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Equipment & Safety

Having the right equipment for all eventualities saves a lot of time and stress. If you are someone who participates in lot of outdoor activities and are often on the road, it is important to have practical gadgets with you that are not only useful, but also contribute significantly to the safety of your customers and employees. The most popular items in this category are definitely LED lamps, because they provide a powerful source of light everywhere they are used. However, powerbanks, disinfectants, first aid kits and compact tools are also essential if you want to be perfectly equipped. Promotional gifts such as these, with a logo, convey a feeling of safety and security to your customers, which they in turn associate positively with your company. However, products relating to equipment and safety are not only suitable for outdoor activities, they are also a must within your own four walls. For example, in the event of a power failure, personalised flashlights and power banks with logo are ideal. The compact, personalised first-aid kit with carabiner, which conveniently holds plasters, bandages and cotton swabs, is also quickly at hand for minor injuries.
We have put together a selection of effective promotional gifts for you here, which will provide your customers and employees with the best possible equipment.

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Safety first - Your customers are well equipped with these promotional gifts

Often, people think that products from this category of promotional gifts aren’t really necessary. But experience has shown that even if they are not used every day, promotional items of this type with logo are worth their weight in gold. After all, if you suddenly have to adjust to an uncomfortable situation, you will definitely be happy to have these little helpers at hand. And If the gifts are personalised with your logo or company name, then your success is guaranteed: You are not only doing your customers a favour, your company is also positively perceived in connection with the promotional gift. If, for example, you give your customers the TOMAHAWK Flashlight with a laser engraving of your logo or company name, then you can be sure that they will think of you when one of the many practical functions of the gift helps them out of a difficult situation. The impressive multi-tool has an emergency hammer, a seatbelt cutter, a magnet for hands-free use, a flashlight with white LEDs, an LED bar with white and red lights on the side and much more. Other flashlights, such as the DURACELL-TOUGH™ KEY-3 Torch, are also ideal for providing light in low light conditions. The Magnetic COB Dual Work Light is particularly suitable for work where both hands are needed. Thanks to its integrated magnet, it can be attached to any metallic surface. Like many of our torches, it can be durably engraved with your logo. The perfect equipment naturally also includes a helper for minor injuries, such as the First Aid Kit with Carabiner that can be printed with your logo or company name. A hand sanitizer gel with logo is also available to ensure hygienic cleanliness for your hands in situations where water is not available. The hand sanitizer gel is available in two sizes in our range - with 100 ml and with 200 ml. The label on the bottle can be personalised in several colours with your logo using a digital printing technique.

TOMAHAWK Flashlight
Powerbank with Suction Cups 4000 mAh

Powerbanks with your logo - No more empty batteries

The compact, mobile, rechargeable batteries are particularly practical, especially in moments where no power source is available. Powerbanks allow you to charge smartphones, tablets, loudspeakers and co. anywhere so that they are fully operational in no time at all. Many models feature a number of additional functions that are very practical, such as the TOMAHAWK Flashlight with Powerbank that can be durably engraved with your company logo. This safety torch has an aluminium housing, a USB port, a status indicator light that shows the charge level of the powerbank and much more. The Powerbank with Suction Cups 4000 mAh is also practical. It can be fixed in place and therefore won't roll away or fall down. The powerbank can be charged wirelessly or via USB port, micro-USB port and USB type C port and can be digitally personalised with your multicolour imprint. The powerbanks with logo in our range have different capacities: from 2,000 mAh to 20,000 mAh. We have the right powerbank, no matter which device you wish to charge. For example, a lower capacity powerbank can be sufficient for a smartphone, but at least 10,000 mAh is recommended for recharging a tablet. You can find more information about using powerbanks as promotional items in our FAQs.

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