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Plastic pens: the classic promotional gift

Plastic pens have always been one of the most popular promotional items. There are good reasons for this: as giveaways or as promotional gifts, plastic pens are both extremely useful and a useful reminder, especially when they are personalised with an imprint or an engraving of your company logo. This makes them a classic advertising medium that you can never go wrong with, whether they are intended for use in schools, at university or in the office. These practical writing instruments made from plastic are probably the most frequently used giveaways. After all, every customer and every business partner will need to make some notes at some point. This is why the plastic pen has always been one of the top promotional gifts for ADLER Business Gifts in its more than 70 years’ experience in the advertising media industry. Innovative new features such as lighted pens or stylus pens have expanded our range of promotional pens even further. Browse our shop and be inspired. Find the most suitable promotional pen to present your company logo and learn more about the unique features of our different promotional items.

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Why are plastic pens so popular as promotional gifts?

What makes the plastic ballpoint pen the classic promotional gift? From an advertiser’s perspective, a plastic pen combines several advantages for an advertising campaign. Affordably priced and easily personalised with an imprint, pens are practical giveaways that have a lasting impact and can be distributed in large quantities at different occasions. At training courses, trade shows or customer appointments, pens are always needed, which gives them real added value for all recipients. Every time they take out the pen, they will automatically see your company or its logo, and this generates advertising impact for your business. You simply will not find another promotional item in this price category that generates so much value for you. With our large selection pen models, you can create an attractive range of promotional gifts even if your budget is limited.

Easily configure personalised plastic pens

Custom-designing your personalised plastic pens could not be easier. In just a few steps, you can configure the perfect plastic pen for your customers online with ADLER Business Gifts:

An idea of what the costs of your plastic pens might look like:

  1. Choose your preferred model from our large selection of promotional pens and choose the colour option that works best with your company logo.
  2. Select your preferred refill colour: most of our pen models are available with black ink or blue ink.
  3. Select the quantity. Here you should note whether there is a minimum order quantity for the product: the more pens you order, the lower the unit price will be.
  4. Select your preferred form of personalisation: you have the option to decorate your plastic pens with both your personal advertising slogan and your company’s logo. You can then upload your company logo directly on the product page or email it to us later.
Our configurator for plastic pens with the associated order information and costs

Why it is worth investing in plastic pens as advertising media

You will always find grateful recipients of plastic pens at a large number of occasions. From trade shows, company events and celebrations to conferences, training courses and universities, there is hardly any place where pens cannot be used as giveaways for your advertising campaign. And remember your own employees, too. A high-quality plastic ballpoint pen will equip them for their marathon note-taking in everyday office life. Since pens often change hands, these practical advertising vehicles may even, with a bit of luck, reach potential new customers who might never have heard of your company without them. Investing in such a relatively inexpensive but effective advertising medium can only reap dividends for your advertising campaign. If you imprint your pens or personalise them with an engraving, you will increase the effectiveness of this advertising even further. In the section below, we explain when you should order a pen with an engraving and when you should opt for a pen with an imprint.

The finishing touch for your plastic pen – an imprint or an engraving?

When it comes to finishing and personalising a pen, you can choose between an imprint and an engraving. Whichever process you choose, ADLER guarantees a high-quality result. A good advertising imprint is in no way inferior to an engraving, and printing your pens is also a brilliant way to present your company or its logo.

Printing plastic pens

Pad printing is ideal for plastic promotional items. Uneven and curved surfaces can also be personalised with this complex printing technique. An elastic stamp transfers the colour print from the image plate to the pen that you want to print. Thanks to multicolour all-round printing, the desired motif, for example your company logo, is precisely transferred onto the pen, guaranteeing an excellent result. With digital printing, complex colour gradients can be printed, which makes this process ideal for white backgrounds.

Engraving plastic pens?

As engraving involves removing the surface of the product with a laser, engraving is mainly used on metal pens. Printing is a better option for plastic pens.

Choosing plastic pens – quality counts

When it comes to choosing a plastic pen, price naturally plays a role. How you make this decision will be guided by the target group that you want to reach and how much value you place on achieving an advertising impact among this target group. Our plastic pens in the ADLER Business Gifts shop will be considerably kinder on your advertising budget than premium branded pens. But you still should not sacrifice the quality of your promotional items – and you do not have to. The materials we use in our writing instruments ensure that the pens have a long life. A good-quality body with a well-crafted refill promotes fluid handwriting movements with lasting results and ensures a clean transfer of the ink to the page. But finishing your imprinted pens with your logo will not bring you many benefits if your promotional items stop working after just a short time. This will only have a negative effect on customers’ opinions or the impression that your business partners have of your company. This is why ADLER Business Gifts places great value on the quality of its promotional products. We provide you with hard-wearing pens designed for long-term use in the office. Your customers and employees will enjoy these products for a long time – which is precisely the result that you as a business want to achieve.

Our advice summed up: plastic pens are the number 1 advertising medium and rightly so

ADLER advertising media are guaranteed to work everywhere and any time. They have an excellent feel in the hand and look fantastic. You and other people will always have a writing instrument to hand that you can rely on. This is why using plastic pens as promotional items or as gifts is always a good idea. When choosing the right model, you should bear in mind which plastic ballpoint pen works best with your company logo and advertising slogan. Remember that the colours, quality and design will influence the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. An imprint of your company logo will considerably increase the effectiveness of your advertising.
Do not have any hesitations about ordering a few more pens than you think you might need because supplies of popular advertising media always run out faster than you would imagine. Pens do not require much storage space, and large orders will reduce the unit price even further.

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