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Outdoor Fun

There is nothing better than spending time outdoors! Your customers and employees probably feel the same, whether they are out hiking, jogging, picnicking or simply enjoying the fresh air. Here, you will find practical outdoor promotional gifts with logo that are suitable for a wide range of activities and weather conditions - from sunglasses to umbrellas, from coolers to sleeping bags. One of the great advantages of promotional items that are used for outdoor activities is that they are not only seen by those actively using them, but also by many other people outside. Especially personalised umbrellas, shopping bags with logo and brand-name textiles are seen by a wide range of potential customers when they are in use and thus, draw attention to your company. When it comes to promotional gifts designed for outdoor use, it is important that they are compact yet functional. After all, what good is a small Bluetooth speaker, for example, that fits perfectly in your pocket but doesn't have a nice sound? That's why you will always find products at ADLER that, despite their compact size, are big on performance and quality. With the right promotional gift, personalised with your logo or company name, outdoor fun is guaranteed.

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Score points with personalised brand-name promotional gifts that are perfect for the outdoors

Personalised promotional gifts represent your company, your goods and your services. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the high quality of outdoor promotional gifts, because the quality of your company is reflected in them. In our “outdoor fun” range you will find, among other things, textiles from Fruit of the Loom that can be personalized with your company logo. The hooded sweatshirt can be digitally printed with your multicolour logo, colour gradients and a minimum order quantity of just 5 units are possible. The Fruit of the Loom T-Shirt 165 g/m² with logo is one of our bestsellers and a must-have item that your employees and customers will love to wear. It is also available in a wide range of colours. The right music is essential for picnics or simply sitting outside together and enjoying the fresh air. With the JBL GO2 Bluetooth Speaker, you are gifting a high-quality promotional item with many functions and first-class sound. Thanks to its waterproof design, this loudspeaker with logo can be easily taken to the lake or pool. For the campers and hikers among your customers, the DURACELL-EXPLORER™ LNT-10 Lantern is the ideal outdoor promotional gift. Your logo can be printed on the front of the lantern and will shine bright with the high luminosity of 8 LEDs. More high-quality lamps with logo and printed lanterns can be found in our Duracell brand category.

OREGON Drinking Bottle with Carabiner 400 ml

Must-have promotional gift for picnics

These outdoor promotional gifts are essential to ensure that your customers and employees are well-equipped for their next outing and that your logo is also present while they relax outdoors. A cool or warm drink is a must, and to transport it optimally, we recommend drinking bottles personalised with a logo. For example, the high-quality Swiss Peak Vacuum Flask with 2 Cups not only keeps your tea or coffee warm, but is also leak-proof, so that your drink doesn’t end up in your bag. Further practical features of this personalised vacuum flask with logo: It has a handle, a shoulder strap and 2 matching cups. The OREGON Drinking Bottle with Carabiner on the other hand, features an integrated snap hook that can be easily attached to a backpack or bag. Personalising drinking bottles with a logo is always a good promotional idea when it comes to spreading your advertising message around the world. If you want to sit on a clean, dry surface while having a picnic, you’ll need a blanket, such as our Outdoor blanket STOW AND GO. This water-repellent outdoor blanket with logo can be stowed away compactly for transport in the supplied cover, which is equipped with a snap hook. For those members of your target group who like to spend the night outdoors, the personalised BEDTIME Sleeping Bag is the ideal advertising gift. By the way, this model can also be used as a blanket thanks to the wrap-around zipper. However, sleeping outdoors is not for everyone, many of your customers and employees might prefer spending their time outside while the sun is shining. A personalised pair of sunglasses is a must-have on days with a lot of sun. The Sun Ray model has an appealing retro design and is available in many colours, so that you can choose the colour that fits your corporate identity best. And if you and your company are interested in sustainable promotional gifts, then the Solar Powerbank 8000 mAh is a great way to supply technical devices, such as smartphones or Bluetooth loudspeakers, with solar energy during a picnic or other outdoor activities.
All of the promotional gifts in this category have the potential to successfully promote your company. The most important thing is that you select promotional gifts that your customers and employees will enjoy. That way, you can be sure that they will be used and seen often.

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