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Personalised Sticky Notes & Custom Printed Post-Its

Personalised post it notes with your company logo are practical for reminders, taking down important information and brainstorming. Sticky notes are an office necessity – and customising them with your logo and branding is a simple way of promoting your company. Custom post it notes are used so often during work hours, at meetings and even at conferences, making it an effective way to get your messaging and branding in front of a new audience. We also sell printed post it notes pads – these include different personalised sticky note sets in a range of different colours. These make a great business gift, allowing employees, customers, and business partners to stay organised through their working week, promoting your brand as they do so. Our personalised post it notes pads are practical, high quality and can be easily customised with your company branding. Once you have chosen your colour and design, our professionals will add your logo or slogan.

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Spread your advertising message with personalised sticky notes

If you want your advertising material to be practical and at the same time attract a lot of attention, then printed post-it notes are the perfect advertising medium for you. The self-adhesive notes are used by many people, which in turn means a wide reach for your business. Promotional items increase the visibility of your business and make sure that your logo stays in your customers’ memories, because promotional items are great reminders. With a unique imprint you can ensure that customers and business partners will unconsciously think of your products and services. An advertising imprint of this kind is inconspicuous but has an enormous effect. Your target group will see your advertising message on a daily basis and this can have a significant influence on their purchasing decisions.
The small pads of notes or sticky notes, as well as sticky note books are very inexpensive advertising media and yet highly effective. Their usefulness combined with high advertising effectiveness, makes them indispensable for spreading your advertising message. If you print post-it notes with an appealing slogan, you can spread your advertising message even more effectively.

A versatile gift - personalised sticky notes as promotional items

Sticky notes are popular promotional items because they can be used for many different purposes. They remind us of important information and help keep everyday life organised. People like to use these handy all-rounders, especially when planning and organizing their professional and private everyday lives. They are used to keep small notes, as flexible appointment reminders in calendars or stuck on the desk. They also work as a versatile organisational tool for studies and school. As bookmarks, branded sticky notes can mark relevant places in books or incorrect positions on invoices or shipping bills. In addition, promotional gifts like this are ideal for field staff. Field representatives can use the notes for memos and at the same time convey a uniform corporate image. Logo post-it notes can also be used for larger projects. Many teams find it helpful to write their tasks on small sticky notes and place them somewhere they can be clearly seen in the room. Each completed task can then be unstuck and removed so that each step towards success becomes visible quickly. If you have your sticky notes personalised, then the recipient company will be reminded of you and your business every time they succeed.
The great thing about sticky notes is that they can be attached to any object and can also be removed again easily. Sticky notes stick to all smooth surfaces such as glass, paper, windows, refrigerators, monitors or blackboards.
Tip: It’s best to peel off the notes from the side so that the adhesive strip is not overstretched. Also, always ensure that the surface is clean when sticking the sticky notes on to it so that they can be used several times.

Personalised post-it notes - this is how it works

Choose the notes that best suit your target group from our wide range of products. We offer sticky notes and notebooks in many colours and forms, so there is something for every taste. Depending on the product, the minimum order quantity is between 50 and 250 pieces. Thanks to our attractive price scale, you can have as many post-it notes printed as possible and pay a low price per unit. This is especially useful if you want to use the notes as give-aways at trade fairs or company events.
Once you have found your favourite item, you can design the imprint for the chosen advertising medium and define what should be printed on the sticky notes. If you put your logo on the sticky notes, then you can be sure that many people will become aware of you, your products, and your services. To personalise the sticky notes, first select the type of personalisation you want. Would you prefer to use an advertising slogan, or do you want to put your logo on the sticky notes? Then select your desired font and printing colour and insert a text or upload the image. The envelopes your sticky notes come in can even be personalised with a multicolour personalisation. Check the personalisation using our preview and optimise your custom post-it notes until you are completely satisfied. You will then be shown the price of the promotional items so that you can order the products immediately. After order confirmation, the promotional gifts are ready for dispatch within a few days.
We use high-quality printing processes for branded sticky notes, which are adapted to the respective product material and shape. With foil printing or hot foil printing, the imprint is applied to the cover using force and heat. A stamp is used to press the desired logo onto the cover or softcover, creating a long-lasting imprint. Our print shop also employs pad printing, which is primarily used for personalising plastic products. With this technique, even uneven or curved surfaces can be easily customised. Digital printing is mainly used for promotional items with a white background or paper to emphasize the colours of the print.
We would be happy to consult you on your post-it note printing and are available to answer any questions you might have.

Do you need help choosing a personalisation or the perfect sticky notes? Contact us from Mo - Fr 8:30 am - 5:00 pm!

Printed sticky notes in many different variations, forms & colours

In our store we provide you with high-quality sticky notes that you can have personalised with your logo. To provide the best possible choice, we offer various different types of sticky notes. For example, you will find sticky notepads with unique advertising imprints, as well as notes in multiple other formats and variations that make perfect promotional items. Some notepads contain more than 75 sheets, which provides lots of room for your notes. Both standard shapes and special notepads with sticky notes in different sizes are available. We also offer sets of sticky notes and memo boxes, which, depending on your choice, also provide a pen for taking notes. Combining personalised sticky notes with a promotional pen can even achieve a double advertising effect if you also have the pen personalised. The Cedrus Note & Flag Set is perfect for environmentally conscious companies. We round off our range of products with other designs, such as the Light Bulb-Shaped Ruler with Memo Stickers.

