or sweatshirt since logo sweatshirts are often such eye-catchers.

Have you chosen a design? Personalised jumpers with advertising in just a few steps

You don’t need any previous knowledge or special skills whatsoever to have sweatshirts embroidered as a promotional gift. In ADLER’s online shop it is easy to have jumpers embroidered as promotional items, especially if you have taken advantage of the advice we provide by phone beforehand. With us, you can order the exact number of sweatshirts you need. Would you like to have a small number of jumpers embroidered to begin with, or are you ready to order a large quantity of jumpers featuring your logo now? In either case, at the ADLER online shop for business gifts, you have come to the right place.
Create personalised promotional jumpers with your theme in just a few clicks:

  • To start, choose a jumper in a design that suits your company and target group. Check that the model is offered with your preferred personalisation method.
  • Advise us of your slogan, advertising text or contact details, and upload your logo.
  • In the comment field, enter the desired position of the embroidery on the jumper.
  • All done! We will now begin to embroider and personalise your individualised jumper so that you can start advertising with it without delay!

Textile finishing for your promotional jumper – how your jumpers are embroidered or printed

Once you’ve made the first important decision and chosen the jumper design to which you’ll be adding your embroidery pattern or textile print, you will then need to select the right kind of finishing method. If you choose to have the promotional jumper printed, the silkscreen printing method will be used. Printing is a particularly suitable method for large logos. Embroidery probably represents the highest-quality method of personalising textiles because it can be applied to the fabric with great precision and detail, and is extremely durable and appealing as a result.

A picture showing one embroidered and one printed jumper

In these industries, embroidery is a great choice for jumpers as promotional items

Our range includes promotional textiles for every industry. While financial services providers may be more likely to embroider shirts or polo shirts rather than jumpers as promotional items, there are numerous other industries for which jumpers, hoodies and sweatshirts are particularly suited as an advertising medium. Start-ups and young companies, clubs and schools, and garages and manual trade businesses often choose to advertise their services using jumpers with a company logo. Advertising with and on textiles can certainly be an effective option in a number of industries.

Embroider or print hoodies and sweatshirts to advertise manual trade and auto repair businesses

Having hoodies and jumpers embroidered also offers the owners of manual trade businesses and auto repair workshops a creative way of advertising their services. A stylish sweatshirt with company logo always grabs the eye and makes potential customers aware of you. In these industries, it is a good idea to embroider or print other details on the sweatshirts. For example, you could list the services offered by your company on the back of the jumper, or highlight the fact that the garage opens particularly early or offers unusually long opening hours. Imagine one of your employees is out and about during their lunch break and someone who happens to be looking for a new garage that offers drop-in appointments for an oil change sees the printed jumper – that item of clothing has just gained you a new customer!

Advertising start-ups and young companies with hoodies

Advertising with jumpers, stylish hoodies and cool sweatshirts is particularly effective for young companies and start-ups. For one thing, hoodies, hooded sweaters, etc. are very stylish promotional items, and they express your company’s modern corporate philosophy to the outside world. It is therefore advisable to give promotional jumpers both to your own employees – who can wear the hoodies in their free time or when attending appointments outside the company, thus raising the profile of the business – and to customers as a promotional gift. If you are a start-up and are keen to embroider sweaters or hoodies, we recommend designing your jumper to include an attention-grabbing slogan alongside the logo and name, so that the people who see them remember your company for a long time to come.

A picture showing two people wearing sporty, personalised hoodies

Clubs and schools often use jumpers as promotional items

If you are active in a club, school or kindergarten, it would also be a good idea to have jumpers embroidered. For primary school teachers in particular it can be a great idea to have sweatshirts for the children, for example the B&C Sweatshirt Kids. These allow teachers and chaperones on a class outing to quickly see from the hoodies or sweatshirts who belongs to the class. Moreover, the personalisation a lovely memento for the children of exciting school trips, excursions and walks. Our sweat jackets with hood are also perfect for when you need to be prepared for any weather on such trips. An embroidered or printed jacket can also encourage and boost a team spirit within the class at sports days and school tournaments.
They can also be a good option for clubs and associations. As with employee clothing, club uniforms can show others immediately who is a member of the club. If your club is organising a town fair or summer fête, for example, it’s a good idea to wear uniform sweatshirts, hoodies or jumpers. By wearing the stitched or printed jumpers, you passively advertise your club and could even attract new members.

Why you should have your jumpers embroidered or printed at ADLER Business Gifts

  • Top-quality promotional jumpers by well-known brands
  • Large selection of jumpers, hoodies and sweatshirts
  • Professional advice over the phone
  • High-quality textile finishing & textile embroidery by printers in Germany
  • Have jumpers embroidered for low prices
  • Low order volumes

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