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Rollerball pens with a logo make high-quality promotional gifts

Would you like to use logo rollerball pens as high-quality promotional gifts for your business partners and customers? Our range overview tells you all about the many different promotional pens available from ADLER Business Gifts so that you can select the right personalised rollerball pens as your promotional items. Find out here why personalised rollerball pens with a logo are more than just an advertising medium and learn about the advantages of personalised promotional items. The rollerball pen combines premium writing quality with an exclusive design. Our rollerballs have a refill option thanks to their replaceable rollerball refills so that your customers will be able to enjoy their personalised writing instrument for a long time. What’s more, a rollerball offers a similar writing experience to a fountain pen and has a beautiful feel.
We offer a varied selection, ranging from simple metal rollerballs with an engraving to custom-made writing instruments with exclusive materials.
We would be happy to help you choose your promotional product. Here we present the bestsellers in our shop. At ADLER Business Gifts, we will help you find the right model for every occasion – and we will make sure that your business partners are fully satisfied when they think of you.

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Why do rollerballs with a logo make a perfect promotional gift?

Do not just give your customers and business partners a pen: ADLER Business Gifts offers you an extensive selection of different rollerball pens. As a promotional item with a premium design, our engraved rollerballs are sure to leave a lasting impression with your customers. Personalise the design of your rollerball pens with an engraving of your logo or a personal text to create your own advertising media. Our metal rollerballs are of the highest quality, and they are naturally also rustproof. As a ballpoint pen with an ink cartridge, they combine the practicality of a ballpoint pen with the premium writing experience of a traditional fountain pen. We offer you a wide selection: from high-quality writing instruments in a simple design with a rollerball refill all the way through to our exclusive collections. Present our engraved rollerball pens to show how much you value a customer, and gift our exclusive rollerball pens with a carbon-fibre barrel or copper plating to send someone your very best wishes. Or you can opt for one of our high-quality Metal Rollerball Pens with Stylus – universally useful and compatible with all touchscreen devices.

Rollerball pens with a logo make an exclusive and high-quality promotional gift for good business partners

Give your valued business partners and customers a personal and high-quality gift that they will enjoy for a long time. A custom-designed rollerball pen with a personalised engraving makes an exclusive present for any occasion. Your business partners will remember you every time they pick up the pen. In the same way, our metal rollerballs will bring new customers and prospects to you. They are a simple way to attract attention to your company.
Our rollerballs are made from high-quality brass and imprinted with a laser engraving – a durable and exact engraving of your company logo. Do you want your special gift to be more than a logo rollerball? That is also possible – instead of a logo, we can engrave our personalised writing instruments with a text of your choice to create a very personal gift. Give your premium rollerballs the presentation they deserve with one of our exclusive gift boxes designed to match our exclusive logo rollerballs. Our experts at ADLER Business Gifts would be happy to advise you on the perfect model for your occasion.

A rollerball with a logo in use in writing

Precision rollerball refill for a beautiful writing experience

Our high-quality rollerball pens not only have a premium design and a pleasant feel – their beautiful writing experience will convince you – and even more importantly, your customers. With their water-based rollerball refill – an ink delivery system that uses a thin metal ball inside the writing instrument – our logo rollerballs glide smoothly over any kind of paper. Compared to a ballpoint pen, the ink in a rollerball is thinner and provides a more pleasant writing experience. A rollerball lends your handwriting a touch of elegance, and you can be sure that every handwritten greeting will look absolutely perfect. The quick-drying ink also gives the rollerball an advantage compared to a traditional fountain pen. The rollerball refill not only provides a perfect writing experience – as it is made from high-quality metal, it also guarantees the long life of our rollerball pens.

Rollerballs – a long-lasting promotional gift thanks to their refillable ink cartridges

Choose one of our rollerball pens with a logo as your advertising medium – your company’s name is guaranteed to be remembered. Our rollerballs are designed to last. The rollerball made from high-quality rustproof metal in the rollerball refill ensures that your recipients will enjoy their promotional gift for a long time. If the ink should start to fade, this is easily remedied. The ink cartridges in our writing instruments are refillable. You will find the right refills for our rollerballs in our shop. Thanks to the attached clip, the pen is always ready to hand. This guarantees that your business partners will enjoy your rollerballs for a long time, ensuring the long-term advertising impact of your advertising message.

Rollerball pens as promotional items: which model for which customer?

