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Health and Hygiene

Hygiene plays a critical role wherever people live and work – protecting us from diseases and ensuring we feel comfortable and happy in the workplace and in our own homes. Observing hygiene regulations is particularly important in some areas, for example when working with food or looking after sick people. However, regular hand washing can also represent a wise policy in normal open-plan offices. Bacteria, viruses and germs will find it much harder to spread when you provide bottles of antibacterial hand sanitiser with logo around your business premises and instruct your staff to use them. And when it comes to promotional items, bottles of hand sanitiser featuring your promotional print are a great giveaway that can be used in a wide variety of ways. By wearing face masks, your staff and customers can help stop the spread of germs and viruses. Your logo or advertising message can be applied to printed key rings with hygiene hooks, which help people avoid direct contact with all kinds of surfaces.

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Stop viruses and bacteria in their tracks: promotional items for health and hygiene

Coming into close contact with other people is often enough to catch a virus or bacteria. Hand sanitiser, face masks and key rings with hygiene hook have an important part to play in maintaining the new hygiene standards and preventing infections. With our selection of hygiene promotional items, you are protecting yourself and those around you from catching diseases while raising your company’s profile with a practical promotional gift. Hand sanitiser is currently a must-have item in all industries, and is therefore perfect as a printed promotional item. It only takes a few seconds here and there to effectively keep your hands sanitised. At your next business appointment or staff meeting, you can use printed bottles of hand sanitiser to show that you care about the wellbeing of those around you. Face masks as promotional items add real value because they protect your staff and customers.

3-Layer Face Mask

An effective and versatile advertising medium: printed hand sanitiser bottles

If you’re looking for a suitable advertising medium at the moment, you can’t ignore hygiene products and sanitisers. Your logo or slogan can be printed on these essential products before they go on to fulfil their purpose. These products allow you to reach a broad target group and spread your advertising message in all kinds of spheres – and that not only in times of elevated hygiene standards but also in the winter months when colds and the flu are going around. Sanitising gels, compact hand cleaning sprays and other antibacterial sanitisers are everywhere at the moment, and they have a highly visible printed area on which you can apply your company logo. A bottle of hand sanitiser with your logo will catch the eye each time it’s used, ensuring your customers and partners are regularly reminded of your company’s essence: advertising success is almost guaranteed! It doesn’t matter whether you represent a well-known company with a long tradition or are a new start-up keen to become established – having bottles of hand sanitiser printed as a promotional item is always a responsible way of advertising.

Hand Sanitizer Gel

Promotional items for avoiding direct contact

Bottles of hand sanitiser are not the only promotional gift that can be printed with your logo and used to prevent the transmission of viruses, germs and bacteria. When used as a promotional item, key rings with hygiene hooks are on topic and very effective: they can be used to open doors and operate various devices without the need for direct contact with the skin. We all come into contact with ATMs, lift buttons, etc. every day. The hygiene hook is a great tool that protects you from potential pathogens and stops the spread of infections and diseases. The practical key ring means the tool is always ready to hand, and can be easily integrated into the day-to-day lives of your team and your business customers. In addition, face masks are now commonly used and are even compulsory in some sectors. Two types of mask are available: single-use masks and cotton masks that can be washed and reused. Wearing a face mask reduces the risk of infection for others and helps prevent contact on the face. In the ADLER online shop, you can browse an extensive selection of health & hygiene promotional items, and choose exactly those products that best suit your company. When you have your logo or unique advertising slogan printed on the item you can be sure your message is always visible. Your customers will use the promotional item when travelling, at work and even in their leisure time – and your slogan will always be with them. Are you ready to order a large volume of promotional items in the health & hygiene section, or will a smaller number of products be enough for you to begin with? In the ADLER online shop, you always get the number you specify when ordering. That ensures you can adapt your advertising measures very precisely to your company and the finances available. Bottles of hand sanitiser with logo and printed face masks: marketing doesn’t get much more effective.

Hygiene Hook

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