Classic sticky notes as promotional gifts

The Orsta Deluxe Accent Sticky Notes are equipped with large sticky notes in yellow and smaller sticky notes in different colours . This set of large and small sticky notes is the perfect little promotional gift for customers, as well as for use as a giveaway. The carton measures 8.2 cm x 8.5 cm and can be easily distributed at company events or trade fairs. Its square shape also makes it easy to store. The envelope is available in three different colours, so that you can match the colour of the promotional item to your target group’s or company colours. If you decide to personalise the sticky note envelope, then you can choose from 24 imprint colours. With an imprint area of 50 mm x 15 mm every logo can be displayed as a real eye-catcher.

Orsta Deluxe Accent Sticky Notes
5 in 1 Regatta Large Notepad with Sticky Notes & Stylus Pen

High-quality sticky notepads with logos as promotional all-rounders

Are you looking for a high-quality gift for long-term customers or employees? The 5 in 1 Regatta Large Notepad with Sticky Notes & Stylus Pen leaves nothing to be desired. The set consists of a blank notebook in portrait format, as well as different large, sticky notes. There is room for plenty of notes on 75 sheets, so there are no limits to your creativity. Thanks to the practical refill inserts, your customers will never have to put this sticky note pad with logo down again. The two-tone design on the front and back makes it an elegant everyday companion that is not only practical, but also leaves a positive impression of your company. Together with the practical mini pen with stylus that is also suitable for navigating on touchscreens, the sticky notes set is ready for any kind of use.
To personalise our notepads, we use only the printing methods best suited to the promotional item in question, which guarantees the durability of the imprint. With high-quality hot foil printing, your logo will be displayed stylishly on the soft cover and your company will be associated with the highest possible quality.

Our all-rounder: The Lessay Desk Set

With the Lessay Desk Set, you can take your office with you wherever you go. The box with notes features a 12 cm ruler, a pen, 5 coloured sticky page markers and sticky notes in two colours. The compact desk set in a box is a versatile desk tool. Whether at the office or on the road - the set can be used anywhere. Thanks to the intelligent packaging, everything stays in its place and is still always close at hand. Add an imprint to the sticky notes and their recipients will be reminded of your company every time they use one of the helpers from the handy set. With a versatile pad print you can design the cover according to your wishes. You can choose from a variety of colours and fonts to customize the set. You can put your logo on the 80 mm x 50 mm print area or attract attention to your company with a clever slogan.

Lessay Desk Set with Pen & Sticky Notes

Personalise post-it notes for your advertising campaign

Personalising sticky notes as promotional items is popular in many industries. Customers, employees, and business contacts alike use sticky notes, making them real all-rounders. Whether at the office, the university, at school or in everyday life – they can be used everywhere and are extremely popular with every target group. Thanks to the many different applications, this advertising medium will boost your marketing campaign, enhance with your logo and will attract many new customers with your advertising message. That is why companies have used personalised post-it notes to reach new customers for many years.

Win new customers by choosing branded sticky notes

If you want to attract new customers, distributing giveaways is a good idea. Among the most popular promotional items are self-adhesive sticky notes. These small gifts can be easily distributed at trade fairs and events. It is also a good idea to print your logo on the sticky notes. Every time your customers use the notes and write down important messages, they will be reminded of your company. Often, existing customers even give out the sticky notes as promotional items, allowing you to reach an even wider audience. Therefore, it is always worth having your advertising media personalised with a logo or a unique advertising message.
The sticky notes can also be included in a trade fair folder or portfolio, so that you can give your customers another useful gift. If you decide to personalise your sticky notes and trade fair bags, you can create a uniform corporate image and spread your promotional message. At ADLER you can also print folders to give trade fair visitors a place to keep the flyers they receive.

Use printed post-it notes as high-quality promotional gifts

A long-lasting, high-quality promotional gift strengthens the trust placed in your company. That’s why post-it notes make great gifts for business partners or special customers. The high-quality advertising medium combines usefulness with a strong advertising effect and gives you the possibility, to strengthen your customers’ connection to your company. A small gift, consisting of sticky notes or a notepad will remind important business partners of you and your company. The printed sticky notes adhere to the highest quality, so that you can be sure that they will represent your company appropriately. Notepad gift boxes also give you the option of packaging your promotional gift professionally and elegantly.

Personalise sticky notes and make your employees smile

Not only your customers and business partners will benefit from the sticky notes - your employees will also be happy to know that you appreciate their work. With a small gift you can show your employees your appreciation and thus, strengthen their bond with your company. A classic notebook with sticky notes makes a great small gift for your staff and is also nice for an employee’s first day on the job. Personalising sticky notes with your logo can really strengthen your corporate image. If you give all your employees the same sticky notes, then you can increase recognition of your brand with your customers.

Personalise high-quality sticky notes with ADLER Business Gifts

You can spread your company’s advertising message quickly with promotional gifts. Printed sticky notes are seen by many people and are used regularly - both for planning and motivation. This is exactly what helps you get your advertising message out there and draw attention to your services and products. If you use sticky notes as promotional items, you have an effective advertising medium for your company. Whether at the office or in everyday life - the notes are extremely practical and versatile. That is why sticky notes are used as an advertising medium by many companies.
If you would like to personalise sticky notes with your logo, then ADLER Business Gifts is the right place for you. As reliable experts for promotional items of all kinds we can help you implement your advertising message in a creative way and are here for any questions you might have. Of course, you can always rely on ADLER’s high quality and workmanship. You can be sure that your promotional sticky notes from ADLER will withstand the stresses and strains of everyday life. We promise you a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you are not satisfied, you will either receive a full refund or a replacement. See for yourself and boost your future advertising campaign with useful Post-it promotional items. We believe every good desk needs a sticky notepad!

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