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Personalised highlighters with logo are original promotional items

Deadlines, to-do lists and yet more deadlines – often work has to be done quickly, which means working efficiently is vital if a company is to succeed. And this is why customers appreciate handy little promotional gifts that make their daily work that bit easier. Among these products are highlighters. These marker pens can be branded with a logo to create an original and practical advertising medium. Their neon highlights make sure that everything runs like clockwork in the office: important dates can be highlighted in the diary, and key clauses in contracts marked, and high-priority to-dos can be given their own bright colour to make sure they are completed on time. Highlighters help your customers with time management, and their price is relatively low, even with personalised advertising. We apply your company logo using a high-quality printing process to make sure that it really catches the eye every time these promotional items are used. This way, you can be certain that your advertising message will reach the user. To ensure a guaranteed high-quality logo imprint, we offer a free printing advice service. You can choose from a wide range of different highlighters in bright neon colours in the ADLER online shop. Impress new customers, existing customers, business partners and your own employees alike with highlighters with your logo as original and useful promotional products.

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Creative, eye-catching, practical – your advertising on highlighters in fluorescent colours

Highlighters are just as popular for making sure information is visible and permanently marking key points in offices as they are in schools and universities. These pens owe their luminous effect to so-called fluorescent ink. With this special ink, the handy marker pens can be used to quickly pick out the key points in a text and make all this information visible at a glance. But unfortunately, office stationery is often not there when it is needed most urgently. Printing highlighters to use as promotional products therefore has great potential to create highly successful promotional gifts. As promotional items with a high-quality imprint of your company logo or advertising slogan, imprinted highlighters presented as giveaways will spread your advertising message everywhere. Handy pen sets with several highlighters in different neon colours are a great giveaway for long-standing customers or a nice gesture for your own employees and colleagues – and they will always have a practical marker pen to hand as they go about their daily work.

Highlighters with a logo – low-cost printing and highly effective advertising

Printing a logo on highlighters to use as advertising media is a quick way to advertise your business. Compared to other writing instruments, fluorescent markers also have plenty of space for a highly visible imprint of your company logo. Pen sets consisting of several highlighters with your logo provide you with a large surface for your personal advertising slogan or an imprint with your company’s contact information. You can use both the body of the highlighters and the cap as a space for your advertising. Whether you want to position your advertising message all over the whole pen to attract maximum attention or whether you prefer a more unobtrusive approach with a simple logo imprint on the cap, our experts guarantee a high-quality advertising imprint using professional printing processes.

How are highlighters printed?

Highlighters as advertising media can, just like any other promotional product in the ADLER online shop, be made even more effective as promotional gifts with a high-quality imprint of your company logo. Professionally positioning your advertising on a highlighter ensures that your advertising message will be noticed and spread. If you want to have your highlighters printed, ADLER Business Gifts is the expert in long-lasting printing processes. This includes screen printing, digital printing and transfer printing, among other processes. To ensure a high-quality advertising imprint featuring your logo, we use pad printing to print highlighters. If you have any questions about printing a logo on highlighters, you can always call our printing experts for free printing advice.

How to find the right highlighters for your advertising message

Our selection of promotional items in our shop includes plenty of different highlighters that can be printed, so you are sure to find the right marker pen for your company and your target group. Three-colour highlighters make a great practical advertising medium. The handy triangle made from white plastic has a different colour marker pen in each corner. Each one is an eye-catching neon colour: yellow, fuchsia or orange. With this Triangular Highlighter, your target audience gets a practical promotional product with a 3-in-1 function that can be successfully used in many different areas. There is plenty of space in the middle of the marker pen to custom-print your own logo. Whichever highlighter you choose from our shop to communicate your advertising message, using printed highlighters as promotional gifts is guaranteed to have a positive advertising effect and to be effective advertising for your company.

Which target groups can highlighters be presented to as promotional gifts and on which occasions?

When it comes to choosing the right advertising medium, the most important thing is practical relevance and having a good feel for your target audience. Highlighter pens make popular promotional products for many different target groups. It is not just your business partners and staff who will like using the marker pens to manage their office effectively – pupils, apprentices and students also love practical fluorescent marker pens in neon colours. This is why highlighters make great promotional gifts in many different industries and sectors – and they are sure to be a perfect gift for your company, too. Highlighter pens also make ideal giveaways at trade shows. These shows are a great place to distribute the practical everyday items to visitors in large quantities as promotional products.

