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Clips & Holders

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Those times, when the mobile phone vanishes under papers on the work desk are over with the help of this elegant mobile stand with which you always know exactly, where your mobile phone is.

As Low as £4.39

No matter if in the office or on the counter, business cards are a must for every business man. The business card dispenser makes an elegant presentation and easy access to your personal business card possible.

As Low as £4.29

Doesn't only magnetically attract paper clips: The Watkins Glen paper clip holder with its fast-paced racing car design will make your logo the centre of attention.

As Low as £5.56

With its solid clamp, perfect surface and elegant design, the A4 Colour Clipboard is perfect for sales reps.

As Low as £3.89

This clipboard fulfils its purpose while drawing attention to your personalisation: made of matt aluminium, its ideal for trade show and conference documents.

As Low as £10.49

With its clever design and its perfect organiser, this elegant desk set is a perfect tool that helps customers and employees keep an eye on what's important.

As Low as £1.09

Simply place your mobile or smartphone into the slot so it - and your logo - are always in sight! This contemporary mobile stand is versatile and comes with a surprise: a pair of high-quality headphones.

As Low as £1.69

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