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Let‘s Stay Home

We all know the saying "Home is where the heart is". Well, it’s true. Home is exactly where we feel most comfortable and safe. Why not give your customers and employees a gift that will help them enjoy their time at home a little more? Utensils for cooking and baking are particularly popular promotional gifts, because they can be used by the whole family and are fun for everyone. However, electronic products for home use are also popular and appeal to more than just die-hard tech fans. With promotional items like these, that can be individually personalised with your logo or company name, you can reach out to your customers and employees where they feel most comfortable: within their own four walls. This way, your promotional items - together with your logo - will always be associated with wonderful moments of well-being that your customers spend with their friends or family. In this section, you will find everything from classic kitchen utensils for promotional campaigns such as cooking aprons, oven mitts and lunch boxes to more unusual promotional gifts with logo such as Paul Bocuse's herb keeper or the KOZIOL bottle opener. And if you want to make a statement with technical promotional items, our alarm clock with speaker and charging station is a good choice. Have fun browsing!

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Cooking utensils with your logo: Promotional gifts for the heart of every home

Often life happens in the kitchen, where people not only cook, but also talk, celebrate and laugh. In this category you will find a selection of practical kitchen utensils that you can give to your customers or employees as a gift, printed with your logo. That way your logo will be displayed where your gift recipients feel most comfortable. An absolute must-have when cooking is the BAYLOW 4-Piece Kitchen Set that consists of a spoon, spatula, pointed spoon and a bamboo cooking fork. These practical kitchen gadgets come in a bamboo holder that can be personalised with an engraving of your logo or company name. The LUCHA Salad Bowl with Serving Set, like the bamboo kitchen set, is one of our sustainable promotional gifts. The salad bowl is not completely made of plastic, but is half made of wheat straw fibres. Furthermore, the lid of the bowl is made of acacia wood, which can be laser engraved with your unique advertising message or logo, making it a real eye-catcher. The lid is not only suitable for closing or transporting the bowl, but can also be used as a cutting board. If you want to go for something more extravagant when choosing your promotional gift, we have just the right thing: the KOZIOL CRYSTAL Carafe with 4 Cups. This promotional item will make your logo sparkle, because the jug and glasses are made of hand-cut glass and have an elegant faceted design. The carafe can be printed in two colours with your logo or unique message and will definately stand out on your customers’ or employees’ table at any occasion.

BAYLOW 4-Piece Kitchen Set
BBQ Apron With BBQ Tools

Fire away for your advertising message: Everything you need for a great barbecue

Grill evenings with friends or family are especially fun. The cook, in this case the grill master, never gets lonely, because everyone wants to gather around the fire and marvel at what is sizzling on the grill. With the right promotional gift, your logo will become the centre of attention. For example, this BBQ apron is an absolute eye-catcher and even comes with the most indespensible barbecue utensils, such as tongs, a spatula and a fork, as well as a protective grilling mitt. Your logo will be printed on the pocket of the apron and is thus, present at every barbecue. If your customers or employees like picnics or camping, a compact kettle barbecue grill is ideal for enjoying delicious barbecue food on the go. The grill has a lid that can be printed with your logo or advertising message. This makes the grill a promotional gift that is not only practical, but also always the focus of attention when everyone gathers around it. In order to light the coal without any problems, we recommend a lighter with electric arc technology, such as the NEW CASTLE Electric Arc Candle Lighter. The special thing about it, is that it works completely without fuel and is operated using a rechargeable battery. Because it doesn't produce an ordinary flame, this lighter with logo can also be used in rain and wind. The lighter can be personalised with a high-quality laser engraving that will be seen immediately by everyone who uses it.
As you can see, there are countless ways to advertise your company in the homes of your customers and employees, so that they will always remember your logo or company name - even when they are at home. At ADLER you can order with confidence, because we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee - order now and advertise successfully!

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