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Home Office Essentials

These days, we are seeing a strong trend towards remote working in a large number of companies, at start-ups and among the self-employed. For many, this has proved to be an efficient work model that increases productivity and improves the so-called “work-life balance”. Printed promotional items are a great way to ensure that your company, as well as your logo, remain present even when your employees or customers are working from home. One classic gift, whether you are working at the office or from home, is the promotional ballpoint pen with a printed or engraved logo. Other great ideas for the office at home are headphones for video conferences, notebooks, sticky notes or a personalised mug for coffee or tea at the desk. If your employees or customers alternate between working at home and at the office, we recommend for example, a printed cup for tea or coffee to-go or a laptop bag with your logo or company name.
Discover our selection of practical promotional gifts that making working from home pleasant and efficient. We’re sure that your customers and employees will appreciate receiving the perfect accessories for their remote workplace.

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Finding the perfect promotional gift for your customers and employees who work from home

Just as every office workplace should be individually equipped to meet the respective needs and requirements of its owner, this also applies to desks at home. The ideal promotional item depends on your customer’s or employee’s average work day. Do they spend most of their time on the phone with clients? Do they take part in several video conferences a day or do they spend most of their work day simply working on their computer or laptop? A personalised pen, such as the 4 Ink Giveaway Pen, or a notebook with your logo are always popular promotional gifts, no matter how the recipient’s workday is structured. Taking notes or writing protocols are tasks done from home, as well as from the office. Does your target group spend a lot of its time on the telephone? Then a pair of headphones would be the ideal business gift! With them, recipients can easily communicate per telephone or video conference without being disturbed by family members or roommates. In addition, they have their hands free for typing or writing. Our JBL TUNE600BT On-Ear Wireless Headphones with Noise-Canceling are especially practical because they cancel external noise allowing their wearers to concentrate fully on their meeting. For customers or employees who do not work full-time from home, but rather switch back and forth between home and office, we recommend the Laptop Bag Neoprene. With it, recipients can safely transport their laptop from A to B, while proudly displaying your logo on the personalised bag wherever they go.

Laptop Bag Neoprene
JBL TUNE500BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Meetings at home: personalise in-ear or on-ear headphones with your logo

People who use headphones for several hours a day know how important it is to have headphones that are comfortable, don’t slip or aren’t too tight. When selecting headphones as a promotional gift you must ask yourself: Do I want to choose an in-ear model or an on-ear model to have personalised with my logo? As so often the case, this is a question of taste. Many people find having the earphones inside their ears uncomfortable and thus, choose an on-ear model that encloses the entire ear and thus, optimally shuts out external noises. Others prefer in-ears, because they are lighter and compacter. No matter which model you select, the most important thing is that your logo or company name is printed prominently on the personalised promotional gift. This is possible for both variations of headphones in our range of remote office gifts. The on-ear headphones are usually printed on the side of the earphones themselves, while the in-ears are personalised on the bag that is used to transport them safely. If you prefer a brand-name product when selecting promotional headphones, then we recommend for example, the JBL TUNE500BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones that you can have personalised with your logo for loyal customers. Are you looking for a less expensive model for a large number of customers and wish to use the headphones as a promotional giveaway? Then take a look at our Wireless Earbuds in a Pouch – they are the perfect choice!

Personalised promotional gifts for remote working: the ideal way to advertise effectively!

To sum it up, promotional items with your logo are also a great choice for working from home and will help strengthen your bond with your customers and employees. The giveaway you select depends on your target group, but also on your personal taste. Do you prefer classic gifts that have been tried and tested on the advertising market for years? Then it’s best to choose a pen or mug engraved or printed with your advertising message or logo. If you are looking for something out-of-the-ordinary, a wireless PC mouse or a hover ball are excellent choices for your advertising campaign. No matter which promotional item you decide on, it is important that you and your company aren’t forgotten while your customers and employees work from home.

Celena Soft-Touch Pen with Stylus

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