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New Promotional Products

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Whether at the office, in the underground garage or in the hallway, the keychain attracts attention and with it all keys are ready to hand.

As Low as £1.39

This round metal cable key ring has a stylish, modern design and is made of high-quality metal....

As Low as £1.79

A suitable promotional gift for restaurants and bars: the compact beer mat holder in six lively colours with a large printing surface for your advertisement.

As Low as £1.49

Solid manufacturing meets original design: The practical storage box for beer mats and memo pads belongs on every bar counter and also brings something special to desks.

As Low as £1.69

This multi-functional alarm clock provides mood lighting and natural sounds to ensure you wake up gently and feel relaxed, every day.

As Low as £5.39

Promote your business in style! This chic aluminium wall clock not only tells the time, but also draws attention to your company. The large clock face offers plenty of room for your company name or slogan.

As Low as £7.29

Our "Helpdesk" digital clock is truly magnetic. Not only will it replace your calendar, thermometer and alarm clock, it will also outshine your competitors when it carries your advertising.

As Low as £2.59

Start the day with colour! This desk clock is an eye-catching decorative item, a practical timepiece and a promotional gift, all rolled into one, perfect for advertising off and on your own time.

As Low as £3.19

Its only a matter of time before you try the "Jupiter" wall clock. It is wall decoration and advertising tool all in one. Dont let your competitors give you a hard time. Give their marketing campaign a time-out, instead.

As Low as £6.79

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