Are you looking for promotional gifts for your existing customers and business partners? Or are you looking for some goodies to attract new customers at trade shows, conferences and training courses? We have the right logo rollerball pens whatever your needs. For your business partners, we offer premium rollerballs with a metal clip and coordinating gift packaging. To spread your company’s advertising message at trade shows, our bestseller Stratas – a metal rollerball – makes an excellent choice. If you are looking for a rollerball that can also be used on a touchscreen, then you can opt for our Cameo Metal Rollerball with Stylus.
To meet your personal needs for your rollerball pens, we recommend contacting the experts at ADLER. They will be happy to advise you at any time on the perfect rollerballs as promotional items for your customers and business partners. If you are unsure about your customers’ precise preferences, we would recommend a writing set that includes all of our different rollerball models. This way you can be sure that at least one of the items will be used regularly.

Customised writing instruments – personalising rollerballs with a logo

To put it simply, our imprinted or engraved rollerball pens will take care of your advertising for you. Whether they are used as giveaways at company events or trade shows or as special gifts, our personalised writing instruments are the perfect place to present your company logo professionally. Every time your customers reach for the pen, they will think of your company – and they will not only associate their new rollerball with an excellent writing experience; they will think of your company’s excellent image, too. In this way, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of your advertising. At ADLER Business Gifts, we leave it up to you to decide on the positioning of your advertising on the rollerball pens. We offer you two reliable options here: you can have your writing instruments printed in colour or opt for laser engraving.

Printing a logo on rollerball pens

Personalise the design of your promotional gifts and present your logo simply and elegantly in an advertising imprint on one of our high-quality rollerballs. Imprinting your advertising medium with our colour printing process will present your company logo beautifully. It makes our rollerballs more than just another advertising medium – they become a space for your very personal advertising message. Impress your customers with quality promotional gifts that they are sure to remember and associate with your company’s name. You can custom-print your rollerball pens: simply select your rollerball, choose the colour and quantity, and then upload your logo, which will be printed on your personalised rollerball pens. Confirm your order and your pens are ready to go!

Rollerball pens with a premium engraving

personalised with a laser engraving. If you select a rollerball pen with an engraving, you can choose between engraving your company logo and positioning a personal text. With a laser engraving, your personal message on your promotional gift is guaranteed to be presented attractively – and for a long time, it will remind your business partners and customers of how much you value them. The clips also provide a space for your advertising message. If you choose a gift box with your logo rollerball, you can also have a personal message printed on the gift box in an attractive design.

The image shows the Stratas, our bestselling rollerball

The most popular rollerball in our shop

Perhaps you are not quite sure what exactly your business partners and customers would like? In this case, we would recommend our bestseller, the Stratas. This rollerball is the ideal model for many different occasions. At a company event or as a personalised customer gift, you can offer your customers a high-quality, elegant writing instrument with the Stratas. Thanks to its original triangular design, the rollerball fits the hand perfectly, and the precision metal rollerball tip provides a smooth writing experience. You can choose between blue and black ink – here, too, we guarantee the highest quality made in Germany. With its high-quality, robust brass barrel and chrome-coloured appointments, this metal rollerball is a real eye-catcher. A durable engraving is the perfect way to position your logo or your personal message, and it turns the Stratas into a high-quality promotional gift that presents your company in suitable style. To give you an idea, if you would like a personal text of up to three lines and 50 Stratas rollerballs, you can distribute our bestseller to your customers as a promotional gift for just €274.30 including value added tax.

Exclusive rollerball pens with a logo from ADLER Business Gifts

Rollerballs with a logo are more than just a promotional item. Whether you customise them with your logo or a personal message, our writing instruments are the perfect choice for any occasion. Rollerballs make excellent promotional gifts due to their pleasant writing experience, rustproof metal and replaceable rollerball refills. The quick-drying ink in rollerballs gives them an advantage over fountain pens. With us, you also always have a choice: you can have your pens imprinted or engraved.
Express your appreciation for your valued business partners and customers with our exclusive rollerballs in premium gift boxes, or make sure that your company is remembered positively with a rollerball with your personal logo. Studies have shown how successful these promotional measures can be in communicating advertising messages.
With a high-quality product from ADLER Business Gifts, you are sure to make the right choice. With our 70 years of experience in personalised advertising media, we will find a gift for any occasion that attracts attention with its premium quality and elegant design.

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