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Premium metal pens make impressive promotional gifts

When it comes to writing instruments, premium pens are the royalty of this product category. Absolutely no other pen can match their elegance. Their tremendous attractiveness is the reason why premium pens, alongside fountain pens, are considered luxury advertising media. So that you, too, can benefit from these exclusive promotional gifts, we offer you a selection of exquisite premium pens as advertising media. But their captivating appearance, often featuring elegant appointments, is not everything. All our products are manufactured to excellent standards and are of the best possible quality. What’s more, they have an exceptionally pleasant feel, which gives them the potential to become the recipient’s lifelong favourite writing instrument. All metal pens can naturally be engraved with a logo, which takes the form of a fine laser engraving. If you use these kinds of premium pens with an engraving for advertising purpose on special occasions, you are sure to generate a long-lasting positive advertising effect.

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Premium pens – superior quality and excellent craftsmanship

Are you thinking of imprinting premium pens to use as promotional gifts, but you are not quite sure which points you need to consider? For us, it goes without saying that quality is the highest priority. This is reflected firstly in the materials – plastic components simply will not do here. Brass, aluminium or carbon fibre are suitable materials for luxury promotional products with style. Flawless craftsmanship is another crucial point. After all, high-quality promotional pens with a logo should maintain their advertising effect in the long run. Equally important considerations are the appearance of the premium pens and the writing experience that they provide. All these qualities are combined in our writing instruments, which are available to purchase here. We stock only pens made by professional manufacturers at affordable prices. We can imprint or engrave your metal pens so that they can serve as your exclusive luxury advertising media.

Guaranteed high-quality writing instruments – thanks to our quality standards

ADLER Business Gifts is the expert in advertising media and upholds the highest quality standards for its products. All the premium metal pens in our product range are produced by experienced manufacturers and impress with their exceptional quality and superior craftsmanship. In this way, we can guarantee our products’ exceptionally long life – and with it a lasting advertising presence. Quality always comes at a price, of course, but we still always guarantee you affordable prices for our promotional pens. Our premium pens are available in a large number of different designs so that you are sure to find the right pen for your customers and business partners. If you want to have high-quality writing instruments imprinted to present as gifts, then our premium pens are an excellent choice. Our premium pens not only look exceptional; they provide a pleasant writing experience and ensure beautiful handwriting – an important point if you want to be remembered positively by your customers and achieve a lasting advertising impact. Your recipients will feel valued from the moment they start writing, and your customers will then automatically associate this feeling with your company. This makes these high quality pens the ideal medium to communicate your advertising message.

The ADLER Business Gifts product range includes premium pens in a diverse selection of designs

Our products stand out thanks to their striking yet subtly elegant design. If you would like to have premium pens imprinted to use as promotional gifts, it is important to consider the appearance of the writing instrument as well as its functionality. First impressions are often decisive and can certainly reveal what a pen’s unique feature is. This is why our branded pens are produced to exceptional standards. Every detail counts, and this is reflected in special gold trims or luxury carbon-fibre decoration on the body. Whether you prefer a simple, classically elegant model or a more striking higher quality pen as your promotional item, you are guaranteed to find a premium writing instrument that matches your style and communicates your company’s advertising message perfectly in our product range.

Image of a metal premium pen in classic black

Our classic premium pen

One of our bestselling premium pens is the Monza. It impresses customers and business partners alike with its timeless, elegant design. The pen is one of the product series in our Exclusive Collection and ideally suited as a gift for loyal customers, at company events or as an anniversary pen. With its exceptional design in a classic, elegant style, you are sure to make the right choice with the Monza. The metal pen with a brass body, a high-quality carbon-fibre barrel and black ink is visually striking thanks to its unobtrusive, timeless lacquer finish in a premium black. This exclusive promotional gift is beautifully presented in a decorative gift box, which also features a carbon-fibre effect and is equipped with a practical magnetic closure. If you are looking for a premium pen with an engraving, you have the option to decorate the pen with up to three initials, two lines of 27 characters each or your personal logo. The pen can be personalised with a long-lasting laser engraving on the metal cap.

Exclusive metal premium pens

Our Ashanti Pen is among the striking models in the premium pen category. It gives its owner a feeling of luxury. The extravagant design brings to mind colourful semi-precious stones. The mix of warm brown tones in the pattern lends it a stylish, elegant look. The Ashanti is available as a rollerball and provides a unique writing experience thanks to its high-quality refill. When it is presented as a gift, the premium pen with an engraving will ensure that you stand out from the mass of promotional pens with your promotional gift and that your company will stay in your customers’ minds with a very special association.

The image shows a striking premium pen model

Premium pens – an effective advertising media for major appearances

Why should a premium pen be your choice of promotional gift instead of a cheaper plastic model? Plastic pens are, of course, also more than suitable as promotional items. However, ballpoint pens are made for other fields of use, such as giveaways at trade shows. For special occasions, the smart move is to have your logo imprinted on a premium pen to use as a promotional item. In this way, you can impress valued customers, employees and partners by gifting them a premium metal pen. As most of the premium pens in the ADLER online shop are delivered in high-quality gift boxes, our premium engraved pens make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas, company anniversaries and many other occasions. The beautiful gift box is included in the price. It makes the perfect finishing touch to your gift and ensures it is presented in the right light.

Personalising premium pens with an engraving

It is not just a question of choosing the right product. It is a high-quality finish in the form of your company logo that will generate the attention you are looking for. In most cases, you have the option to personalise your promotional items with either an imprint or an engraving on the body of the pen. You can position both your company logo and a short advertising slogan on your advertising medium. We recommend engraving premium pens instead of printing them. The advantages of an engraving lie in its stunning appearance but above all in its durability. This will ensure that your advertising message is preserved with the same quality throughout the whole life of your promotional gift. Aside from personalising premium pens with an engraving, you also have the option to choose many other features of your premium pen yourself online on the product page. These include the refill type, body and ink colour. These options ensure that your premium writing instrument will have exactly the design that you want.

Why ADLER Business Gifts is your ideal partner for premium pens

With any of our products, you will receive a premium writing instrument that impresses with its exceptionally high quality, flawless craftsmanship, excellent materials, exclusive design and stunning appearance. Premium pens therefore combine all the qualities that make a luxury promotional product. With ADLER Business Gifts, you are investing in an expert in promotional items who will be at hand to assist you with its special expertise in premium pens. If you have high standards for your personalised promotional pens, premium pens from ADLER Business Gifts should be your advertising medium of choice.

  • High-quality writing instruments at affordable prices
  • Luxurious writing experience and elegant handwriting
  • Fast online order processing
  • Personalisation: have your premium pens engraved and choose the ink colour & refill type yourself
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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