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New Umbrellas

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Neither a thunderstorm or a drizzle will ever be a problem again. This elegant rain protection complete with a wooden handle won't leave you standing in the rain on wet days.

As Low as £3.39

This simple umbrella provides your company with an optimal product that will allow you to expose your advertising messages to a wider range of customers.

As Low as £2.59

This umbrella can be stored in any bag, which means it will be at hand to protect you from the rain whenever a sudden storm comes along.

As Low as £4.49

Whether it's drizzling or raining cats and dogs: an umbrella protects you and your customers from getting wet. But just because it's a practical give-away doesn't mean it has to look boring.

As Low as £5.69

It is raining cats and dogs outside? This umbrella will keep your customers dry in the rain and provide you with a large advertising space.

As Low as £2.69

Umbrellas are an essential accessory in bad weather and provide the perfect advertising space for your company, without appearing obtrusive.

As Low as £3.49

Rain is frequent and unexpected. That's when this umbrella with your logo on it will get used, keeping all eyes on you.

As Low as £4.29

Are you looking for a promotional gift and you want to give your customer something of especially high quality? Then this umbrella with UV protection might just be what you are looking for.

As Low as £3.09

Do you want to be remembered for your professionalism, reliability and problem-solving skills? Then you should use promotional products designed to do so, such as this storm-tested umbrella.

As Low as £3.89

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