A student in a lecture theatre highlights a text with a highlighter

Take your advertising into the lecture theatre – students and pupils can never have enough marker pens

As we have mentioned, pupils, students and apprentices regularly use marker pens while they are studying. In-depth academic texts or pages of notes can be easily divided up with the colourful pens, and the key points can be highlighted in neon colours. This makes the fluorescent marker pens ideal giveaways at large events, and they can be used at student job fairs for talent scouting, for instance. A great promotional gift for these events is our Hand Highlighter Set from our selection of highlighters. The original version of the familiar highlighter has been turned into a hand shape to provide five different marker pens in luminous colours: neon pink, neon orange, neon yellow, neon green and neon blue. The added bonus: this target group is guaranteed to successfully spread your advertising message because students and pupils often lend their pens to their friends in classrooms and lecture theatres. In this way, your logo highlighters will target many other people that you might not have reached without these highlighters as promotional gifts.

Bring some colour into your company with fluorescent marker pens

Writing instruments such as colourful marker pens naturally also make great gifts for your employees in your own company. Even a single highlighter pen can be a great help in daily office work and contributes to good organisation. A stylish pen set consisting of several neon pens is not just a trendy desk accessory; they have clear added value for your staff as well. Our Highlighter Set in a PET Jar is ideally suited for an office desk or a meeting room. The practical pen set contains five mini highlighter pens in different neon colours. With these marker pens with your logo, you not only offer your colleagues a practical product that will help them with their daily work – you also foster employee motivation and give desks in your company a consistent look.

A selection of mini highlighters in a PET jar

Brighten up business relationships with highlighters as advertising media

Naturally your company’s existing customers and loyal business partners are also part of the target group that will appreciate a highlighter with a logo as a promotional gift. In this case, we would recommend gifting subtle and stylish highlighters, such as our Square-Shaped Highlighter Set. The square-shaped writing instrument has a colourful marker pen in a different neon colour in each corner, giving the user a handy 4-in-1 product. Another highlight in our selection of products is our Pen with Six Highlighters. This innovative pen combines not just one but two of the most popular writing instruments in a single practical promotional gift: a promotional pen and a promotional highlighter.

Which highlighters make the best products to position your company’s name and logo on?

Thanks to the neon colours in highlighters, these promotional items make real eye-catchers. Your company logo will be noticed every time they are used. If you want to advertise your company with highlighters and decide to position your advertising message in the form of a logo imprint, you should always make sure that your company logo will work with the design of your chosen advertising medium. If the colour of the advertising vehicle does not go with the colour of the fluorescent marker pen you have chosen for instance, this can quickly result in an unwanted and less positive advertising effect. At ADLER Business Gifts, we offer you the option of printing your logo or advertising message in a single colour or multiple colours on your fluorescent marker pens, giving you a creative advertising medium that guarantees effective results.

It’s the quantity that counts – print highlighters at affordable prices with ADLER Business Gifts

Depending on the advertising medium you select, the minimum order quantities in our online shop vary between 50, 100 and 250 items. The relatively low order quantity means that even start-ups and small businesses can print their logo on highlighters. The order process and configuring your logo highlighters is simple:

  1. Select your highlighters or pen set
  2. Select the order quantity: the more marker pens you order, the cheaper the price will be
  3. Choose your personalisation: a logo imprint or advertising

If you need any help with ordering or personalising your fluorescent marker pens, you can always call the experts in advertising media at ADLER Business Gifts. Our helpful marketing team is formed of experienced and trained staff who would be delighted to help you and your company select the right promotional gifts and giveaways by offering you their printing advice.

Your trusted partner for highlighters with your logo and other advertising positioning

With more than 70 years of experience, ADLER Business Gifts can guarantee a stylish advertising presence for your company. The practical, high-quality promotional markers, which can be personalised in our in-house printing shop using tried-and-tested printing processes, ensure effective advertising and offer your customers and business partners added value. Highlighters as promotional items are an attractive and useful gift for all target groups. When they are personalised with a company logo or an advertising slogan, colourful marker pens make an effective advertising vehicle. In the ADLER shop, you can use the online configurator for our advertising media to get involved creatively in the design of your logo highlighters yourself. In this way, you can customise the design of your imprinted highlighters so that they make perfect promotional gifts for your company and your target group. You can call our free hotline to speak to our friendly customer service team if you have any questions about ADLER Business Gifts and our product range and to receive no-obligation printing advice.

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