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Stress Relief

In today's fast-paced world where we often encounter the unpredictable, many of us feel stressed and tense. That’s why it is immensely important to relax once and a while and recharge our batteries. Everyone recharges their batteries differently, including your customers and employees. For some, a short walk or a cosy evening on the couch is enough, while others only begin to relax and unwind after a few days off. No matter how, stress is poison for the body and the soul and should therefore be avoided as much as possible. Fun, relaxing promotional gifts are an ideal way to reduce stress and show your customers and employees that you care about their well-being. Small gifts such as sweets or games that help free the mind are very popular and effective promotional items, especially when they carry your company logo. They show that the company giving the gift has thought about which promotional gift has the best calming or relaxing effect. And, no matter which industry your company is active in, these promotional gifts with logo are suitable for everyone and have a positive advertising effect.
Here is a selection of promotional gifts to help your customers and employees reduce stress. Have fun browsing!

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Personalise sweet promotional gifts with your logo and bring a smile to peoples’ faces

In stressful situations, many people reach for a piece of chocolate or other sweets to reward themselves and make things a bit more pleasant. As long as we stick to small snacks such as for example, our RITTER SPORT Mini in a Box then there is no need to worry about our health and the sweets even give us that energy boost we need to get through the day. In our product range you will find many different sweets with logo that will literally sweeten your customers' and employees' days. Sweets are always welcome personalised giveaways and are enjoyed by everyone. Our Heart Bonbons are particularly appealing. They are individually packaged and your logo can be printed on the white foil wrappers in multiple colours. Not only do they taste pleasantly like cherry, they also look great thanks to their heart shape. Personalising sweets as promotional gifts with a logo is particularly effective for trade fairs or workshops where they can be distributed to a wide range of potential customers. These promotional items can, for example, be part of a goodie bag or offered on counters in a candy jar. Order our CHOCKY chocolates and the glass candy jar is included. The screw-on cap can be personalised with your logo in several colours, so that it will be seen by everyone who stops by for a chocolate. Sweets that are personalised with a logo are ideal for large target groups and popular with everyone. This makes them an indispensable promotional gift for your next advertising campaign.

CHOCKY Chocolates in Glass Jar
Anti-Stress Cloud

Personalised promotional gifts that relieve stress in no time

Often a little distraction is a good remedy for tension and helps us distance ourselves from stressful situations. This can, for example, be done by kneading a stress ball with logo or by clicking the plunger of a pen. Studies show that anti-stress balls or squeeze balls truly are effective and that we often feel noticeably better after using them. Here at ADLER; we have many different kinds of personalised anti-stress balls in our range. You can find the classic round anti-stress ball or more unusual designs such as a safety helmet or an anti-stress cloud personalised with your logo. Thanks to these little helpers, your customers and employees will be able to relax and concentrate fully on their work. Our wooden yo-yo or the ZION Qigong anti-stress balls with logo have a similar effect as promotional gifts. The ZION set consists of two spheres that produce a pleasant sound when moved, which in turn has a relaxing and calming effect. Playing with anti-stress balls or simple kinetic games counterbalances the mental effort one is exposed to in stressful situations.
Your customers and employees will thank you when you give them a stress-reducing promotional gift with your company logo. Promotional items for stress reduction also show the recipient that you care about their well-being and want to do something good for them. This message is great for a positive corporate image and ensures long-term advertising success.

Do you need help selecting a personalisation or the perfect promotional gift? Contact us from Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm!

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