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USB Flash Drives

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Colorful, translucent and brushed silver-tone casing make this an eye-catching choice.

As Low as £4.39

This one is so dynamic! The nice and roundish USB stick has a feminine accentuation. A mix between mat silver surface and colour. The item is available in three colours.

As Low as £4.09

Data often has to be available at any time and any place and this is when a USB stick is indispensable. It has large storage space and a compact shape so that it can be carried along easily.

As Low as £4.29

If the data storage device is as important as your bankcard then we recommend the credit card USB stick which can be easily stored in your wallet.

As Low as £5.49

It's a classic dilemma: you want to transfer important data, but you forgot your USB stick. Our...

As Low as £4.79

Stylish USB stick made from ABS All housing parts are made in Germany. Sidebars and swivel available in 14 transparent colours.

As Low as £4.99

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